Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why Qarase Sold out West Papua

West Papuans today are facing a campaign of ethnic cleansing waged by the occupying Muslim Indonesian Army.

The native West Papuans who are Melanesian and predominantly Christian are facing the prospect of being the minority in their own land. At the same time, the resources of West Papua is being stripped off. Freeport mine has virtually destroyed the pristine forests around the mine and poisoned the rivers.

The capital Irian Jaya now has a very sizable Indonesian population who act as military collaborators and are active in suppressing dissent.There is a campaign of ISLAMIZATION in West Papua.

Why doesnt Fiji help its West Papus Melanesian brothers and sisters ? The answer is frightening.

Australia in order to appease the Indonesians who have threatened the allow boat people to sail towards Australia again if its wishes are not complied with, has used its unprecedented influence on Qarase regime to shape its foreign policy.

Qarase was beholden to Australians for their help in getting him elected (see my earlier blogs)and had to repay the favor. So much so, that Qarase even invited the Indonesians to open a consulate in Suva while innocent West Papuans are being raped and murdered.

Qarase was being controlled by a foreign power and had surrendered its sovereignty on certain critical matters such as the West Papuan disaster. If Melanesians wont stand up for fellow Melanesians , who will?

It also helps if your Foreign Minister is married to a European.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Propaganda withdrawn after truth exposed by LoyalFijian

The group behind the false report that a Fiji Islander had died in Vanua Levu after being beaten by the FMF, today withdrew its claims.

The group, was reporting on its blog that an individual had died after being beaten by soldiers in Vanua Levu.

The false and misleading information was intended to create confusion and influence Fiji Islanders opinions against the FMF. It is to be noted that this false report came soon after the unfortunate and tragic death of the young man Rabaka in the Western Division.

The group which (thinks it)is hiding behind anonymous blogs has now taken to popular website Fiji Village Forum to spread its propaganda. Under handles of FijianBlack, Boozawe, Keep-The-Faith and Dan the Man, anti-FMF and anti-Interim Government claims are being perpetuated.

It has been speculated in Fiji Media that these are Fiji journalists who have an axe to grind with the military over its handling of the so-called Democracy Movement based outside Suva in Lami.