Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Poets Society: Tongan Escape

Boy oh Boy, what a few days we've had

A story to rival that of Sinbad


Col Mara has escaped to Tonga

The rumours of how he did it are getting longer and longer


Can you imagine this tiny island

Can be prepared to pull off something so grand


I am reminded of the times of Ma'afu

When he came, plundered and said F*** you


This is just so crazy

Even more so because details are so hazy


We are told he hitched a ride on a Tongan navy boat

Wonder if he'll sit in the palace and gloat


But how could it happen, where was the Fiji Navy?

They came in were gone before you could say "Hey Baby"


The Tongans have to be sent a clear message,

This is not the end of this passage.


Isn't it funny how I do this every time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poet Society


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Boom Boom Bang Bang,

In the middle of the night, the noises rang


Came a thundering noise, doof doof whooooof

What is that, could it be helicopters on the roof?


The Navy SEALS came slithering down the rope

That's it, the end of the road, the end of hope


They looked everywhere, mountains, valleys, villages and caves

Everywhere they looked, he found a way to be safe


10 long years, the might of America looked, inside, outside and on the ground

No matter what they did, he was nowhere to be found


When he was found, he was not hiding

He was living in style, just his time he was biding


Living with his 8 children and many a wife

Can you believe that, this man was enjoying his life


How can that be, living in a 3 storey mansion with courtyard and barn

Because America was looking everywhere but inside Pakistan


10 years he evaded the greatest power

All the time he was sleeping in a double bed and having a warm shower


Now isn't that amazing

Makes your head spin and swing


Unless of course we look beyond the spin

Wouldnt be Loyal Fijian if we didn't try to find the source of the stink


Can you really be living in secret for 10 years

When the greatest power was kicking down doors and capturing your dears


Was he really just hiding in a house in Abbottabad, 400 yards from a military base

If you believe that, Im afraid you will have egg on your face


Somebody do the smart thing, find the missing piece to solve this case

Find the tunnel, from Obama's mansion to the Pakistani Military Base!!


Isnt it funny how I do this every time

Make it so funny and make it rhyme


Free Poet Society

The Original and The One – Loyal Fijian