Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Operation Flashpoint : Invade Fiji - Part 1

In late 2006, a foreign power set in motion a chain of events that would have culminated in the invasion of Fiji. Codenamed Operation Flashpoint, the ADF deployed its sea-borne and air assets to positions inside Fiji waters within striking distance of the capital Suva. Additionally, elite Special Forces infiltrated the country with communications equipment and weapons.


How close did we come to being invaded? Who among us who encouraged this act of aggression against their own country?


This is a fictional account of what may have happened in the days leading up to one of the most dramatic chapters in our history.


It was good to be back in Swanbourne. It is a beautiful location with the sandy beaches to the West, rolling hills to the East, giving it the feel of an idyllic holiday location.


Time to refresh and  recharge. East Timor had been a challenging assignment. Alfredo Reinado had proved more elusive than perhaps the top brass calculated.


But for now , it was time to get some rest and some time on the range.


Only, that the life of a Special Forces soldier is never dull, yes there are periods when you are just itching for some action but, it is never dull.


The call came from the Sergeant Master just as Troop A finished our second run in the Killing House.


"Whose up for a Pacific holiday" he asked. The Sergeant Majors dry humour was legendary.


The boys knew better than to say anything in case he was having a joke, as it well could be with the SM.


"C'mon you boys, Im talking sandy beaches, palm fronds, and whatever else you lot get up to on your time away from here"


Again no one spoke.


"Alright then", realising that we were not going to take the bait. " Word came through earlier this morning, we might be needed in Fiji. We need to go and have a look see and get the ground game going".


"Its all hush-hush so get your best bula shirts out, Im sure you'll have plenty of those from your last assignments in Dili"


" Troop A will take the lead" Enjoy the holiday boys"


With that he was gone.


I took a look around what was the core of Troop A. SF teams are not large, given the task that the Regiment performs mainly involves surveillance behind the enemy lines.


It was surveillance that we would be performing. Have a look see as the SM had said.


It was an open brief but as in such assignments we would be looking to secure the Australian High Commission and the Aussie staff in case of trouble as well as carry out surveillance on possible naval landing sites, poorly protected landing strips for our helicopters and on Fijian troop strength and posture.


It was basic stuff. We trained for this day and night. To be cont…………….


Sgt. Samu said...

Great read.

Thats why LF is a must read, credible news, humour and great stuff.

Keep it up boys.

Samu said...

Who was instigating this invasion? If any Fijian offical or national is involved in leaking national secrets to Aust to make it easier for them to invade us, they should be charged with treason.

Te said...


Great blog.

Something I enjoy reading, I tried the other blogs and they are full of Kill somebody, bomb somebody , its just ridiculous.

Copy and Paste paras fron Fijilive is not blogging