Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who the Hell is Anendra Prasad?

Just who the hell is Anendra Prasad?

Last week, Mr Prasad was kind enough to let the people of Fiji know that he has been approached to be the MINISTER OF LANDS.

That's right, not Assistant Minister or Minister for Women or Minister for Multi-Ethnic Affairs or Veteran Affairs……….no , Mr Prasad is not fit for these "minor" positions.

He was going to go straight from being a brakes repairman to MINISTER FOR LANDS.
Geez…….talk about positive thinking…

And what is Mr Anendra Prasad's qualifications/experience/knowledge that he thinks himself fit for such a position.

No, hes not the former head of the World Bank, he doesn't hold a Phd, he has never been the head of a public sector agency………no, Mr Anendra Prasad doesn't have any such experience.
Mr Prasad has something even more valuable.

He is M. P. Chaudry's drinking partner. So says Mr Prasad himself.

Every Sunday we are told, Mr Prasad pays Mr Chaudhry a visit to his Suva Point home where they drink and discuss all matters big and small.

So that's Prasad's "trump card".

All aspiring Ministers take mote. Line up outside a certain Suva Point residence for your Ministership.


Carle said...

I am a Swedish student in Political Science who is writing a
paper concerning the Fijian land question. I need to come in contact with a representative for the SDL party. Does the party have a home page? I have looked for it in vain.

Hope for a quick answer, so that I can relate to SDL or other pro-Fijian views in my forthcoming thesis.

Vinaka vakalevu

Beranaliva said...

Loyal Fijian

We know very well that you have "inside access" to a lot of people you work with or who you have been connected to for one reason or other. So, Why don't you tell us what you know about all these tax matters people are talking about?

Na wekamu dina said...

Who the hell is Loyal Fijian? Why don't you use your insider
knowledge to tell us about the goings on in FIRCA? Tell us what Felipe Bole is getting at with his cryptic comments. I understand this site is moderated but I hope this doesn't mean censored.