Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovo Stones belong in the Lovo

Wow wee, its has been an eventful week

Rumours and speculation were flying thick


Well, so much happening, not good for one weak of heart

I guess from the beginning is a good place to start


Netani Rika got a rude awakening

Somebody stoned his car, now thats a naughty thing


Then Attar Singh heard a loud bang, Oh my God, Oh Nooooo

Hey, shouldn't these stones be in the lovo


Now Now, before you accuse Loyal Fijian of justifying these acts

Take a deep breath, lets just look at the facts


Lovo stones belong inside the earth, under the fire

If they end up in peoples cars, now that means the situations getting dire


Our sympathies with Attar and Rika

Loyal Fijian stands for speaking your mind without favour or fear


Then there was the underwater volcano going off near Tonga

Tsunami is the last thing we need, if you see the big waves be sure to honker


The shops were closed, public servants took a break

Yes sir, count me in, a day off, I'll be happy to take


Isnt it funny, how we do this every time

Make it so funny and make it rhyme



Free Poets Society


No Death Threats

No Rumour-mongering

No Slander

Just FACTS and Fun. 

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