Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant: Fiji Day

Beautiful Wednesday in Suva.....public holiday and as usual, grog is flowing. All the boys are together after a long lay off.

Jone: Boys, set sa ra ga this public holiday for Fiji Day man

Joe: A very significant and momentous occasion in the journey of a young nation as it finds its way through the tumultous times of this 21st century

Jone and Jaswant: What the...?

Jaswant: Why you always va fancy?

Jone: Taki

Jaswant: No, today this Kaivalagi takis. Today, is our day Jone, it;s the day we became independent from the Kaivalagi

Jone: He's right man, today we became free

Joe: (Is thinking, didnt expect Jone and Jaswant to unite) Ummmm, but we did a lot of good things for you

Jaswant: No, today you Taki

Joe: (Getting worried) See Jone, in Australia the Indigenous people are finished, in America the same but in Fiji we protected you)

Jaswant: See Jone, the same old trick: DIVIDE AND RULE!

Joe laughs under his breath and says to himself, "they will never learn"