Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hindus Make Giant Leap Backward in Labasa?

An organisation has sprung up in the Northern Division which claims that's its members have a special line to God and only they can speak to God.


Claiming that only prayers chanted by members of their group make its way to God, the group has asked all Hindus  to hire their services and no one elses.

The Akhil Shree Sanatan Dharam Brahman Purohit Sabha said "Brahmans are the only ones ordained by the gods to perform these prayers," he said.

"The prayers said by the Brahmans are received by the gods because the mantra or religious chants said by those from this caste have special powers.

"This is according to our religious books. What we have found is that persons from lower castes are making these prayers for people who are being cheated out of a special connection to the gods.

What is even more laughable is that this  man goes on to claim that he is not trying to reinforce the caste system among Hindus in Fiji. According to him , only high caste Hindus have the magical powers to make a connection with God.

"Non-Brahmans performing prayers do not benefit the person they are praying. It's the same as a carpenter does carpentry, mechanics deal with mechanical issues while Brahmans deal with prayers."

It is because of people like Ashok Maharaj that hundreds of thousands of Hindus are converting to Christianity, Buddhism and Islam all around the world.

In India, the Chief Minister of Indias most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, recently led a mass conversion of more than 100, 000 Hindus or people Ashok Kumar refers to as low caste.

It is only in Hinduism that followers of the faith are treated as less than animals. In India today, if you are tagged low caste, you are forbidden from entering a temple or sending your children to the same school as other Hindus. Its is not uncommon to hear and read of so-called low caste Hindus being paraded naked through Indian villages for nothing more than crossing the path of a so-called high caste.

And the so-called low caste are now striking back. Do a google search on "Maoists in India" and you will find hundreds of articles , as recent as today, on how the most oppressed section of Indian society have taken to arms against the landowners, the priests and the money lenders who are invariably high caste.

The best example is Nepal where the King claiming to be a direct descendant of Hindu God was thrown out by Maoists. The Maoists have established a republic and abolished the worlds only Hindu monarchy.

It seems that Ashok Kumar in order to maintain his source of income, wants to create this divisive and morally bankrupt system in the Northern Division.

Go for it Ashok Kumar. The Churches in Northern Division should prepare for more Hindus arriving into the Christian family as those living in the dark ages try and go even further into darkness.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A massive fraud amounting to more than $40 m has been uncovered at FNPF.


It is possible that a number of employees of FNFP as well as contractors engaged to work on the troubled Natadola project could be involved.


An Australian accountancy firm, Deloitte Tohmatsu has been engaged to conduct an investigation and staff from the firm are currently in Fiji .


It is not known at this stage how such a massive fraud went undetetcted for so long as the siphoning off of such large amounts of money would require a very well planned and organised gang.
There are also concerns that some of the people involved may have left the country.


 More to follow................