Saturday, March 28, 2009

Conversation of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : Sugar Belongs in Tea, Not Kersosene

Its amazing how many moths were fluttering around the tube light in Jone's lounge . It was a Friday night like any other and Jaswant, Jone's neighbour and Joe, an expatriate who worked with Jone had arrived to swipe the grog and yarn around the tanoa.

The Super 14 was one but their minds was elsewhere. There were rumours flying that Joe wasn't his real name and that he had been in a specialist military unit before taking up the job in Fiji. Joe laughed these rumours off.

Jone : Sugar belongs in tea, not with kerosene in a beer bottle.

Jaswant : Yea man, whats with that? Maybe they try to use that to make the bottle heavy eh?
Jone : Yea man, things are getting a bit crazy now man.

Jaswant : I know bro. First stones, now kerosene and sugar mix. (Joe kept quiet listening to Jaswant and Jone)

Jone : Hey, Joe, this ever happen in your country?

Joe : (Laughing) Yes and no

Jaswant : You always speak in riddles man. Where are you from anyway?

Joe : Planet Earth

Jone : Man, you one strange Kaivalagi ( All three laugh)

Joe : The sugar is a sucrose/dextrose substitute

Jaswant : What ? What u talking about man?

Jone : Calm down Jas. You Indians just stick to making money, leave military stuff to us, Kaivalagi and Kaiviti.

Joe : Sucrose/Dextrose combined with oxidisers is used to create low intensity explosives, sugar is a substitute.

Jone/Jaswant : (Together) : M*^*@!@ , We're F#$%$$#%$

(Silence descends on the room)

Jaswant : How you know all this man? Is it true what they say about you?

Joe : Taki.

Jaswant: YOU Taki..........boci!

Jone : Seti, Jas...relax man.

Jaswant : Relax? We have a freaking James Bond inside and the freaking T.L.F outside. Relax , my a@^&!

Jone : I know man.

Joe : Taki maan.........................................................!

Jaswant : Hey Colonial days are over OK! U taki, M&*@#@## T#$%#$$



Gina said...

Better than ever!

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