Monday, March 30, 2009


 Oh how sweet it is,

For this everyone gets a Loyal Fijian kiss


We have done it again

Lets dance, rejoice and sing, whether its sun or rain


It has been along time coming

But the victory is mind numbing


We have won at So Kon Po

All we can say, is Fiji Go Go Go


Tanivula has weaved his magic

It is ours once again, his coaching has done the trick


We took a lot of new boys

They have done us proud, go on, make some noise


Lets have a great big party

Let it all out, lets be happy and hearty


For this we need a public holiday

Its been a long while, give us one, we say


Fiji Fiji Fiji, all the way

Oh what a night, and what a hangover we all have today


Two players in the sin-bin

Never mind, nothing was gonna stop us, we went barging in


Isnt it amazing how we do this every time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Free Poets Society


No Hate

No Death Threats

No Slander against innocent people

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Conversation of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : Sugar Belongs in Tea, Not Kersosene

Its amazing how many moths were fluttering around the tube light in Jone's lounge . It was a Friday night like any other and Jaswant, Jone's neighbour and Joe, an expatriate who worked with Jone had arrived to swipe the grog and yarn around the tanoa.

The Super 14 was one but their minds was elsewhere. There were rumours flying that Joe wasn't his real name and that he had been in a specialist military unit before taking up the job in Fiji. Joe laughed these rumours off.

Jone : Sugar belongs in tea, not with kerosene in a beer bottle.

Jaswant : Yea man, whats with that? Maybe they try to use that to make the bottle heavy eh?
Jone : Yea man, things are getting a bit crazy now man.

Jaswant : I know bro. First stones, now kerosene and sugar mix. (Joe kept quiet listening to Jaswant and Jone)

Jone : Hey, Joe, this ever happen in your country?

Joe : (Laughing) Yes and no

Jaswant : You always speak in riddles man. Where are you from anyway?

Joe : Planet Earth

Jone : Man, you one strange Kaivalagi ( All three laugh)

Joe : The sugar is a sucrose/dextrose substitute

Jaswant : What ? What u talking about man?

Jone : Calm down Jas. You Indians just stick to making money, leave military stuff to us, Kaivalagi and Kaiviti.

Joe : Sucrose/Dextrose combined with oxidisers is used to create low intensity explosives, sugar is a substitute.

Jone/Jaswant : (Together) : M*^*@!@ , We're F#$%$$#%$

(Silence descends on the room)

Jaswant : How you know all this man? Is it true what they say about you?

Joe : Taki.

Jaswant: YOU Taki..........boci!

Jone : Seti, Jas...relax man.

Jaswant : Relax? We have a freaking James Bond inside and the freaking T.L.F outside. Relax , my a@^&!

Jone : I know man.

Joe : Taki maan.........................................................!

Jaswant : Hey Colonial days are over OK! U taki, M&*@#@## T#$%#$$


Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovo Stones belong in the Lovo

Wow wee, its has been an eventful week

Rumours and speculation were flying thick


Well, so much happening, not good for one weak of heart

I guess from the beginning is a good place to start


Netani Rika got a rude awakening

Somebody stoned his car, now thats a naughty thing


Then Attar Singh heard a loud bang, Oh my God, Oh Nooooo

Hey, shouldn't these stones be in the lovo


Now Now, before you accuse Loyal Fijian of justifying these acts

Take a deep breath, lets just look at the facts


Lovo stones belong inside the earth, under the fire

If they end up in peoples cars, now that means the situations getting dire


Our sympathies with Attar and Rika

Loyal Fijian stands for speaking your mind without favour or fear


Then there was the underwater volcano going off near Tonga

Tsunami is the last thing we need, if you see the big waves be sure to honker


The shops were closed, public servants took a break

Yes sir, count me in, a day off, I'll be happy to take


Isnt it funny, how we do this every time

Make it so funny and make it rhyme



Free Poets Society


No Death Threats

No Rumour-mongering

No Slander

Just FACTS and Fun. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Was Esala Teleni prematurely criticised for an Innovative Solution?

Kemudou tamata liu muri!

Four words that sparked off such a controversy.

Every Fijian, Indian, Rotuman, Banaban, Kailoma and Kaivalagi (after more than 2 days in Fiji) knows what it means. And not forgeting the Chinese. (sorry, if I have offended your community by putting you last in the para, please do not go running to the media.)

Police Commissioner Esala Teleni was hauled over the coals for addressing his Indian subordinates with those words.

The Indian Police officers were apparently feeding the news media stories of their discontent with the Christian crusades that Commissioner Teleni had kicked off over the Christmas holidays to fight crime.

Apparently, they felt the Christian Crusade was contrary to their own faiths and the Police Force should not be the driving force behind a religiously inspired campaign.

It's a pity because Commissioner Teleni actually came up with a new idea to combat rampant crime in Fiji.

For years the NGO's, the Indian religious organisations, the politicians and the general public have been crying out fort the Fiji Police to "do something" about the worsening crime problem.

The community especially the Indians who often are the victims of robberies and break-ins have criticised the Fiji Police for not doing enough and doing the same old over and over again.

The Fiji Police has been criticised for not coming up with new strategies.

Everyone knows that the Christian faith is central to the Fijian community identity. Christianity binds the people together and gives them the hope of a better tomorrow.

Ratu Kitione Vesikula used Christianity with great success with Serevi being the spearhead in the successes at Hong Kong. So much so that Fijian players ran out with Phil 4:13 written on their jerseys. It gave them the motivation they needed.

Smart coaching.

Teleni has done the same. If Crime is the problem then we have to find a solution. Christianity will help. It is a unique solution to a worsening problem.

The Indians will do well to recognise that they are the ones facing the brunt of the violent crime, Esala Teleni's unique strategy may just be the "out of the box" solution that could work.

Everything else has failed. What's there to lose?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Melrose Cup to Fiji to Stay

The Melrose Cup is being held in Dubai, a vast stretch of palm fronds and sand

The kingdom has seen massive development , like someone has waved a magic wand

From the Palm Island resort, the Map of the World islands to the worlds highest tower

Its all there, and more are being built by the hour

To build it all has been a lot of hard work and toil

Unlike the "other kingdom", these guys have no oil

It is very hot and dusty

The dry heat can make you very thirsty

We haveFrance, US and Georgia in our pool

Its time we taught them a lesson, took them back to school

When we get past this stage, there will be bigger tests

But we should step up and show the world we are the best

Past the pool stage, Fiji will need to work very hard

South Africa, NZ, England are very strong, we will have to be on our guard

So this weekend, all Fiji Islanders look forward to this one

It is gonna be a heap of fun

South Africa under Paul Treus have made huge strides

Fiji can knock them down, hit them hard, make them run and hide

Kiwis are always a big threat, always running hot

Half their team is Fijian, that says a lot

England have stepped up on the big stage before
Its time to run them into the ground, send them into a stupor

Like all Fijians we want a win, Melrose Cup to Fiji , another 4 years to stay

So we can rejoice, grog and have a public Holiday

Isnt it funny how we do this each time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poets Society