Friday, June 15, 2007



Loyal Fijian has a message for the Minister for the Minister for Foreign Affairs.


The move to send the NZ Ambassador packing was the wrong one. In hindsight Im sure even the person who signed off on it will think so too.

Sometimes the so-called advisors start to weild a bit too much influence and lead the blokes signing off on the orders down the proverbial garden path.

NZ has been the only country to offer us a work visa program. Many of those who lost their livelihood when the Gold mine in Vatukouls closed down were able to find employement in NZ and feed their familiies.

Our boys who could hardly make it into their school first XV are playing semi pro rugby over there.

History is littered with examples of so-called advisors who have led their bosses down the proverbial garden path.

Bubu Helen, sooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!Forgive us and lets kiss and make up.
As for Mr Green, meddling in the sovereign affairs of a nation is never advisable. Send us another one, maybe Mr Blue or Black but not Green.


Anonymous said...

Vinala Loyal

We can always look to you for independent comment.

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

well - the guy was overshooting himself by getting way too involved in Fiji's domestic affairs...

Anonymous said...

Not the way to go.

My cousin whent there last month on work what..come back and work in the teitei and give half to the turaga ni koro who seeps all day .

Anonymous said...

The New Zealand Government is playing the big bullies like never before. My hats off to the IG for sticking the middle finger up Aunty Helen's alleyway. She deserves it. Micahel Green ... fuck off tu mada and bon voyage.

Anonymous said...

When you are in a foreign country u don't tell that country what and what not to do. Greene just didi the opposite. Hats of to Frank for standing up to the bullies. Larry Dinger and Aussie HC watch wat you say. You are next in line.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Green should have known better than to create diplomatic blunders which has resulted in his expulsion. Good on you Frank for standing your ground. Helen the Dyke is just pissed that Fiji has withdrawn its rep in NZ and she can't do a tit for tat. Teach those foreigners a lesson not to interfere in the affairs of the State...well at least not when they are not required to...vinaka Foreqe...ur the man!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good bloody luck for poking your nose too deep into Fiji's affairs. Helen Clark and John Howard fail to realise that Fiji is a sovereign country. RESPECT THAT.

Anonymous said...

Hey Loyal Fijian,

You invited me way back when you said I would be welcome to post on yr site and finally its happening....and I never thought I would see the day!!!!

As u know I don't normally see eye to eye with yr views BUT...I agree 110 percent with yer call that giving marching orders to the NZ diplomat dude was WRONG WRONG WRONG , to use yr own words.

It's good when reporters call it how it is and dont surcumb to personal pts of views!!!

Michael Field is another professional guy on the reporting front so I'd be interested to get yr take on him being blacklisted and locked up for just doin his bloody job!!!

Dan the Man

LoyalFijian said...

Dan the Man

Feel free to write a couple of paras on the issue.

If it meets our criteria of IMPARTIALITY, FAIRNESS AND INDEPENDENCE , it will be published.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan I would beg to differ my man plis kerekere. O Helen e sega madaga ni kila se yalewa se tagane okoya na tamata dau vakacolaimua tiko vei keda na kai Pasifika. Na nona sega ni rogoca na noda tagi na wasa Pasifika e sa na qai kila kina oqo o koya na kena ca. Raica ga Taniela ni sa na lusi ena veidigidigi ka tarava qo mai Niu Siladi. O koya via vakayagataki kedatou na kaviti me rawa kina nona tailetaki mai nona vanua ia e sega ni kila okoya ni o keda na kai Pasifika ena gauna oqo - se kaivavalagi, se kai Maori, kai Aborojini, Yatu Kuka. Solonomi kei keda tale na kena vo eda sa oca na lewai tiko mai vua ni sega ni dua na ka vinaka e cakava vei keda.

On the other issue of Micheal Field. Taniela o Maikeli na tamata sega ni macala. He's one of the most insensitive and fake reporters that I know who thinks that he's the champion of the Pacific when all he's about is getting sensational stories and island hopping being the Mr Knowital in the Pacific when Pacific reporters think otherwise and know better...another of those parachute reporters Dan and nothing more. He knows shitall about Fiji and it's problems and is being a parrot instead of an analyst. I wouldn't hire him if I had a media firm if you know what I mean. Taniela era kila kece tu na dau vakau i tukutuku i Viti ni tamata qo dau viavia kilakilaka qai calacala. Vinaka.