Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Conspiracy - Killed by Sniper

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on Friday at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi.

"Reports" suggest that she died from gunshot wounds to the neck and chest fired from a hand gun by a suicide bomber who died shortly after.

Something about this story just doesn't fit.

Think about it.

Benazir Bhutto has just survived an earlier attempt on her life shortly after arrival from exile when twin suicide bombers attacked her convoy. Bhutto survived but scores of her supporters died.

So, for the thousands of Bhutto supporters who turned up at her rally, the possibility that there would be suicide bombers in their midst was very real. The possibility that they, the supporters could become victims of a suicide bomber was very real.

In such a situation one can expect that everyone would e at their most alert. Its only natural. (Wouldnt you?)

Any suspicious movements, any suspicious characters would be immediately apprehended by the supporters, after all its a matter of life and death, not for Benazir but for the supporters themselves.

So how does someone, in a crowd of thousands of alert, vigilant Bhutto supporters, draw a handgun, take aim and manage to execute a precision DOUBLE TAP, one in the neck and one in the chest.

And why after a successful hit, the"shooter" doesn't take advantage of the commotion and panic to make a getaway?

No, something doesn't seem right.


Heres why:

1. It would be extremely difficult for a death -wish jihadi, most of whom only have basic training in which button to press to set off the bomb, to have the time and space to shoot with such precision in such a large and alert crowd.

2. The DOUBLE TAP, two shots fired in quick succession is used by special forces and snipers and requires a very high standard of training.A head shot and a bodyshot. No way did a brainwashed, numbskull of a jihadi do this.

3. The masterminds knew that a suicide bombing would immediately conjure images of Al-Qaeda. But bear in mind, by the time the bomber detonated explosives, Bhutto was well on her way to hospital. Quite a bit of time had elapsed.........time he could have used to get away. No, somebody wanted him dead.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mahend and Jo Nata

Mahend Chaudhry paid a visit to Naboro prison and met Jo Nata.

The two had a lot to talk about and our "fly on the wall" learnt that they had a heart to heart.


Monday, December 17, 2007

STALEMATE in the IG Cabinet

There seems to be a STALEMATE in the IG Cabinet.
After all the bluster and bravado that appeared in the media some weeks ago of "sackings and demotions", there has been a lull in activity.
Successive IG Cabinet meetings passed without any decisions being made public about the fate of the "Gang of Four" who were to lose their positions.
Interim PM put off the decision on the Cabinet reshuffles a number of times.
Mr Anendra Prasad, the motor vehicle brakes repairer, went from being Minister for Lands-in-waiting to Asst Minister for Local Councils-if lucky.
Why is it that the hard language of last month of "sackings, demotions, of non-performance, of new blood", gave way to uncertainty and wavering.
Well,folks, there is an ongoing battle in the IG cabinet, for influence and for the ears of the IG Leader.
Last month, it appeared that one faction had managed to floor the Bune faction to the extent that their leader Mr Poseci Bune was about to lose his job. But something happened that changed things ..........
That something goes by the name of Anendra Prasad.  Mr Prasad was stupid enought o go to the media claiming he was going to be the next Minister for Lands and had been approached by someone in the IG Cabinet.
Only problem was Frank knew NOTHING about this. That's when things began to unravel.........
Stay tuned............

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Minister Behind the Mask

It has been reported that a Minister in the Interim Government has failed to lodge his tax returns for a number of financial periods and he owed a significant sum of money to FIRCA for outstanding taxes.

It has also been reported that the same Minister has over $950,000 in one bank account.

If this is true, it would be an astonishing amount of money for any one person to accumulate .

Given that we don't have the business community represented in the IG cabinet, it is hard to fathom how anyone could have accumulated that much money.

I mean its almost a million dollars in cash, that is just sitting there. And furthermore, it was also reported that other bank accounts belonging to the same IG Minister remain unaccounted for.

Loyal Fijian stands against corruption and hypocrites, whoever you may be AND WE WILL ALWAYS REPORT THE FACTS INDEPENDENTLY AND IMPARTIALLY.

The IG Minister (who has not been named ) must immediately stand down from the IG cabinet until investigations have been completed.

We have previously written about how FICAC's actions have on occasion looked like settling personal scores.

Was there an ulterior motive in sacking Tevita Banuve, we wonder? Was he asking questions that had the Minister implicated all shook up?

Why is Filipe Bole tiptoeng around the issue???


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who the Hell is Anendra Prasad?

Just who the hell is Anendra Prasad?

Last week, Mr Prasad was kind enough to let the people of Fiji know that he has been approached to be the MINISTER OF LANDS.

That's right, not Assistant Minister or Minister for Women or Minister for Multi-Ethnic Affairs or Veteran Affairs……….no , Mr Prasad is not fit for these "minor" positions.

He was going to go straight from being a brakes repairman to MINISTER FOR LANDS.
Geez…….talk about positive thinking…

And what is Mr Anendra Prasad's qualifications/experience/knowledge that he thinks himself fit for such a position.

No, hes not the former head of the World Bank, he doesn't hold a Phd, he has never been the head of a public sector agency………no, Mr Anendra Prasad doesn't have any such experience.
Mr Prasad has something even more valuable.

He is M. P. Chaudry's drinking partner. So says Mr Prasad himself.

Every Sunday we are told, Mr Prasad pays Mr Chaudhry a visit to his Suva Point home where they drink and discuss all matters big and small.

So that's Prasad's "trump card".

All aspiring Ministers take mote. Line up outside a certain Suva Point residence for your Ministership.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Anenedra WHO?

Anendra Prasad (who the hell is he??) ponders how he went from being a possible Minister for Lands to Asst Minister of Local Givt to possibly what he was before....a stooge!