Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jerry Waqanisau, the INSTIGATORS new HOPE

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Jerry Waqanisau is back.

Mr Waqanisau was recalled from China, as he was a political appointee of the former Qarase Government.

Mr Waqanisau was also the man, the Army insider who got into an awful tangle with the Commander over any number of issues.

Now, that Jeremaiah is back, there are some who are pinning their hopes on good ol Jerry as the man to lead the fightback.

The INSTIGATORS which includes some disgruntled politicians along with those whose attempts at fomenting an insurrection from their base in Lami failed miserably, are now openly calling for Jerry Waqanisau to lead their destabilisation campaign.

Jerry Waqanisau is beng encouraged to foment dissent in the ranks of the military and to create a faction that will lead a destabilisation campaign against the IG.

Even more troubling, the INSTIGATORS have also openly called for the "SLAYING" of a number of military personnel including Major Leweni and Col Pita Driti.

These are the same INSTIGATORS who have published instructions on making bombs to target innocent tourists visiting our country in their efforts to destroy the Fijian economy.

The INSTIGATORS have been engaging in a campaign if lies and deception to mislead Fijians in their efforts to sow discord in the FMF.

Last week, we exposed an outright lie published by WFC where they claimed that the break-in into the PM's Office was linked to current FMF soldiers under the guidance of JERRY WAQANISAU. Well, an unemplyed man of Mead Rd was charged last week for the theft.

Now, they are pinning their hopes on Jerry Waqanisau and the impending nurses strike.



Tui said...

If they dont watch him, he can hurt them.....he is very bitter........

Jope said...

The HATE bloggers are none other then te Young Pepole Network.........your profile on Wailelekeba was great

Paula said...

The nurses have been infiltrated by the INSTIGATORS, as you put it..........

Anonymous said...

This blog site is full of shit....trying to discredit a man of integrity like Jeremaia Waqanisau. KKT Mara and Epeli Ganilau never wanted him as Commander of Fiji Military as he was one that would never be bribed and stood for waht he believed in....honesty. Now Ganilau is regretting his recommendation of VORE as Commander......what goes around comes around.