Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A massive fraud amounting to more than $40 m has been uncovered at FNPF.


It is possible that a number of employees of FNFP as well as contractors engaged to work on the troubled Natadola project could be involved.


An Australian accountancy firm, Deloitte Tohmatsu has been engaged to conduct an investigation and staff from the firm are currently in Fiji .


It is not known at this stage how such a massive fraud went undetetcted for so long as the siphoning off of such large amounts of money would require a very well planned and organised gang.
There are also concerns that some of the people involved may have left the country.


 More to follow................


Freelance Lawyer said...

having noted the last sentence of this article stating that more was to follow and given the fact that more has not followed, can we conclude that this article does not carry any weight to give it legitimacy?

LoyalFijian said...

To Freelance Lawyer:

Loyal Fijian is publishing your comment in accordance with our commitment ot free and fair speech.

You dont have to agree with Loyal Fijian but agree that we all have a right to speak our minds, within reason of course.

As Voltaire said, "You may not agree with waht I say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it".

That is the Loyal Fijian commitment.

Freelance Lawyer said...

I complement you on your derivation from the sayings and wisdom of Voltaire however it would be rather interesting to read about your claimed assertion of further information from within the walls of the FNPF.

I think your fans as well as I are waiting with a certain level of interest to glean what your site could possibly divulge about the ramifications taking place inside the FNPF.