Friday, September 18, 2009

Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : The Two Musketeers

It's a quiet Friday night, the moths as usual are buzzing around the kerosene lantern that the boys have placed on the nail protruding from the verandah beam.


Jone decided against turning the light on, "bad times" as he put it.


The waka mixed in the usual basin, which has seen better days , was below the "refill level", but today the boys had had enough. "Bad times" as Jone put it.


Jone: Sa, what about those two?


Jaswant: Which two?


Jone: Kuni guise man, you know what Im talking about.


Jaswant: Se eh, Im not a mind reader.


Jone : (Laughs) Arre man, Chaudhry and Qarase. (As he says this, he raises his neck to look over at his neighbours houses on both sides. Its almost a reflex action borne out of living in close proximity to others and always being aware if anyone might be listening)


Jaswant : What about them?


Joe: Laughs


Jaswant :What you laughing at ? yeah OK,  I know what you mean. So now they are friends or what?


Jone: Exactly, funny isn't it?


Jaswant : Thye both miss the power and privilege man


Jone: Chi Chi Chi ….bigh words bro


Joe :Laughs


Jaswant : If you laugh again, Im gonna smack you sa rag a Joe


Jone and Joe both laugh


Jone : I reckon both Qarase and Chaudhry are finished man. Seems like the actions of some very desperate people


Joe : True. Taki


Jaswant : You Taki, M%#@#& T%&*&


Jone : (Laughs) Kaidia and Kaivalagi fighting in the land of the Kaiviti (Laughs long and hard)

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