Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Ryder Go Serevi

Saddened by the news that Serevi was given the sack
What a blow to our hopes of getting the World Cup back

The greatest sevens player we have ever seen
He was there for us through thick and thin

And now we hear that William Ryder has pulled out too
Oh no , what are we to do?

What is the reason for all this mess?
Why have we gone from Champions to hopeless?

FRU talks a lot, strategy sessions, 5 year plans, fancy terms from abroad
But behind all the talk, the affairs of the FRU is like a stinking cod

Why is the FRU so against Serevi?
What he done to get the 3rd degree?

Get your act together FRU, it doesn't have to be all gloomy and dark
Stop threatening players in the car park
If FRU thinks they need to protect FRU HQ and request Police protection
That says a lot of their state of mind, their intention

See what Serevi did with Lomaiviti
He will do the same with Fiji

Gordon Tietjens says he cant believe it, just ask him
He has 4 Fijians playing for NZ and if he could he'll pick Serevi in his team

Our best hope lies with the Maestro
All the way to final, its all systems Go Go Go

Isnt it amazing how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme Free Poets Society

Monday, February 16, 2009

ENDURING MYSTERIES : Naria's 3 Sisters : Scenarios 3 & 4

For a small island nation, we do have our fair share of mystery and intrigue. From  individuals vanishing without a trace to millions disappearing from secure bank vaults. We have it all.


In coming weeks, Loyal Fijian will be running a series titled " Enduring Mysteries" where we examine mysteries, conspiracy theories, and look for answers to questions left unanswered.

Scenario 3 - Dip Chand was on a Drug run, Girls killed by suspicious Yachties


Another scenario that has been doing the rounds is that Dip Chand was using the run to Malake Island to deliver a consignment of marijuana to a visiting yacht.


Marijuana grown in and around Rakiraki is believed to be of high potency and has a reputation among users and traffickers.


A regular topic of discussion around grog bowls in Rakiraki are the individuals who have grown rich on the proceeds of marijuana sale. Among these people is Mr X, a person that Dip Chand wanted to speak to before making his confession of murder of the 3 girls.


The scenario suggests that Dip Chand on delivering the marijuana ran into trouble with the drug traffickers on board who were not expecting to see the 3 girls. They were highly suspicious and felt their drug smuggling ring had been compromised.


The girls were attacked by the drug traffickers and killed. Dip Chand did not intervene to stop but he himself was not the killer.


Dip Chand was paid to admit to the murders to conceal the identity of the marijuana grower, a certain Mr X.


Scenario 4 : Girls family Complicit in the Saga


Another scenario doing the rounds is that the girls family knows more than they are letting on.


This scenario is built on the reasoning that no mother would let her 3 girls go on a picnic with a man all by themselves.


We are talking of a conservative rural community where word travels fast and reputations depend on peoples observations. Young girls in particular are careful not to be seen in the company of males alone let tongues start wagging.


Why would their mother let them go without another male member of the family? Why didnt she raise the alarm until the next day?


Would she have approved of them camping on the island overnight?


More questions than answers.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Naria Sisters Disappearance : Scenario 1 & 2

Naria Sisters Disappearance : Scenario 1- The 3 sisters were Kidnapped and Sold to Human Traffickers


A scenario that was not ruled out by the Police was the possibility that the 3 sisters had been drugged by Dip Chand and sold to a visiting yacht.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that a medium sized yacht had been anchored off Naria and Dip Chand had made at least 2 trips to this yacht in the preceding days. This was not considered unusual as Dip Chand was known as a fixer for visiting yachties.


He is believed to have procured marijuana for the yachts passengers. (Police have not laid any charges in this regard)


The yacht is believed to have left Fiji waters on or around 27 -28 June without the required clearance from Customs. It was 3 days before a search of yachts in and around Naria was started, enough time for long distance vessels to have disappeared out of Fiji waters.


There was intense speculation that the 3 sisters had been kidnapped by the persons on the yacht to be sold onto contacts in Thailand.


This possibility appears more credible in the light of information that a 11 year old Fiji girl was recently picked up by Thai authorities after escaping from a Thai brothel where she had been brought as a 7 yr old.


Information submitted to the Department of Social Welfare in Suva has unfortunately not been followed up with the vigour that is required to address an increasing trend of paedophiles and sex traffickers targeting the poor in Fiji and other developing countries in the South Pacific.



Naria Sisters Disappearance : Scenario 2 - 3 Sisters Were Indeed Killed but not by Dip Chand Alone


Another possibility is that the 3 sisters were indeed killed on Malake Island , possibly after being raped.


How plausible is Dip Chands claim that he single handedly overpowered, raped, killed and disposed off the bodies of 3 young girls, aged 17 -19.


It does not seem very likely. Dip Chand from photographs and observation is not a particularly large man.


Unless there were other persons on the island and Dip Chand is protecting these persons, because he is fearful of his life or is being paid to keep quiet.


Mobile phone calls made to people were traced by Fiji Police but mysteriously the details of the people who received these calls have never been made public.


This has led to speculation in the community that Dip Chand is being pressured or paid to protect other individuals who may hold valuable information on what happened on Malake Island or were there on the island themselves after being called by Dip Chand .