Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nasir Ali gets a dose of his own medicine

Remember Nasir Ali?


The Chief Investigator of FICAC……the Interim Governments chief attack dog ?


Well, Nasir Ali is back in the news.


But this time, the shoe is on the other foot.


It appears that Chief Investigator-Asst Comm Ali has been rubbing his fellow Police Officers the wrong way.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Eroni Antonio Ali was being probed over allegations of misconduct and his Police vehicle had been removed for this reason.

Asst Comm Ali has been conducting a witch-hunt against those he accused of being behind his suspension from the Police Force before the December takeover by Commodore Bainimarama.

It now appears that he may have gone a bit too far.  Interestingly, another senior Police Officer, Senior Superintendent, Deo Narayan also backed Ali saying there was a "slight misunderstanding" between the two.

Time will tell………..and you will read it here first.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chaudhry KO's Bune

Never ever count Chaudhry out.

Just as it was looking like he was on the way out, he has manged to outmaneuver his nemesis, Mr Poseci Bune.

My mail is that Poseci Bune will be asked to leave his Ministry handing a victory to M.P Chaudhry.

Loyal Fijian has reported here on this blog (read previous posts) about the power struggle between M.P.C and oseci Bune.

Well placed sources have told us that Chaudhry managed to outmaneuver Bune by reminding Bainimarama that he brings a support bloc to the table, Bune brings nothing.

Stay tuned..................


Monday, November 5, 2007

Dont say we Didnt TELL YOU!

Over the last few weeks, steady reports have been coming in to the Loyal Fijian that something was afoot.

An email, reported that some a large quantity of explosives was "unaccounted" for for the Emperor Gold mine.

Another source revealed increased activity around former CRW soldiers.

Loyal Fijian as a public service has revealed this information here on this blog (Read previous posts)

Now, we hear of an assassination plot against Interim PM Frank Bainimarama.

Ballu Khan lies in hospital with a broken jaw, broken ribs and other serious internal injuries. Takivekata escaped this ordeal because he handed himself in, despite inaccurate media reports that he went to see Ballu Khan.

Ballu is in a lot of trouble.

Reports coming in suggest he has told the names, contacts, address, nick-names, etc etc of all persons involved. To date 15 have been take in. Look out for more.

We will keep you posted.