Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Conspiracy - Killed by Sniper

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on Friday at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi.

"Reports" suggest that she died from gunshot wounds to the neck and chest fired from a hand gun by a suicide bomber who died shortly after.

Something about this story just doesn't fit.

Think about it.

Benazir Bhutto has just survived an earlier attempt on her life shortly after arrival from exile when twin suicide bombers attacked her convoy. Bhutto survived but scores of her supporters died.

So, for the thousands of Bhutto supporters who turned up at her rally, the possibility that there would be suicide bombers in their midst was very real. The possibility that they, the supporters could become victims of a suicide bomber was very real.

In such a situation one can expect that everyone would e at their most alert. Its only natural. (Wouldnt you?)

Any suspicious movements, any suspicious characters would be immediately apprehended by the supporters, after all its a matter of life and death, not for Benazir but for the supporters themselves.

So how does someone, in a crowd of thousands of alert, vigilant Bhutto supporters, draw a handgun, take aim and manage to execute a precision DOUBLE TAP, one in the neck and one in the chest.

And why after a successful hit, the"shooter" doesn't take advantage of the commotion and panic to make a getaway?

No, something doesn't seem right.


Heres why:

1. It would be extremely difficult for a death -wish jihadi, most of whom only have basic training in which button to press to set off the bomb, to have the time and space to shoot with such precision in such a large and alert crowd.

2. The DOUBLE TAP, two shots fired in quick succession is used by special forces and snipers and requires a very high standard of training.A head shot and a bodyshot. No way did a brainwashed, numbskull of a jihadi do this.

3. The masterminds knew that a suicide bombing would immediately conjure images of Al-Qaeda. But bear in mind, by the time the bomber detonated explosives, Bhutto was well on her way to hospital. Quite a bit of time had elapsed.........time he could have used to get away. No, somebody wanted him dead.



Anonymous said...

Well believe you got are on the right track LF...Ms Bhutto just knew too much...she let the cat out of the bag about bin laden... murder could be linked to Mushraff and... the US I won't be surprised is in the know...."nothing seems to be what it is not.."

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence?? War on terror in Iraq deemed a success by US(vioelnce suddenly died down..US troops withdrawing...),Iran suddenly is no longer producing a N-bomb and is no longer a threat,..suddenly US focus on terror is now on Pakistan...US troops building up their...and then Bhutto is assassinated..??? Does the US have to create all these events to justify its intervention...???Believe, another Iraq will come of Pakistan...thru this violence and civil strife resulting from Bhutto's death, US will be asked to intervene and that will link up with that US guy in Afgghanistan to provide the stability in that region (and allow US firms to invest in their rich oil deposits and resources...)

Anonymous said...

US foreign policy in this part of the region backs Musharaf as Pakistan's leader. He is critical to the emergence of a new middle east where US will ultimately control the vast oil resources not yet available to private companies (BP, Exxon, etc..) from the Pakistan to the Saudi Arabia.War on terror is part of the plan... The inasion of Iraq was the inital move aqnd Iran & S.Arabia werre to go next, if it was'nt for the National Intelligence commitrtee.etc.. this is a long story but the killing of bhutto must be seen from this wider perpective ib order for the truth to be it we can know why Musharaff wanted to fix the election