Monday, October 29, 2007

Soldiers Stopped from Leaving for Iraq

The FMF is not happy.
Even more so, the 6 soldiers who were stopped from leaving for Iraq with the rest of the Army contingent.
6 soldiers who, if you listen to the Army are  "witnesses" in the Verebasaga death or "suspects if you choose to listen to the other party in this sad saga.
Of one thing , there is no denying.
A young man lost his life at the hands whose duty it is to protect and serve. NO ONE, repeat, NO ONE should ever die in a military detention cell or a police remand cell.
That is totally unacceptable and all Fiji Islanders must stand up for this.
As the controversy around the 6 soldiers swirls around this week, many questions will be asked. Who approved their participation on the contingent in the first place, why were they later cleared?
Verebasaga did not have to die that fateful night. No one does, ever, at the hands of the security services.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Is Chaudhry about to Jump?

Its been a busy week.
Interim PM Frank Bainimarama got a ride on an Australian Air Force plane and on getting off at the Leaders retreat announced that elections were to be held in 2009.
Maybe the high altitude and lack of oxygen got to him ...............
Back in Fiji, signs are emerging that not all is well in the Interim Cabinet.
Bainimarama's biggest catch, MP Chaudhry is beginning to make noises which indicate that he is beginning to think of bailing out.......Certain comments by MP Chaudhry where he sought to shift the blame of the ailing economy onto everyone else but himself indicates that he's commitment is beginning to waver.
Chaudhry's lackeys in the National Farmers Unions have reportedly been making a lot of noise on how the Sugar industry is being ignored by the IG despite the best efforts of the GREAT LEADER (MPC). This is seen as a strategy designed by none other than Mr Chaudhry himself where he can create a situation to jump ship.
There is now a fair chance that Chaudhry will try to make an exit and save some difficult as that maybe.
There is another reason behind this change of heart.
With elections planned for 2009 (take that with a very large grain of salt), our sources report that MP Chaudhry was not at all pleased with the announcement.
We've all heard the declarations by Chaudhry saying that he will not contest the next General Elections. Well Guess what?
The lastest moves indicates that Chaudhry feels that if he jumps ship now, he might have enough time to change things around before the elections are held.
On a sad note, Lucky Dube was shot in a car-jacking in South Africa over the weekend. Lucky Dube's music was moved loved by all here at LoyalFijian and he will be missed.
Rest in Peace Lucky Dube.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Did Commissioner Teleni reveal confidential information?

A very peculiar development in the case of Navy officer Percy Kean,( brother in law of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama ) who is charged with murder.


Justice Gerard Winter, a High Court judge who has the case of murder against Percy Kean before him has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions asking the DPP to investigate Commissioner Esala Teleni for attempting to pervert the course of justice.


The matter arose after Percy Kean applied that Justice Gerard Winter remove himself from hearing the case because the judge did not support the military takeover and would therefore be biased.


To everyone's surprise, Mr Kean had in his possession a confidential letter written by the Police Commissioner Teleni to the Permanent Secretary for Justice and Solicitor General.


This letter was a highly confidential document that was only for the attention of the PS for Justice and the Solicitor General.


How did Mr Kean obtain such a confidential document?


And even more disturbing, if the allegation that Mr Kean and Commissioner Teleni had conspired together to make this document available to Mr Kean, isn't this an outrageous abuse of office?


At the moment there is no tangible or documentary evidence to indicate how Mr Kean got the letter. Both Mr Kean and Mr Teleni are ex-Navy officers, close confidantes and according to sources who did not wish to be named in fear of reprisals, very close friends.
This incident raises some very disturbing questions. The nail in the coffin for Fiji's judiciary would be the Police Commissioner, whose duty it is to uphold the law without fear or favor, conspiring with a defendant in a murder case to obtain a judge sympathetic to the defendant.

Monday, October 8, 2007

More Warnings of Impending Violence

Speculation continues to mount of elements planning violent acts in the coming days and weeks.

Loyal Fijian reported in the previous post plans by an anti-IG element known as the "Moto-ni-Vanua" and headed by an ex-FMFofficer to use explosives acquired from the EGM to bomb infrastructure and shops.
Moto-no-Vanua operatives have been sighted organising meetings in and around Suva by military surveilance. This was the basis on which the Acting Commander made the statement that the Commanders life was being threatened.
The Australian Government today also issued an alert stating it has "credible information'' there may be an escalation of violence in the Fijian capital, Suva.

The warning was released yesterday via the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's travel website,

The Australian warning is based on intelligence collated by its agencies that suggest plans by certain elements could lead without warning to outbreaks of violence and civil unrest, in particular in and around Suva.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bombing Plot for October 10

October 10 is shaping up as a decisive day in Fijis recent history.
Loyal Fijian has earlier reported that significant amounts of explosives are unaccounted for at the Emperor Gold Mine. We had also reported that a shadowy organisation called the Moto ni Vanua was organising plans to cause major disruption in Fiji. This would also include a bombing campaign.
The bombing campaign was to have coincided with the Strikes called by FNA and Fijian Teachers Union. However, due to the lack of support the strikes fizzled out and the plans were shelved.
Our sources have now informed us that Moto Ni Vanua which has  extensive links in the Vatukoula region, may have obtained some of the material they were desperately seeking. They have now been able to match their long held intent with recently acquired capability. A new stage has been reached.
It is also been revealed that October 10 was to have seen an unprecedented wave of bombings targeting bridges and FEA power lines , mainly in the Naitasiri region.
Recent reports in the media suggesting the military was investigation threats against their commander is a diversionary tactic from the Moto Ni Vanua. Their targets are unguarded soft targets....the "low hanging fruits " or easy pickings, as it is called in the security establishment.....they know the Commander is very well protected. It is designed to throw the authorities off track.
It is the civilians who are in danger.
Be warned and alert but not alarmed. Go on with your normal lives as much as possible, but do take precautions.