Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sitiveni Wailelekeba, the One that got away (Until now)

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SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA , who is this man? His very public face is that of the head of Fijian Holdings, an organisation not without its share of controversies, particularly in unaccounted monies. But that’s for another day.

Theres another side of SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA, he is the man who got away.

Sitiveni Wailelekeba is widely believed to be one of the main instigators of the 2000 coup and one of the financiers.

After the events of December 2006, Wailelekeba has taken on a prominent role as as Anti-IG organiser.

Due to his business contacts, he has managed to create a group which is financing the campaign ( not with their own money of course, but with the hard earnt savings of hundreds of Fijans who have been conned by him and those like him)

SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA, is also a close confidante of ISIKIA SAVUA with whom he shared an office building in downtown Suva during the coups of 2000.

SITIVENI WAILELEKEBA is believed to have been entrusted the responsibility of collecting monies and organising dissenters based overseas. He has been in contact with FILIPO TARAKINIKINI, another very a active person behind the destabilisation campaign to recruit Fijians into a campaign to organise dissent.



Samu said...

Wonderful effort.

Only Fij blog with such professional reporting and not to mention , the graphics.

Anonymous said...

Ive had people email me from England and beyond raving about the LF.

Great effort, keep it up.

Col. Vatu (Dead but still talking) said...

Wailelekeba is definitely one of the financiers of the coup.....he used his business contacts to rope in a number of people including Speight.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read up on Fijian Holdings subsidiary Fiji Industries which is Fiji's only cement factory and quarry.

All the primary ingredients for concrete like gravel, sand was taken from native lands, while the landowners may get just a annual lease.

The actual volume of sand and gravel taken for all these years must be compensated for.
NLTB and FHL have been secretly raking in these millions under the noses of landowners.

Landowners should take FHL and NLTB to court to claim their share. I wonder if Howards represents FHL or Fiji Industries?