Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Poets Society : Merry Christmas Everyone

Well its that time again

I hope and pray it doesn't rain

Don't we all love the Holidays?

Its just the best, time to dig up the lovo and feel the sun's rays

There will be a lot of lovos being dug

The Fiji Bitter will be flowing by the mug

The grog basin will be full to the brim

We will all belt the grog full steam

We love Christmas

Hands down , no fuss

It's a time to party and enjoy

Wake up next morning with a hangover, Oh Boy!

Whatever you do, don't drink and drive
That will get you into strife

Be thankful for the time you spend with family

With mumu, bubu and cousins Willy and Nilly

Have fun, stay safe and take care

See you soon, same place, and whatever rhymes with care

Isnt it funny how we do this everytime
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poets Society

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kelly Kwalik: A True Melanesian Hero : Will Live Forever

The legendary West Papuan leader who fought for more than 20 years for the dignity and freedom of his people was murdered in Timika, West Papua by the Islamist colonisers.

Kelly Kwalik was captured and as the trophy photograph shows was in all likelihood endured brutal torture before being killed in cold blood. All true Melanesians will mourn the death of a true Melanesian warrior who devoted his life to fighting for the freedom of the oppressed West Papuans.

West Papuans are now a minority in their own land as Indonesian settlers flood in as part of the Indonesian Governments program to implement their hold on West Papua and the natural resources of the region.

Kelly Kwalik was the figurehead of the brave warriors who kept the dream of independence burring and he was killed in cold blood.

Long Live Kelly Kwalik
Long Live Kelly Kwalik


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Julian Moti cleared- Australian Police Paid Complainant/Witnesses

In a judgement that brings into question the processes and motivations of the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Government, the Queensland Supreme Court found the Australian Federal Police (AFP) prosecution of Julian Moti, was an abuse of process.

In shocking revelations made in court, it was learnt that the AFP had paid money to complainants and witnesses in the case brought against Mr Moti.

By way of background, Mr Moti had been appointed Attorney General in the Government of PM Manase Sogavare who had fallen out with the Australians and had become a target for the former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

Mr Moti was arrested and deported to Australia on alleged child sex charges which he had been previously tested in court.

The Queensland Supreme Court raised serious questions on the dubious methods employed to get at Mr Moti .


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayers and Well Wises with Everyone

Loyal Fijians prayers and well wishes are with everyone as some of us battle Cyclone Mick and some of us try and rebuild our lives.

We are all in this together and we will emerge better and stronger.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Talks- Fact or Fiction?

All eyes on Copenhagen this week

Heard a Fijian girl cry on stage, Made Loyal Fijian knees go weak


Predictions of doom and gloom

The world is coming to an end, its all about to go kabooom


The air is getting dirtier, the sea is rising

To escape the water, we will need to find coconut trees and start climbing


Is it really that bad?

Are we all as good as dead?


Is it another one of those things, like the UN or IMF, organisatons to protect the rich,based on a whole lot of lies

Are the rich countries are once again trying to pull the wool over our eyes


Its been done before, believe you us

The Americans, Europeans and Australians go in the Mercedes while we are stuck on the bus


Somebody hacked into a University computer and leaked an email

All this talk about climate change, might just be getting a bit stale


See it for what it is

Rich countries trying to keep the developing countries, China and India, on their leash!


Free Poets Society