Sunday, September 14, 2008

Im In, Im Out

Im in, Im out
Go ahead, cry and shout

Im the man who saved the economy
Look in your pockets, you all have more money

I joined to save the country
So all of us can live in a better Fiji

You say I supported a coup
I did my duty, who are you?

You say I sold my principles
I got a job for my son,my cousins, my in-laws and my uncles

I did what had to be done
After 3 coups, aren't I entitled to some fun?

I didn't pull out, my party told me to
Just after I dropped a hint on what to do

They know where the power lies, they all can count
They all know I have $1.6 m in my account

Isnt it funny, how we do this everytime
How we get all this to be so funny and even rhyme

"Free Poets Society"

No Death Threats
No incitements to attack Tourists\
No Bomb Making Instructions
No instructions to deny soldiers families their food..



Anonymous said...

I thought this website was supposed to be impartial ad independent???? I'm not a fan of MC but this sounds like a lynch mob.

Anonymous said...


Kiti said...

Great blog. I really like the Free Poet Society, cool stuff.

We`all need a laugh now and then. Way to go LF's.