Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fijians BEWARE: INCITERS publish LETTER BOMB instruction

The HATE/INCITER blogs just go from the ridiculous to the absolutely insane.

The same blog which had called for ATTACKS ON TOURISTS, imploring innocent Fiji Islanders from their overseas haven to "attack tourists, firebomb their bures and tourists buses" is now caling for letter bombs to be mailed to unsuspecting Fiji Islanders.

It appears the author of the HATE/INCITER blog who resides overseas has spent more time than is healthy trawling through the internet and copying and pasting bomb making instructions.

These instructions are published by Islamic extremists on their websites for use against Coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read it here.

These soldiers include hundreds of Fijians trying very hard to put food on the table for their families. The HATE blog had also recently published an article urging its (very few) readers to DENY THE SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES FOOD. Read the article here.

One wonders whether these people cheer when Fijians are killed by Islamic terrorists in Iraq. Surely must do......



Monday, July 30, 2007

Poseci Bune - Stung by FNA

The decision by some elements in the Fiji Nurses Association to go on strike has been a significant blow to one person in the IG.

And no, its not Bainimarama or even Chaudhry. Its Poseci Bune.

According to well placed sources inside the administration, the inability of Poseci Bune to bring Kuini Lutua around has seen his standing in the inner circle of the IG take a battering.

This is particularly so, as Mahendra Chaudhry had successfully negotiated with the 2 major unions of the FTUC to accept a deal and not go on strike.

The same sources reveal, Poseci Bune was tasked with pulling of a similar deal with the FNA. The IG's strategist believed such a deal as would deprive the anti-IG forces of a springboard from which to launch further destabilising actions.

That Mahend Chaudry and Poseci Bune aren't exactly the best of friends is an open secret and the FNA strike has dealt Poseci Bune another blow.

All this comes at a time when Chaudhry was coming under increasing pressure form within the interim cabinet about the downward slide of the economy. It is believed that Poseci Bune was one of those questioning the way Chaudhry had gone about things.

FNA strike has allowed Chaudhry and co. to regroup and get back on the front foot.

Stay tuned.........


Friday, July 27, 2007

Cowboy Major Moti Rattan's Northern Adventures

Loyal Fijian had reported on 8 July that the manner in which FICAC's Northern Division head honcho was going about hos business had really got the Babasiga people up in arms. Read the full article Here.

Major Moti (Cowboy) Rattan has been accused of harassing and intimidating people in his bid t come up with some major explosive corruption story to impress his FICAC bosses.

So much so, that the Divisional Medical Officer Northern, Dr Ami Chand, claims to have written to the President on 29 June, pleading with the authorities to rein in Cowboy Rattan and his deputies.

It doesnt help that Cowboy Rattan and his deputies are viewed by most Babasiga residents with suspicion and even disdain due to previous indiscretions.

That Divisional Medical Officer Northern, Dr Ami Chand would go to the extent of writing to the President seeking his intervention , reflects the frustration faced by civil servants in the North at the unprofessional manner in which FICAC are conducting themselves.

So, far Cowboy Rattan has 2 used single beds and a fridge donated by producers of Survivior to show for his efforts.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Assistant Commissioner of Police, Crime, Nasir Ali took favours from a businessman implicated in the multi-million dollar agriculture scam, a defence lawyer has alleged in the High Court, according to Fiji Times.

Lautoka lawyer Kevueli Tunidau made the allegation against Mr Nasir Ali. Mr Tunidau, alleged ACP Ali took favours from his client, businessman Pita Alfereti, who is charged with official corruption.

Mr Tunidau alleged ACP Ali, who, while suspended from duty from 2004 until early 2007, was still a police officer and had asked Alfereti to pay for his (ACP Ali's) dog's treatment.

ACP Nasir Ali is known to Fiji Islanders as the Anti-Corruption crusader as the former Chief Investigator in FICAC. In recent times, he has led very public raids into the offiices of PWD, FHL and FDB.

He also made the news for blocking his former superior in the Police Force, Sada Nand form travelling overseas alleging that he was subject to "investigations".

ACP Nasir Ali has also been telling us for the last 3 or so years that he has some solid evidence against people involved in the Agriculture SCAM.
Table the evidence, lay charges, what are you waiting for ???

While we wait and wait and wait for FICAC to lay some meaningful charges based their investigations, ACP Nasir Ali has embarked on a personal crusade in the Police Force.

It now appears, the accuser stands accused of what he has been accusing a lot of people OF...CORRUPTION.


Strike now (Almost) Inevitable

The impending strike to be led by the Fiji Nures Association is now inevitable barring any last minute settlements between the IG and the FNA.

Workers have a right to organise and strike action is a legitimate option available to the workers PROVIDED THE STRIKE IS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

Communications monitored by LF operatives reveal that in recent weeks the FNA has increasingly come under the influence of certain political types who wish to use the FNA as a pawn in their own political game.

Many nurses have also expressed their concern that the Union agenda seems to have been hijacked by those outside the Union.

LF can also reveal that media statements issued by the FNA were drafted and issued from the office of the Ratu Komaisavai, who is representing both GCC and the SDL.

Source have also revealed that Kuini Lutua of the FNA has held meetings in the offices of the lawyer with two former SDL Ministers in recent times, where she was persuaded to reject the IG offer, despite pressure form her members to accept a compromise.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jerry Waqanisau, the INSTIGATORS new HOPE

Click Image to Enlarge

Jerry Waqanisau is back.

Mr Waqanisau was recalled from China, as he was a political appointee of the former Qarase Government.

Mr Waqanisau was also the man, the Army insider who got into an awful tangle with the Commander over any number of issues.

Now, that Jeremaiah is back, there are some who are pinning their hopes on good ol Jerry as the man to lead the fightback.

The INSTIGATORS which includes some disgruntled politicians along with those whose attempts at fomenting an insurrection from their base in Lami failed miserably, are now openly calling for Jerry Waqanisau to lead their destabilisation campaign.

Jerry Waqanisau is beng encouraged to foment dissent in the ranks of the military and to create a faction that will lead a destabilisation campaign against the IG.

Even more troubling, the INSTIGATORS have also openly called for the "SLAYING" of a number of military personnel including Major Leweni and Col Pita Driti.

These are the same INSTIGATORS who have published instructions on making bombs to target innocent tourists visiting our country in their efforts to destroy the Fijian economy.

The INSTIGATORS have been engaging in a campaign if lies and deception to mislead Fijians in their efforts to sow discord in the FMF.

Last week, we exposed an outright lie published by WFC where they claimed that the break-in into the PM's Office was linked to current FMF soldiers under the guidance of JERRY WAQANISAU. Well, an unemplyed man of Mead Rd was charged last week for the theft.

Now, they are pinning their hopes on Jerry Waqanisau and the impending nurses strike.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Laisa Digitaki gets it on with Ragho Nand

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Maybe Ragho Nand can help me get throgh Customs. But on the other hand, Ragho isnt that popular with MPC after visiting Qarase at his residence just a day before the Clean-Up proper. From what the LF has heard, Mr Ragho is goooooooooooneeeeeeeeeeee along with Gyani Nand and Chaitanya Lakshman who went to Qarase's house as the Army moved in.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If I cant travel, neither can you!

Is this what we have come to now?

Stopping people form travelling overseas, for no reason other than the fact that they may have a different opinion to certain IG officials or may disagree with certain things going on in Fiji.

Shamima Ali and Graham Leung were stopped from travelling to their intended destinations because their names are allegedly on some obscure-shrouded in secrecy-watchlist.

It just doesn't make any sense?

There is nothing new that Mr Leung could tell the NZ media or the NZ Government. Helen Clarke and Winston Peters don't need anymore convincing that the regime in Fiji is losing the plot………..the IG did that by expelling their High Commissioner remember………

No, there is no rational reason behind barring two law abiding individuals form leaving the country on personal business. None.

There are no outstanding warrants against either of them, they are not suspects in any ongoing investigations…….then why deny them their constitutional right to travel, when and where they please?
This action is spiteful and reeks of petty jealousy.

Certain IG officials whose visa was recently rejected by the NZ authorities must get some sort of bizarre satisfaction out of such stunts…. If I cant go, neither can you……….

Or did Mr Leung in his position as former President of the Fiji Law Society, ruffle the feathers of certain a member (and his cronies) who are increasingly gaining a reputation for using the mechanisms of Government to settle personal and petty scores, not to mention get appointments to Government owned statutory bodies.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


HATE blog WFC's deception and lies have been exposed once again.

The same HATE blog that had incited attacks against tourists visiting Fiji, publishing a document with instructions taken form an Islamic website on how to make petrol bombs, has been caught out TRYING TO TAKE FIJIANS FOR FOOLS, once again.

The same blog had recently published a totally fabricated and made-up story on the break-in into the PM'S Office. The HATERS claimed that " current FMF soldiers are involved" and "Jerry Waqanisau is the leader of a dissident faction and mastermind behind the efforts to split the military".

The lies were exposed when a 30-year-old man appeared in the Suva magistrate court on Monday in connection with the robbery at the Prime Minister's Office.

Etuate Sauturaga of Mead Road is alleged to have stolen a laptop computer, a mobile phone and a USB cable and webcam valued at $4140

Police arrested the man after he tried to sell a laptop computer stolen from the PM's Office.

The man is also wanted by Police under a bench warrant for other pending cases.

I think Ive hurt my back………………….when I fell off the chair laughing at the HATE blogs lies…………… hahahahahahahaha

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sitiveni Wailelekeba, the One that got away (Until now)

Click Image to enlarge

SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA , who is this man? His very public face is that of the head of Fijian Holdings, an organisation not without its share of controversies, particularly in unaccounted monies. But that’s for another day.

Theres another side of SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA, he is the man who got away.

Sitiveni Wailelekeba is widely believed to be one of the main instigators of the 2000 coup and one of the financiers.

After the events of December 2006, Wailelekeba has taken on a prominent role as as Anti-IG organiser.

Due to his business contacts, he has managed to create a group which is financing the campaign ( not with their own money of course, but with the hard earnt savings of hundreds of Fijans who have been conned by him and those like him)

SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA, is also a close confidante of ISIKIA SAVUA with whom he shared an office building in downtown Suva during the coups of 2000.

SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA is believed to have been entrusted the responsibility of collecting monies and organising dissenters based overseas. He has been in contact with FILIPO TARAKINIKINI, another very a active person behind the destabilisation campaign to recruit Fijians into a campaign to organise dissent.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Post Fiji GM Drives off with Vehicle

Post Fiji executive chairperson Fane Vosaniveibuli today made an astonishing disclosure by revealing that the previous managing director of Post Fiji had been given approval by the previous board to take a vehicle belonging to the organisation when he left the company.

The revelation came as Ms Vosaniveibuli came under renewed pressure from Mr Poseci Bune to explain why she had to authorise the purchase of a company vehicle for her use for $69,000.

Mr Bune demanded that Vosaniveibuli give him a "full explanation and at the same time to give her offer of resignation".

Ms Vosaniveibuli in a bid to explain her position made the disclosure that the previous GM had not only driven away with a vehicle that had been purchased by Post Fiji for official use but also been given APPROVAL by the previous board to do so.

Lets get this right:

An individual who was dismissed from his position simply drove out of Post Fiji with an official vehicle and is now the rightful owner of an asset that had been purchased with taxpayers money.

Wheeeeeeewwwwwwww..............Only in Fiji Kai, only in Fiji.............Oileeeiiiiiiii………….

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NZ tourists ignore HATE blogs death threats

A New Zealand poll has found that calls for New Zealanders to boycott Fiji as a holiday destination seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

A poll has found that "nearly 60 per cent of people say it is okay for New Zealanders to go to Fiji as tourists despite the military coup. "

Readers will recall that two blogs who are known for promoting violence and publishing instructions on making bombs which can be used against innocents including tourists coming to Fiji, had tried their best to damage Fijis tourism industry.

The HATE blogs (WFC and Hide and Seek) call for attacks on tourists coming to Fiji and attacks on tourist buses and bures with petrol bombs and attacks to cripple Fijis economy, has thankfully not had any impact.

The thousands of Fijians who survive on the tourist dollar will breathe a sigh of relief that they will be able to feed their families and pay their children's school fees despite the efforts of the HATE blogs calling for violence against innocent tourists.

Last week, Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association president Dixon Seeto had established that visitor arrivals to Fiji from New Zealand was holding up quite well, Dixon had said that in terms of performance by market, New Zealand was one of the better performing ones.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Col. Vatu's confession

Col U. Vatu he before died made a death bed confession that if revealed in its entirety will send a lot of people scurrying for cover.

Col. Vatu, Loyal Fijian has been told by a close relative who was present when he made his deathbed confession, wanted to confess his part in the planning and the execution of 2000 coup by the CRW. He also revealed the names of the other planners, within the military and others.

Col Vatu named one, Filipo Tarakinikini as one of the main planners and as the man who was to assume a very senior role in the new regime.

When the posting of Filipo Tarakinikini was announced, it was this confession that was brought to Laisenia Qarases attention to stop him from escaping.

It was Laisenia Qarase who as the PM gave assurances to the Commander that the Government will be responsible for bringing him back once proceedings for his case will be started.

Qarase reneged on this undertaking, the rest as they say, is history.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

FICAC investigations to take years

The new Deputy FICAC head honcho, Lt Col Wesley Langman is trying to tell us that it will take years to reveal the results from the investigations.

It sure seems to me someone is trying to dampen the expectations of the Fiji public of what the FICAC will achieve.

FICAC surely gets in the news doesnt it? Sup Nasir Ali doesnt miss an opportunity to pose for the news cameras.

They seem to be getting around, thats for sure. From raiding the Commissioner Northerns Office to raiding the FHL offices.

I got an email from a reader in the North about the cowboy FICAC have engaged to lead their investigations in the North. Shefiff Major Moti Jattan has made 2 major EXPOSURES over the last few weeks.

Firts here was the the corruption in the Labasa Old Peoples Home where used and worn out beds and fridges donated by the producers of the Survivor series were allegedly unaccounted for.

Then came the allegations of corruption in the Commissioner Northerns Office. Major Moti Jattan surely has things covered in the North, doesn't he?

Who are we kidding?

Dont get me wrong. Corruption is corruption whether its in the millions or involves second hand single beds that somebody just wanted to get rid of.

But, what about the 370 files we have been hearing of?

What about the corruption in the Public Works Department where you launched a major raid (after informing the media and making sure to pose for a photograph). What about the $100 m lost from the Fijian economy due to corruption??

So you got some poor employees at the Labasa Old Peoples Home who are more or less volunteers anyway? Well done, that will surely make a huge difference in our National Budget.

Lets get to some real work now boys.

You've talked the talk now Walk the Walk.

Your failure to produce hard evidence is only playing into the hands of the detractors.

You are doing no one any favors, least of all to yourselves.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Why Majority of Lawyers WONT sign Petition

The move to gather signatures for the petition in support of Daniel Fatiaki has begun to flounder.

It appears most lawyers who did not use taxpayers money to purchase their LLB from that infamous corruption riddled joke of an institution, namely, Bond University, have decided against signing the petition.

The main movers behind the Daniel Fatiaki petition are those who benefited from having Daniel Fatiaiki as the Chief Judge. Just ask Magistrate Sunil Kumar.

Here are some reasons why lawyers are hesitant to sign the petition:

- Because Fatiaki was a coward to sign the suspension letter to formalise his suspension. He did it to protect his salary and perks. Fatiaki should have had the courage to refuse to sign the suspension letter.

- Because Fatiaki has done nothing to assist. He has not brought any proceedings to challenge his suspension and instead relies on the Law Society to fight his battles for him.

- Because Fatiaki when he was a Judge and CJ has kept litigants waiting for years with unwritten judgments while he lives the high life.

- Because Fatiaki did nothing about corrupt magistrates like Syed Mukhtar Shah

- Because Fatiaki engaged in nepotism when making magisterial appointments ie Sunil Kumar from AG's office was made a magistrate. Well known to be Fatiaki's boy and rejecetd three times by the JSC for the Deputy Registrars post, but as soon as Fatiaki was in JSC, he becomes a magistrate.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fiji Times: Spell Checker anyone

Click Image to Enlarge

Fiji Times online, (a Rupert Murdoch owned daily) published an article today (5 July 2007) with the heading "REVIEW SANCITONS BEDDOES PLEADS"

Being a person always eager to learn, I thought I might look up the dictionary to see what SANCITONS actually meant why the SANCITONS were causing Beddoes so much grief.

I tried the Oxford dictionary, no luck. Sanctions yes, SANICTONS Nope.

I tried Google, again no luck, no SANCITONS.

So Im reduced to pleading with the learned Fiji Times staff, can you please enlighten the LF as to what a SANCITON might be?


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fijian Holdings Plundered

Imagine you are the Head of a Development Bank and you can approve loans to people?

Imagine you set up a company and install a token figurehead (and retain all control yourself and) get your company to apply for a loan which you will get your "kai" to approve?

Imagine that you then use this money to buy shares in Fijian Holdings Ltd, and one of the first things you do as PM, is use $20 m of taxpayers money to help keep Fijian Holdings viable.

After all, you have invested a lot of your money (funded by taxpayers again through the FDB) in the company.

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark said Shakespeare. Its probably good hes not alive today as I wonder what he would say about the state of affairs of the Fijian Holdings Ltd?

Have a look at some names that come up when you go into Fijian Holdings and see who gained the most.

No, not the ordinary person, but the same old people who have always enriched themselves"


My thanks to Mr Fiji for his research. Great research Mr Fiji, great piece of investigative journalism.


Monday, July 2, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: A Divided Judiciary :Justice Shameen v Justice Scott

The judiciary in Fiji has been deeply and bitterly divided since 2000. In 2000, when the Labour Govt was being held hostage,the then Chief Justice Timoci Tuivaga, Scott and Fatiaki drafted the decrees.

Another group made up of Bryne, Shameem and Gates were totally opposed to the judges assisting the military.Justice Shameem was especially bitter. The two sets of judges stopped talking to each other.

Between 2000 and 2006 the bitterness between the Judges flourished and intensified. When Tuivaqa retired, Daniel Fatiaki became CJ.

Daniel Fatiaki took his revenge against Justuce Byrnes by refusing to extend Bryne's contract. Bryne (who is now in his 70's) returned to Australia.

Scott became a resident Appeal Judge. Shameem challenged in the Court of Appeal Scott listening to appeals of her decisions. Shameem lost her challenge.

This feud is now being played out in the attempts by the pro-Fatiaki group to circulate a petition and re-instate Daniel Fatiaki.

Those who received "favors" form Fatiaki during his time are pushing for him to be re-appointed.



Sunday, July 1, 2007


Fiji's military coup leader Frank Bainimarama would need to show solid progress towards restoring democracy before Australia and the European Union would lift sanctions, Australian and EU ministers said last week.

European Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner discussed Fiji with Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer during talks in Canberralast week, with both saying it was too early to relax sanctions.

"The most important thing is to see whether the commitment will materialise," Ferrero-Waldner told reporters after talks with Downer.

The next time we hear the United Nations, EU or any other foreign nation or organisation talk about democratic institutions, parliamentary democracy, rule of law etc , respond with 2 words:

That's right, LF fully supports and endorses the rule of law and parliamentary democracy and democratic elections but it is fairly hypocritical for organisations such as the UN to preach to us when they are harbouring a fugitive, a deserter, a mutineer.

How about Australia start by requesting the UN to repatriate the deserter Filipo Tarakinikini and the EU start by using its influence to get this mutineer to return to Fiji and face the law.

The same law that Aust, EU and UN keep reminding us that we need to implement.