Monday, March 16, 2009

Was Esala Teleni prematurely criticised for an Innovative Solution?

Kemudou tamata liu muri!

Four words that sparked off such a controversy.

Every Fijian, Indian, Rotuman, Banaban, Kailoma and Kaivalagi (after more than 2 days in Fiji) knows what it means. And not forgeting the Chinese. (sorry, if I have offended your community by putting you last in the para, please do not go running to the media.)

Police Commissioner Esala Teleni was hauled over the coals for addressing his Indian subordinates with those words.

The Indian Police officers were apparently feeding the news media stories of their discontent with the Christian crusades that Commissioner Teleni had kicked off over the Christmas holidays to fight crime.

Apparently, they felt the Christian Crusade was contrary to their own faiths and the Police Force should not be the driving force behind a religiously inspired campaign.

It's a pity because Commissioner Teleni actually came up with a new idea to combat rampant crime in Fiji.

For years the NGO's, the Indian religious organisations, the politicians and the general public have been crying out fort the Fiji Police to "do something" about the worsening crime problem.

The community especially the Indians who often are the victims of robberies and break-ins have criticised the Fiji Police for not doing enough and doing the same old over and over again.

The Fiji Police has been criticised for not coming up with new strategies.

Everyone knows that the Christian faith is central to the Fijian community identity. Christianity binds the people together and gives them the hope of a better tomorrow.

Ratu Kitione Vesikula used Christianity with great success with Serevi being the spearhead in the successes at Hong Kong. So much so that Fijian players ran out with Phil 4:13 written on their jerseys. It gave them the motivation they needed.

Smart coaching.

Teleni has done the same. If Crime is the problem then we have to find a solution. Christianity will help. It is a unique solution to a worsening problem.

The Indians will do well to recognise that they are the ones facing the brunt of the violent crime, Esala Teleni's unique strategy may just be the "out of the box" solution that could work.

Everything else has failed. What's there to lose?

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Ponipate said...

Yes its true, everyone criticises the Police for doing the same thing without any result and when Teleni tries a new strategy they liu muri him.