Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On May 5 2008, LF had published a post with this title: WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Then it was in response to the expulsion of NZ High Commissioner Russell Hunter. Read Here

Some 7 months later, LF is shocked at the irresponsible and petulant manner in which New Zealand's acting high commissioner, Caroline McDonald has been expelled.

Ms McDonald was informed that she has been declared "persona non-grata" and had been given one week to leave Fiji.

Such an action is bereft of any logic or will achieve any political objective.

It is the action of individuals who have lost touch with reality.

At a time of soaring inflation and record unemployment, Fiji needs NZ and Aust.

Both countries desperately need seasonal workers for agriculture, mining and to provide care to their elderly.

Before Christmas 700 visas were issues to workers from PNG, Vanuatu and Solomons to work in Australia. NZ has a similar scheme operating and many Fijians had gained from this or stood to gain from it.

Thats all gone now. Years and years of lobbying at the Pacific Forum by Pacific leaders had led to such a fundamental shift in Australian and NZ policy.

Forget it now.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Xmas

Well it is that time again
Time to unwrap gifts, dig the lovo, and hope it doesn't rain

It is time to reflect and say thanks
It has been an eventful year, thanks to some cranks

But it is not the time to be grumpy
Lets just be happy, we all know the road at times can be bumpy

Lets remember some of our friends
With whom we had had some fun and for the good times, say thanks

To all who hid behind WhyFijiiscrying and now its clone, Solivakasama
We say Merry Christmas, to you, your friends and your bubu, big mama

You think you are so smart, your identities are known to no one
C'mon, don't insult us, ask anyone at USP, Pacific Magazine,or even Fiji One

You don't have to be Einstein, you don't have far to go
FYPCN, 5 letters, thats all you need to know

We don't publish bomb making instructions like Solivakasama and WFC
The people will decide who they trust, you wait and see

No wonder WFC changed its name to Solivakasama
All that hate, target soldiers families, bomb tourists, geez its enough to scare all but Osama

We are the Loyal Fijian
Its not a name, its an identify, a place for news, views and some fun

Some much speculation, and rumours about our identity, is it him, we, he or she?
Its been there all along, just read under Who are we?

You will notice we are not publishing any names
LF High Command says we wont drop to your level, we wont be like you, be so hateful and lame

No copy and pasting paragraphs from Fijilive and Fijitimes online editions here
We publish our original thoughts without favour or fear

So this Christmas, sleep tight at Dilo Street
Santa Claus will be coming with a sackful of treats

Merry Christmas to Dan the Man
Let it be known Dan, we are not your foes but your fans

Merry Christmas to Bainivore, to you we say Ho Ho Ho
What a name, but hey you reap what you sow

Merry Christmas to FijianBlack
Kai, see you at Traps, lets down some Fiji Bitter, down the big dark neck

Merry Christmas to Keep the Faith
Lets have lunch, low fat, Im watching my weight

Thank you to one and all for your emails and feedback
We are glad that you enjoyed our work, even you at FICAC

Our poem on the lovely Lisa, the Admin Manager at FICAC sent the server into meltdown
Except from the Attorney General, who threatened to sue and chase us out of town

Isnt it amazing how we do this each time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poets Society

Friday, December 12, 2008

FICAC Gets First Conviction, at last

That much derided entity, FICAC managed to secure its first conviction.

A former accounts clerk for the Wainikoro Fisheries Co-operative was sentenced to 18 months in jail in the Labasa Magistrates Court yesterday, for stealing money amounting to about $3000 from the co-operative’s account.

Readers will be aware of Moti "Cowboy" Rattan up in Babasiga throwing his weight around after the coup as the local sheriff after he managed to get a FICAC badge.

He was running after refrigerators that Survivor crew had donated to Labasa Old Peoples Home.

Well it appears that Cowboy didn't have everything his way and he himself was subject of an internal investigation.

So it must come as a huge relief to FICAC Northern Division now that it has has managed to get a first conviction.

FICAC Deputy Commissioner George Langman said the conviction and sentence was testament of the tireless effort of the Commission’s officers.

Wooooo Hooooo

Yeah right.

And the big fish just swim on.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Caucau is Back, well almost

Caucau used to be so fast, so full of fury

Right now, he is full of too many stubbies and goat curry


He had a go at being an All Black

Instead he has put on the kilo, stack after stack


He used to throw a side step followed by a  dip

Now he looks like he has swallowed a sheep


Serevi wants him in his side

Maybe he can give him some advice


Cut back on the Fiji Bitter

Its not making you any fitter


If you want to win the Melrose Cup

You better go easy on the beef rump


Now he has signed a contract to play in France

He says he can still show the swerve and dance


He has some problems understanding French

He also thinks the French give off a stench


But now he is back to Agen in the summer

Just wait and watch, he will be back home after he has done a runner


Caucau has talent, no doubt about it

But there isn't much else going for him, mark us to it


Isnt it funny how we do this every time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Free Poets Society

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hari Punja gives Budget Thumbs Up

The Budget was delivered last week.

After all the speculation andrumours, the Interim Minister for Finance delivered the budget at a glitzy event .

Among the notable attendees were former interim Minister for Finance M.P. Chaudhry.

LF sources indicate that M.P Chaudhry and Commodore Bainimarama were in high spirits and exchanged jokes. In keeping with the recent times, Mr John Samy featured prominently.

The Budget has received the Thumbs Up from Fijis version of Donald Trump, Hari Punja. Mr Punja called the budget "business friendly"

Maybe because the company tax rate went down in the 2009 budget.

Why wouldnt he be happy?

More saqamoli for him and the family. Its not called Punja and Sons for nothing.

The personal tax rate remained unchanged.

So, its no wonder that Mr Punja was singing the praise for the budget.

The logic behind the cut is to encourage business investment. In other words, businessmen like Hari Punja will build new factories and hire more workers.

There is one big catch in this .

The profits go overseas to Mr Punjas family members, none of whom live permanently in Fiji.


Be it Tappoos, Punjas, Motibhai...they all spend majority of their time in Australia and NZ. In Fiji, all their business is debt financed. Its not their money they are investing.

Its all on credit people and successive governments have given them "tax incentives" like you wouldnt believe.

Imagine if you had a 15 year tax holiday....wouldn't you be laughing all the way to the bank.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Paedophiles Come Calling

At what point do you as a nation know that things have gone terribly wrong?

Uemployment? Yes, but we are not alone with joblessness.

Poverty? Absolutely, by some estimates as many as 40% of our population live below the poverty line. Bear in mind that Governments use very "convenient" measures in measuring poverty. Able to afford a loaf of bread and a cup of tea in a day and you are not living in poverty.

Crime? We are in dire straits, but we always point to PNG, who seem to be worse

The Paedophiles Come Calling.

Thats when.

Fiji has seen as alarming increase in the number of young lives spent crawling the pavements of our big cities and towns.

Take a walk through Suva and you will see these "street kids" begging trying to survive. We walk past then everyday without batting an eyelid. The woman with her 3 kids, the youngest no older than a few months old who has to spend entire days sitting outside the offices.

Painful to see, isnt it?

But it gets worse.

News that a 11 yr old Fijian girl was taken to Thailand, and was found wandering the streets after years of abuse is shocking.

Evidence that Fiji is now high on the paedophile radar. The paedophiles are very well organised and run networks where they exchange information on easy targets.

Fiji is emerging as an easy target.

The Irish national who was arrested and found with pornographic material is another indication of the influx of paedophiles into our country. He didnt just arrive here on a random holiday with camcorders, DVD burners and media editing software.

No, he knew exactly what he wanted and where he would get it. In Fiji.

And dont be mistaken. These guys are university lecturers or work as consultants in FIRCA, as previous experience has shown.

What is the Fiji Govt doing about the young girl found in Thailand? No a peep from the authorities.

How did she get there? Who applied for her passport?

An eleven yr old girl cant go alone. Its a very well organised network feeding on our most vulnerable.

The situation in Suva is shocking beyond words.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - Blackhawk Down, Blackhawk Down - Part 7

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji.

Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva.

Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.

How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?

This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history

Two days after our arrival we were summoned back from a training run where we were testing our SOFLAM's outside Suva Harbour not far from a massive rubbish dump. I couldn't think of a worse place to situate a rubbish dump, right next to the sea and the route most people travel into and out of Suva.

We were met by an agitated military liaison officer who told us that the Australian High Commissioner had received a political directive that we were to based at the High Commission in Reservoir Road and that it was likely that we were being watched.

The FMF had gotten wind of our arrival and they were not happy. I can respect that. I mean if I was told that Indonesian Kopassus were running around Sydney or Perth preparing for a possible sea and air borne incursion, would I be happy? Of course not. Soldiers think alike and I knew exactly where they coming from.

So we went off to hurriedly organised accommodation at the High Commission. We learnt that Chief of the Australian Defence Force Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston had called the FMF to "claim our existence".

We had to remain within the compound as the FMF had assumed an aggressive posture and was threatening to confront us. The Naval deployment proceeded as planned and we maintained contact throughout.

Some time later our operation was called off.

We split into 2 groups. We bought some souvenirs from one of the many Indian shops in town and pretending to be rugby league players returning home after an end of season holiday, flew back to Sydney through Auckland.

It was here that we received the tragic news on the night of November 29 that our brothers training on board the Kanimbla had been killed when the Black Hawk they had been in tipped over into the Sea.

Private Corporal Joshua Porter had died.

We held a moment of silence in his honour.

The invasion of Fiji had been put off.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - Andrew Hughes Boys - Part 6

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.


How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?


This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.
Andrew Hughes had established the TRT as counter balance to the FMF's firepower. The word was that he was working closely with elements in the Fijian Govt to obtain military assistance to keep the army inside its barracks.


We arrived in Suva that same night. It normally takes 4 hours to travel from Nadi to Suva (speed limits are not strictly enforced in Fiji) but it took us a fair bit longer.


Queens Highway snakes along the western coast of the main island and it was a great opportunity for us to collect data on possible LZ's and transport network choke points.


We 'rested" at the unprotected Korolevu airport and the runway at Deuba. Just a bunch of Aussie blokes having a smoke.


Both these points are almost directly North from Kadavu where we knew the HMAS Newcastle and Kanimbla would maintain a holding position before the Go was given.


We used our comm. equipment to send short messages to test the equipment and log the two LZ's.


The next day we acquainted ourselves with the TRT and took a drive around Suva.


Strategic points that would have to be secured when the Go-Ahead was given had to be surveilled. The TRT boys drove us around in their twin cabin Toyota Hilux pick-ups.


I don't know if its all the rain or what it is , but the road never seem to get any better. The road to Nausori Airport was harrowing as the vehicle weaved in and out of traffic and narrowly avoided missing both pedestrians and other vehicles. The boys told me that it was one of the best rides they ever had.


The driver had consumed several buckets of Fijis traditional drink, kava the night before and was just a tad too much in the happy zone for my liking.


In Australia, anyone under the influence of such sedatives would be deemed unable to drive, but in Fiji it is normal to consume copious amounts of Kava and drive. No wonder the death toll on Fijis roads runs into the hundreds every year….to be cont.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - Sunny Fiji - Part 5

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.


How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?


This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.



The flight was uneventful, a couple of coke and rums and some extra peanuts. The flight wasn't full as the tensions in Fiji were being reported widely in Australia and the Government had come out with a negative travel advisory, which put the tourists off.


We knew that the travel advisory was part of the political pressure that was being applied on the Commander to back off. As soldiers we tried not to take sides and just did our job. But we had a number of friends and a great deal of respect for the boys in the FMF Barracks.


In our check-in luggage was a 3 x2 foot silver box that is used to transport equipment sensitive to exposure to light used by the film industry. It had been packed in a day earlier at Garden Island off Sydney at one of our supply facilities and contained all the inventory that we needed for out trip.


Customs was a breeze. Our cover story was that we were part of a "Defence Supplementation Staff' to provide security at the Australian Embassy on the outskirts of Suva. We were met on the tarmac by a Customs bloke along with the Australian Defence attaché.


The Customs bloke started a conversation about the Wallabies. Fijians love their rugby and it is a great way to strike up a conversation and a rapport with them.


"Hows the Wallbies going aye? Can you beat the All Blacks without Larkham"


"Big loss Larkham", Rod chipped in. " But we'll get the job done"


I couldn't tell him that I was a Broncos fan and thought rugby was boring, no, that would have been counter-productive.


The plan was for us to train and work with the Fiji Police Tactical Response Team, a newly established Rapid Reaction Force that had been established under Australian Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes, after the Fijian Govt approached the suits in Canberra. Fijian Police has traditionally not had a specialised CT or Hostage Rescue Unit, the closest being a riot squad which was more suited to crowd control and property protection…..To be cont..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

God, Help this Child


Why , Oh Lord to one so young?


The plight of Josaia Temo was first posted on LF on August 5 2008. The he could see and his face was visible. Read here

Today Josaia is blind.

Only his mouth is uncovered . His entire head is bandaged and he is on morphine for pain control.

Yet, Temo managed to celebrate his birthday in the Nanuku Settlement in Vatuwaqa.

Life can be cruel.

For Temo it has been unmitigated pain.

No amount of appreciation can be enough for the people who have cared for Temo ever since his aprents abondoned him. God Bless you kind souls.

If you wish to help, you can make at donation to Save the Children Fund, the cancer society and Project Heaven. These three NGOs jointly care for Temo.
Donations in cash or kind can still be made to these NGOs or to the following bank accounts: Fiji Cancer Society, Westpac Account No. 980002682 or ANZ Account No. 5047761. Deposit slips should be made out to Josaia Temo.

Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give your angels charge over those who sleep.
Tend your sick ones, O Lord.
Rest your weary ones.
Bless your dying ones.
Soothe your suffering ones.
Pity your afflicted ones.
Shield your joyous ones.
And for all your love's sake.



Monday, October 20, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - "Diplomatic Cover" - Part IV

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.


How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?


This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.


One of my highlights of my last visit to the island was to have a shot taken with the guard in front of what is now the Presidents residential complex in Nasese. The soldier looking splendid in his red tunic and white sulu, a Fijian traditional dress that the boys referred to as the man-dress and not all that different from a Scottish kilt except with grooves cut around the bottom, stood motionless in 34C Suva heat.


Why anyone would sign up for that is beyond me. But there he was without blinking an eyelid as we lined up for our shots.


Actually we were more interested in the colonial design building built by the British behind him. The Presidents House overlooked the Pacific Ocean and gave a great vantage point South of Suva towards Kadavu, the island around which the Navy would be holding its exercises when the Kanimbla tragedy would occur.


A walk from the Presidents House was the Police Barracks which housed the Police personnel and also was home to the Police armoury. The holiday snaps with the guard was a great cover and has been used by the guys for quite some time.


But you get the picture. A large part of SAS tradition is being prepared, and we were.


It was decided that an advance scout party would proceed to Fiji on a commercial airliner, landing in Nadi and proceed to Suva by land. We would need a fair bit of equipment including our laser markers or SOFLAMS to designate landing positions to the boats off-shore and aircraft, secure GPS markers to update the spot maps from our earlier "visits" and communication equipment with encryption ability and other bits and pieces .


It was decided that the equipment would be shipped under diplomatic cover. To facilitate this, the High Commission was asked to "place" a newspaper story on how Australian Embassy was upgrading its Visa Processing Facilities with new state of the art equipment. Our military liaison officer would also pull some strings at the airport to "expedite the process."


By the time we finished, it was dinner time. It had taken us 8 hours and numerous kettles of brew. Planning is everything. We went over the "What –ifs" in detail, we discussed what we would do if we were separated and marked out rendezvous points , examined detailed photos of sensitive locations and looked for ways in and out, all the things that go into making sure the shit didn't hit the fan and if it did, it wasn't us with the stink.


Once that was done, I as the Team Leader walked across the loose gravel that separated the mess form the SM's shed , to file the OP. If he agreed and signed off, we would be on a plane in 2 days. It was called Operation Flashpoint…To be cont

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - Parliament House - Part 3

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.


How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?


This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.

To the participant, this file is used to record emergency contacts, previous training details, specialisations and course progress records.


Each candidate is also asked to do a paper on a political or military issue. Although candidates are told the topic may be of their choice, it is up to the instructors to guide them into doing a paper on a topic of relevance to ADF interest, all done with very gentle persuasion though.


Many don't even realise they've become part of an intelligence collection exercise.


 The CF provides excellent information on the persons mindset, political inclinations, attitudes to ADF and local allegiances, information which would prove useful if you were planning a military operation.


 Unknown to the participants these files are made available to Australian forces in time of "need" and before us on the desk were 3 such files. We read and digested the information.


As part of military planning, it is vital to know who your friends are and who you may be up against.


The Fijian military has a reputation as a fierce fighting force. The treatment that the mutineers received is evidence of this. You mess with them and they will come at you hard and loaded. Their officers are highly trained and very able. These guys are the real deal.


To fight them on their soil would be a tough assignment, we knew this. But to be prepared is half the fight so we had to do our planning and be prepared for the unexpected. A large part of this was to invite their officers to defence courses and training exercises. This way we could understand their way of thinking and develop a rapport with the people we could possible be matched against.


In return, our boys toured Fiji every so often to participate in joint training exercises, mainly jungle warfare courses. There was no one better to teach us jungle warfare, then the Fijian boys. But it wasn't all friendly exercises. While the Fijians were not looking, we would duck out with our GPS's and our cameras for some tourist shots in front of some of their "landmarks" such as the Parliament building, the airports, the ports, Telecommunication facilities and Police barracks.


I remember one of the FMF boys asking us why we wanted to take photos of the Parliament house.


" Theres nothing there bro" he said. "Only a building, lets go some place better aye", as he laughed.


 I laughed with him. But we knew that the Parliament House would be the focal point of any major unrest as had been in the past. It was vital we saw it first hand and took some "holiday snaps" of entry and exit points, layouts, the type of material used in construction in case we had to force entry, possible LUP's and so on.  To be cont….

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rajendra Chaudhry's STAGED outburst

Rajendra Chaudhry has been making the news in recent times.

And no, its not for creating a fracas at his local squash court after the other 5 members voted 5-1 against him.

And its not at the local FLP branch either where his nomination for Assistant treasurer was voted down unanimously. He took exception to being offered the Grog Mixer role.

This time Chaudhry Jr has decided to take on the military.

Head on. In the media.

Now, this is not something that you do everyday.

So, whats up?

Rajendra Chaudhry is positioning himself as the Man Who can take on the Machine.

He is trying to rebuild his image as the guy who is known for being thrown out from Traps bar, to the Fearless Leader.

It is probably a sure bet that we will see Rajendra contest the next election.

He wont have any trouble getting a ticket, all he has to do is apply to the FLP headquarters.

Rajendra is setting his sights high.

Dear Leader in the making.

It remains to be seen how the boys at the barracks go with this.

The present indications are that they are willing to let Rajendra beat his chest.

How much harm can he cause.

They know what game he is playing.

After all, they know they can edit the script as and when they choose.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Operation Flashpoint - Next Stop Nadi - Part 2

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.

How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?

This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.

The boys were excited. Fiji was a popular holiday destination for Aussies. But as we all knew, there was always the potential of the place going up in smoke. The country had seen 4 or 5 coups and inter-race tension boiled under the surface.

The recent developments in Fiji had the politicians in Canberra worried which meant we had to be ready.

Its funny how that works. Politicians worry, soldiers prepare!

Anyway, I knew all this as we had been briefed on our return for the mountains around Dili hunting for the renegade East Timorese guerrilla, Alfredo Reinado. Alfredo had spent 6 months in training with the ADF and was a guest at the Campbell Barracks.

I remembered meeting him and thought he was a straight up and down type of guy. Never thought we would be chasing him through the jungles and mountain of Same around Dili, but we were.

Expect the unexpected, they say. Damn Right.

As it turned out, Alfredo gave us the slip and was hiding in Jakarta under the protection of Indonesian officers of the elite unit set up by Tommy Sueharto, known as the Kopassus . Im sure his knowledge of ADF methods helped him immensely.

I ditched my short barrel M4, the CQB weapon I preferred and ammo I was carrying and headed to the Regiment mess which doubled as our planning room. Georgie put on the kettle to prepare some tea, a good source of nicotine which we needed for the hours ahead .

Right, what do we need?

The suits had begun our pre-deployment preparation by collecting as much intelligence as we could on Fijian military strength and posture, updating our information with latest shots from Echelon satellites of Suva Harbour, Nadi Airport, Vuda oil refinery and other LZ's that we would have to secure if the go ahead was given for deployment of large numbers of forces.

The SM had already pulled the "Fiji File" and put it in on the table. All ready reaction forces place great emphasis on Contingency Planning.

A large part of this is a bank of information that the spooks collect and maintain from all sorts of sources. The High Commissions briefs on who the major players are and how the situation is involving is a part of this, but the boys get bored with this sort of stuff.

We also had some Candidate Files (CF) which had been put on the table for us to go through. Every officer who passes through Duntroon or other ADF sanctioned course has a Candidate File (CF) done. To be continued…..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Charter Debate

The Peoples Charter is all the buzz at the moment.

You have the Charter detractors who see this as a back door attempt to put in a new framework under which future administrations will be set up.

Then you have those who are in favor of having such an exercise as a form of nation building and consensus.

Firstly, the exercise to have a Charter created in not new.

After every coup, we have had similar exercises.

The LF High Command believes that it is for the people of Fiji to decide whether they wish to adopt the Charter or not.

If the people wish to participate and offer their views, then they must have the freedom to do so.
They should not fear any retribution from anyone or any group.

If someone does not wish to offer their opinion or support to the Charter consultations, then they have the right to do so.

Any coercion would be contrary to the principles enshrined in the Charter.

We must allow people to debate and disagree.

Just because we have different opinions, doesn't mean that we pick up the cane knife and crow bar and start smashing each other.

No, disagreements are the essence of democracy.

Lets have a fair debate and attempt to come to a consensus. Lets learn from the past. It is obvious to one and all that since independence, something is amiss which has led to such tension in society.

Lets identify what it is. Is it ALTA? Is it communal voting? Is it the dominance of one community in the business sector?

Lets fix it .


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Operation Flashpoint : Invade Fiji - Part 1

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.


How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?


This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.


It was good to be back in Swanbourne. It is a beautiful location with the sandy beaches to the West, rolling hills to the East, giving it the feel of an idyllic holiday location.


Time to refresh and  recharge. East Timor had been a challenging assignment. Alfredo Reinado had proved more elusive than perhaps the top brass calculated.


But for now , it was time to get some rest and some time on the range.


Only, that the life of a Special Forces soldier is never dull, yes there are periods when you are just itching for some action but, it is never dull.


The call came from the Sergeant Master just as Troop A finished our second run in the Killing House.


"Whose up for a Pacific holiday" he asked. The Sergeant Majors dry humour was legendary.


The boys knew better than to say anything in case he was having a joke, as it well could be with the SM.


"C'mon you boys, Im talking sandy beaches, palm fronds, and whatever else you lot get up to on your time away from here"


Again no one spoke.


"Alright then", realising that we were not going to take the bait. " Word came through earlier this morning, we might be needed in Fiji. We need to go and have a look see and get the ground game going".


"Its all hush-hush so get your best bula shirts out, Im sure you'll have plenty of those from your last assignments in Dili"


" Troop A will take the lead" Enjoy the holiday boys"


With that he was gone.


I took a look around what was the core of Troop A. SF teams are not large, given the task that the Regiment performs mainly involves surveillance behind the enemy lines.


It was surveillance that we would be performing. Have a look see as the SM had said.


It was an open brief but as in such assignments we would be looking to secure the Australian High Commission and the Aussie staff in case of trouble as well as carry out surveillance on possible naval landing sites, poorly protected landing strips for our helicopters and on Fijian troop strength and posture.


It was basic stuff. We trained for this day and night. To be cont…………….

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Im In, Im Out

Im in, Im out
Go ahead, cry and shout

Im the man who saved the economy
Look in your pockets, you all have more money

I joined to save the country
So all of us can live in a better Fiji

You say I supported a coup
I did my duty, who are you?

You say I sold my principles
I got a job for my son,my cousins, my in-laws and my uncles

I did what had to be done
After 3 coups, aren't I entitled to some fun?

I didn't pull out, my party told me to
Just after I dropped a hint on what to do

They know where the power lies, they all can count
They all know I have $1.6 m in my account

Isnt it funny, how we do this everytime
How we get all this to be so funny and even rhyme

"Free Poets Society"

No Death Threats
No incitements to attack Tourists\
No Bomb Making Instructions
No instructions to deny soldiers families their food..


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Olympics : Times for Sevens Rugby

Citius, Altius, Fortius.

Faster, Higher, Stronger.

The Olympics logo, the ideal.

So another Olympics has come and gone.

The Chinese put on a magnificent show, the Birds Nest stadium, a one of a kind and the water cube, just amazing.

It was a victory for China in pulling off a grand event with such great planning and coordination.

And on the medals tally as well, China was on top, ahead of its rival the US of A.

Another victory for the superpower. Commentators who call China a "rising power" need to have their heads examined. China is a Superpower today and will become even more powerful in years to come.

As always, empires have a used by date. The Romans, the Mongols, the Han , the British and now the Americans. Its time for the Chinese.

But back to the Olympics.

Great performances from Usain Bolt, what a sprinter. It is very interesting to note that in our Fiji Finals our athletes produce performances which are comparable to international athletes when they are 17 or 18 years old. But proper coaching takes them to another level whereas our youth turn to rugby or other sports.

It is now time for the Olympics to include Sevens Rugby. 7;s Rugby is played and enjoyed all over the world and there is no reason why it shouldnt be included.

It would be our golden chance to capture that Olympic medal.

Go Fiji Go.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dont Believe Everything You Read :Radovan Karazdic

Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader indicted by a U.N war crimes tribunal on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, was captured in Serbia on July 21 2008.

One of the world's most-wanted men, Karadzic was president of ethnic Serbs in Bosnia, who besieged the city of Sarajevo for more than three years .

Radovan Karadzic grew a long, white beard to conceal his identity and even managed to openly practice alternative medicine while in hiding, officials said Tuesday in revealing details about the war crimes fugitive's capture after a decade on the run.

Karadzic was unrecognizable in a guise that was part guru and part Santa Claus. As Dragan Dabic, the former psychiatrist worked for years in a clinic in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, practicing alternative medicine. He even lectured on videotape at local community centers, in an open and active life that would appear to be an extraordinary risk for one of the world's most wanted men.

He often spent time at a cafe called Biblioteka in downtown Belgrade where he drank wine and listened to Serbian nationalist music. On the walls of the café we framed photgraphs of Serbian warlords including one of him.

So how is it that after 13 years on the run, one morning 3 security officers in plain clothes escorted him off a bus and he was presented to the world.

What went wrong after 13 years successfully hiding in the open?

If you believe that one fine morning, 3 security officers of the Serbian services discovered Karazdic on a bus and arrested him, you will believe anything.

13 years on the run or 13 years under protection?

Next in the series of Dont Believe Everything You Read : David Toganivalu


Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Cant Sack ME, We Resign!!! Enter Rajend Chaudhry

We have all heard the phrase, If I go down, then Ill take you with me!

Well, in the case of the Fiji Labour Party, it fits this bunch like a glove.

Before we look at Chaudhry's decision to withdraw the FLP from the IG to "focus on the Peoples Charter and the next general elections", lets get one thing right. Replace every reference to FLP with Mahendra Chaudhry.

They are one and the same.

Fii Labour Party is Chaudhrys toy.

He uses it as he wishes.

Chaudhry has once again demonstarted this very clearly.

This mans ego wouldnt allow Tom Ricketts and his boy Vayeshnoi to continue to collect their Ministers salary and ride around in their chauffer driven Pajeros.

No, if I go, you go!

So, starts a new era in Fijian politics.

What now?

Chaudhry has challenged the legitimacy of the very Government that he was serving.

Now the IG has been left without the supoport of any major political party.

However, for all those who wish to see early elections, this decision by Chaudhry indicates that elections are near.

But in what form?

The Peoples Charter will now be the way foward folks.

As for Chaudhry, LF remembers very clearly, Chaudhry said these very words when he accepted the position of Finance Minsiter in the IG:




Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who is the "Mole"?

Is it a coincidence?
The Interim PM is barely out of the country and Charan Jeeth Singh goes to the media saying that he has been told by a "senior government official"  that M.P. Chaudhry has been told to vacate office by August 22.
Firstly, lets take a closer look at Charan Jeeth Singh.
Charan Jeeth Singh is a Labasa based multi-millionaire who has had his hands in all sorts of pies including a saw mill with Ratu Soso Kalounivere which saw Charan Jeeth get rich and the people of the Vanua hardly even saw a cent from the timber that was cut down from their land. He also ran an airline business with former PM Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara which floundered after a while, but again not before Charan Jeeth Singh made some good money.
Charan Singh doesnt deny that he is rich.
Ask anyone in Labasa and they will tell you, he is a very rich man.
But as we know, he is also quite connected and hell bent on becoming a parliamentarian and a Minsiter!
After all, money brings all sorts of people to your doorstep.
Maybe even the so-called senior government official.
But why would this senior government official tell Charan Jeeth Singh something which is so highly confidential that even Major Leweni has refused to comment.
Everyone knows that Charan Singh has just started a new political party (4th or 5th such venture ) and has openly stated his intention to contest the next General Election.
And whats more? He has gone on record as saying that he is ready to become the next Minister for Finance in the IG.
He certainly doesn't lack ambition, does he? No sir.
But back to this mysterious 'senior Government official'?
Why such a move on his part?
Is someone trying to undermine the IG leadership? And we dont mean just MP Chaudhry, but the top job?
Is somebody within the machinery trying to do, what they have failed to achieve twice now! First with the call to the Senior Internal Auditor of FIRCA demanding that he make public the name of the senior Government Minister who was behind the $1.6 m scandal before Fiji Times published the story.
And then by leaking to the press that Cahudhry had been sacked during the Water Bottlers crisis?
Has someone promised Charan Jeeth Singh the Minister of Finance job if he puts his money behind their effort to achieve what they have failed in doing twice?
Charn Jeeth Singh as Minister for Finance ? or  Jim Ah Koy for his vast experience?
The interview by Colonel Aziz to Fijilive stating that the Army was totally behind their Commander was timely too, wasn't it?
Or design?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Please Help This Child


Thats what young Josaia Temo needs.

Josaia is 9 years old and suffering from skin cancer.

Josaia needs HELP.

The cancer can be treated, at least to an extent that Josaia can lead a pain free life and play with his friends.

He needs your HELP!

Please contact the following organisations to do what you can:

Save the Children Fiji
PO Box 2249, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji
Tel: +679 331 3178
Fax: +679 3302214

Fiji Cancer Society
Princes Rd Tamavua, Suva
Ph: 3324960

Project H.E.A.V.E.N, Princes Rd Tamavua, Suva



Monday, August 4, 2008

Go Serevi Go - The Poet Says So!!!

Watch him go, watch him Step

He is the best ever Fiji Rep

A Goose Step here, A chip kick there

No one comes close, even Eric Rush was Nowhere

We've had many good players, Cama, Rasari, Noa, Honda, Rauluni Boys and Ryder

But nobody came close to Serevi, the lightning quick strider

He led us to Victory after Victory

He was a proud warrior for Fiji

He conquered So Kon Po

We were all saying Go Go Go

He gave us the Melrose Cup and the Melrose Bridge

When he played, the Fiji Bitter was already stocked in the fridge

So sure were we that it would be our day

When we could drink and have a Public Holiday

Serevi is the Greatest Ever

He was so fast and so clever

For a while he was cast aside, politics was the guilty thing

Serevi was denied a chance , denied his chance to be the King

Without him the team looked flat

With Serevi, our opponents will be on the mat

He is now our coach, We are in with a Chance


If Serevi Plays, We will Win after a Long Time

Isnt it Amazing how we can get all this to rhyme!!!!!

"The Free Poet Society"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

San Francisco Connection to Fiji Bomb Plot

One of the blogs that had been posting BOMB MAKING INSTRUCTIONS and publishing such hatred filled posts as DENY SOLDIERS FAMILIES FOOD, MAKE SOLDIERS RUN AROUND and inciting acts of terror and wanton violence, changed its name after authorities in U.S began investigations.

This blog called WhyFijiisCrying was full of fabrications and lies which even a Class 1 student could see was the work of some mad men or perhaps a "mad woman" and her cronies.This site is now publishing the same drivel as solivakasama.

Individual soldiers are doing their jobs. Anyone who asks for children of soldiers to be denied food is a coward or out of their mind.

Maybe someone who is famous for the following exploits:

- calling the Permanent Secretary for Women and Social Welfare and demanding that a helicopter be flown to Lau to collect her at Governement expense, after her 4 week Christmas holiday

- Demanding that all staff at her office join her in morning prayer sessions and recite a verse each from the bible. These prayer sessions often ran from 9 in the morning to about 11, while people waited outside

- Travelling on a diplomatic passport which she is not entitled to

Yep, something is going on in San Francisco alright.

So, it came as no surprise to learn that the Hon. Adi Asenaca Caucau has been arrested in San Francisco for assault and is facing a lengthy spell in jail.

All readers of Loyal Fijian, if they wish can email the San Francison Police at the following email highlighting the suspicions that Ms Caucau was behind the incitements to commit terror on Fijian soil against Fijians by publishing detailed bomb making instructions.

The following text can be copied and pasted into your email:

Information for San Francisco Police on arrest of a Adi Asenaca Caucau for assault.

1. Adi Caucau is travelling on a Diplomatic passport which is of dubious legality as Diplomatic Passports are only issued to current serving Ministers of State.

2. Bomb making instructions and incitement to commit murder were being routinely made on a blog called which was being run by disgruntled Fijians from the San Francisco area. It is possible that Adi Asenanca Caucau was one of those persons behind the publishing of bomb making instructions and incitement to murder of persons in Fiji.

The blog server is resident in the U.S and publication of such inflammatory and inciteful material is an offence under U.S law.

The blog was deleted after the bomb making instructions post was being investigated by Fijian authorities. A copy of the article can be seen here:
All references to particular chemicals and detailed instructions have been blocked out.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Chaudhry for PM, Commodore for President

Speculation is mounting that the current impasse in Fiji was over a bigger plan which would have seen the Commodore become the President and Mahendra Pal Chaudhry taking over the Prime Ministership.
NZ PM Helen Clarke speculated yesterday that this was the "next step in the coup."
Additionally, reports that the Military Council is divided over the plans are very likely also true. It is learnt from reliable sources placed within the decision making loop that the Military Council have tried and failed in an an earlier effort to depose Chaudhry. This was when the reports of the $1.6 m held in Chaudhry's accounts were published by the Fiji Times.
Commodore was able to persuade the MC to hold fire as there was still some value in having MPC around especially as the Aid Agreement with the European Union and ACP countries was still unresolved.
The Bottled Water crisis has once again raised the ire of the MC, in particular the legal advisor who is very close to the Attorney General.
Aiyaz Khaiyum is bitterly opposed to Chaudhry and his son after Rajendra Chaudhry launched a scathing attack on FICAC which the AG saw as a personal attack on him. Aiyaz Kaiyum is also the son of a former NFP parliamentarian and reports indicate that the there is a lot of bad blood.
What is worrying some members of the MC is that the Commodore is being used to pursue these personal agendas and that one of their own is involved in these personal agendas. Col Aziz's visit to Chaudhry's office was not sanctioned by the MC or by PM.
Stay Tuned.