Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why Qarase Sold out West Papua

West Papuans today are facing a campaign of ethnic cleansing waged by the occupying Muslim Indonesian Army.

The native West Papuans who are Melanesian and predominantly Christian are facing the prospect of being the minority in their own land. At the same time, the resources of West Papua is being stripped off. Freeport mine has virtually destroyed the pristine forests around the mine and poisoned the rivers.

The capital Irian Jaya now has a very sizable Indonesian population who act as military collaborators and are active in suppressing dissent.There is a campaign of ISLAMIZATION in West Papua.

Why doesnt Fiji help its West Papus Melanesian brothers and sisters ? The answer is frightening.

Australia in order to appease the Indonesians who have threatened the allow boat people to sail towards Australia again if its wishes are not complied with, has used its unprecedented influence on Qarase regime to shape its foreign policy.

Qarase was beholden to Australians for their help in getting him elected (see my earlier blogs)and had to repay the favor. So much so, that Qarase even invited the Indonesians to open a consulate in Suva while innocent West Papuans are being raped and murdered.

Qarase was being controlled by a foreign power and had surrendered its sovereignty on certain critical matters such as the West Papuan disaster. If Melanesians wont stand up for fellow Melanesians , who will?

It also helps if your Foreign Minister is married to a European.



Anonymous said...

Fiji and West Papua may be closer than we all realize: just go back to the inaugural speech of Bavandra in 1987.... where he announced (among other things) that he intended to strengthen ties with the people of West Papua. Did he fully realise the implications of what he was saying - I asked myself when I heard Bavandra say this...? Trying to answer this question, I later tracked down the person who wrote Bavandra's speech, when he was in a good job at the Australian National University, but he steadfastly refused to comment.
Are the natural resources of West Papua SO huge as to be the reason behind the 'native depopulation' of the territory, let alone influence the politics of Fiji? in a word - yes.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you will also address the issues of corruption that have been raised by

Anonymous said...

Dear Loyal Fijian,

I thank you for your views. It is good that you can air your views and that we can see the different perceptions that exist. Firstly not in defence of any government in Fiji at the moment, the responsibility of West Papua was not something created by anybody in Fiji. Fijians are not responsible for West Papua but the international community, especially when the UN failed to recognise West Papua after this autonomous region was wrestled from the Dutch into the hands of the Indonesians.

The killing that goes on is not done by Fijian and nobody should tolerate what goes on there. Qarase, Chaudry, Rabuka or the late Ratu Mara should not be made scape goats and Fiji's relations with Australia is more on an international relations level not on bias towards West Papua.

What happens in West Papua can not be stopped by the 3000 strong RFMF but by a concerted effort from the International Community. Australia fears of Indonesia are real with a population exceeding 100 million and being the closest muslim nation nearby its a threat to every country within the vicinity to tremble.

Fiji does not have super power status not should it claim to do so within the region. It can only play the diplomatic role and it should do so with every consideration.

Finally, you picked a hard topic to be critical on and no government should be made responsible for this is the failure of the international community not just Fiji and Australia. The same can be said of Ethiopia when it fell to the Italians. The West Papuans need Fijian support but not in the way we deride our former leaders or the current ones on the issue of West Papua...

set he..

Anonymous said...

Seti seti, your so-called reasoning stinks along with this wanna-be blog!

If you want to be credible, then why don't you answer the allegations levelled at you and yr masters ar the RFC blogsite..surely that is more relevant than this far-fetched theory on west papua.

Anonymous said...

And west papua is called Irian Jaya the capital is Jayapura ulukau lesutale mada i vuli

Anonymous said...

People the truth is finally coming gaga na kari..........they cant take the pressure from RFC now they are trying to clean up their smelly asses..........Long Live The SDL led government

Anonymous said...

i beleive you 12; sega ni gauna ni vere ubiubi qo cum out with the truth.......i salute the bloggers at for all and all for ra tagi na lotu........the land has eyes and it indeed sees!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the above commenter go fuck yourselve with RFC because they are just full of stupid dumb fuck..try and read between the lines...fuck face...

LoyalFijian said...

To anonymous above who had the following comment:

And west papua is called Irian Jaya the capital is Jayapura ulukau lesutale mada i vuli

Irian Jaya is the colonial New Caldonia for Kanaky and French Polynesia for Tahiti or Fidji for Viti.

Imbecile,numbskull....I dont know whats funnier , your comments or you thinking that you had something smart to say.

Anonymous said...

"Trying to answer this question, I later tracked down the person who wrote Bavandra's speech, when he was in a good job at the Australian National University, but he steadfastly refused to comment."

I bet the person in the above post was none other than the Tongan half breed Dr Robert Wolgramm, currently publisher of the trashy toilet newspaper Daily Post and husband of Qarase's niece who is the daughter of none other than Mesake Koroi the same newspaper's editor.

Dr Wolfgramm after stepping on a lot of toes was sent packing back to the Pacific by ANU and has since unable to find gainly employment with any credible university due to his confrontational attitude and "mightier than thou" stand.

Ask the former Daily Post stafff who left or lost their jobs in large numbers as a result of this family's interference into the newspaper which was supposedly partly owned by Government but all it is really is a Vanuabalvu family run newspaper. I betcha the comprehensive reasoning above came from the father in law Koroi. De niusiveva ni family? Mai caka ike ni yavu kana buta?