Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free Poets Society: Its all a matter of perspective

Some say its all good
Plenty chow, plenty food
Some say, its going a bit sour
We are heading for the reckoning hour
Some say we are up shit creek
Where will the chow come from this week
You see , different people have different views
Different ways of interpreting the same news
It all depends where you stand
You can have one view, a different one comes from your friend
You are both looking at the same thing
And come up with different tunes to sing
Isnt it funny how I do this each time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant: Ocean's 14

An extraordinary session, its not Friday but the boys have all gathered at Jone's place for a session. Something big must have happened.

Jaswant: Wooo, this must be the biggest fiesta in Fiji history

Joe : Fiesta? What do you mean Jas?

Jone: He means fracas Joe, just give him some slack, you know (and winks)

Jaswant: See, you gang gonna side me again, then Im going

Joe : Set Set man, relax

Jaswant : This thing biiiig man, you know like the movies, Ocean 11,12 and 13

Jone : Yeah man, just imagine those gang, how they must be counting the money. But how is it possible

Jaswant : Arree man, somebody plan this thing really good, you know, they go to Village 6 and that

Jone : You mean like professional job

Jaswant: What else

Jone: Yeah man, maybe overseas people too aye.....hey...(and then quiet)

Jone signals for the others to come closer. Why? Theres no one else there. Its just second nature, a product of lives lived keeping secrets from neighbours

Jone: Plenty ex-British Army gang around


Jaswant: Think you have hit your head on your nail

Joe : What? Never mind

Joe : Think you guys are right and not so right

Jone and Jaswant : What? Kuni va fancy Ok!

Joe :Relax. I reckon its an inside job

Jaswant: You mean......

Joe :Yes, inside, inside....but all new notes are numbered sequentially and the Reserve Bank knows the sequence, so they can just cancel that particular sequence and if somebody tries to use it, they can be identified!

Jone and Jaswant: 1 million, arre baap re!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Conversations of Joe, Joe and Jaswant : Nationalisation boy

Been a while since the boy got together. "Very busy man, says Jaswant, "No time saraga".


Jone: No time, what you mean?? You just stay home and sleep. I asked your tavale and he said you at home every Friday.


Jaswant: Yeah, OK, but the fuel man, thing very expensive to come….you know.


Jone : (Laughs) Oiko sa &*@#%#@#


Joe : (Laughs) So Rupert Murdoch has been kicked out aye. Natoinalisation of the media, what next? Nationalisation of industry?


Jone: What you mean? You talking about FijI Times closing down?


Jaswant: Seti Jone, not closing down, selling off


Jone: Yeah Yeah, I know man, but what is all mean?


Jaswant: Se, don't worry Jone, same thing ga man. Same people gonna woprk there and same thing, no difference, you see. This faller only use big words to make us feel like locals


Jone: We are locals! Well, I am


Jaswant: See here Jone, you always side me aye


Jone (Laughs) Just joking man, you local of your area, that's what I meant………..New Delhi


Jone and Jope laugh


Jaswant: Murdoch or not, thing OK with me


Jone : But, it means we don't get fair news


Jaswant : Why not? Only change in ownership


Joe: Yeah, that is true, But it means that Government has decided what people read, or to be more precise they have decided they don't like what Fiji Times had to say and therefore hobbled them. That's censorship.


Jaswant : That Murdoch faller meddling his nose in our business because Wendy Dang wants Fiji to become colony of China


Jone: What?


Jaswant : What you say now smart alec? Huh Huh?  


Joe : Taki


Jaswant: You Taki, M@@$#$% T*&&*

Friday, July 23, 2010


The same mistakes being made again and again

Somebody just doesn't see that all it does is lead to more pain


Another expulsion

Tell you straight up, that is not fun


We need them more than they need us

Lets talk , not just make a huge fuss


Our people will gain from having them as friends

For this our relations need to mend


They can do lots to help our people

Lets not make big waves from small ripples


The British Army is ready to make its last stand

The British involvement in Afghanistan is coming to an end


That means an end to recruitment of our boys

We have to look for new ways


Our neighbours may well be the option

If we can just stop being fools , we will gain as a nation
Isnt it amazing how I do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Story : Now how about the truth?

A "good" story (The Day Sly saw Saddam Hussein) about a former Fijian serving in the British Army and his very brief encounter with Saddam Hussein was published in the Fiji Times.

Sly recounts his late night mission into farmlands around Tikrit when Saddam was captured. It is a "good" story.

History is replete with unsuspecting and well intentioned men and women being used by the more scheming minds in their organisations to perpetuate a certain image or "story".

Did Sly fall victim to an elaborate hoax designed to create the mirage that Saddam was captured hiding in a shallow hole and on being discovered said in good English "Im the President of Iraq and I want to negotiate with President Bush".

Yeah right.....

It was critical that the Americans capture Saddam in a fashion that could be used to emphasise and glorify American military strength, in particular American intelligence.


Because no WMD's had been found and the credibility and potency of American intelligence services was under siege. The Americans had to prove to their people and the world that the much vaunted and hyped up intelligence machinery still had the power to pull off a major coup.

It was vital that Saddam be captured through an elaborate intelligence operation and be shown powerless and broken. Much depended on it.

But did the Americans get him hiding in a whole? Not if you believe the President of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, who had issue a statement a full day before Saddam's capture while on a visit to Iran that Saddam had been captured by the Peshmerga.

And what of Saddam's two bodyguards? Initial reports indicated that two of his loyal men were with him. Where did they disappear?

Here's a few calculated guesses:

Somebody, possibly somebody very close to Saddam and responsible for his safety, is living a very comfortable life in the United States, a life paid for by a million US dollars and promise of entry into US for him and his family.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Poets Society: Fiji Team Fiji Team, What do we do now?

Fiji Team Fiji Team, where have you been?

We've been to London to try and get a win


Fiji Team Fiji Team, what did you do there

We got knocked out early, got nowhere


Fiji Team Fiji Team, what will we do now?

Same as before, big booze and big chow

Fiji Team Fiji Team, somebody saw you guys under a table

Year right, you've been reading to many fables


Fiji Team Fiji Team, Will we ever win again?

Go away, before we give you a lot of pain


Fiji Team Fiji Team, where did we go wrong?

No Waisale, No gong


Fiji Team Fiji Team, so do we bring back the Master?

Nah too late, too much grog, a 5 yr old boy can run faster


Isnt is funny how we do this every time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Free Poets Society

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : But what does he want?

Cometh Friday, cometh the grog session-a Fijian tradition like no other. The boys are back together after a long time.

Jone: Sa boys, long time. Where you all been?

Jaswant : Yeah man, hard times.

Joe : I was away actually Jone, I sent you guys an email to let you know. Didn't you guys read it?

Jone: No, must have missed it. Man , things are tight at work. Have to be careful when going on the internet.

Jaswant : True man, all tracking going on. My tavale tole me one faller in New Zealand writing about us gang. The faller an expert or what?

Jone (Laughs): Living in NZ and writing about Fiji . Cava go? Why cant he write about the Maori or other social problems in NZ?

Loud laughter

Joe: It wont be the first time will it? I guess it makes them fell important about themselves. Another possibility is the faller is looking for an appointment to some Board or Council.

Jaswant: True. Why they never come and live in Fiji if they so concerned?

Jone: Se, don't say that man. We trying to get rid of as many as we can.

Jaswant : What you saying man?

Joe and Jone Laugh

Joe : Taki Jas

Jaswant : See you foreigner, you Taki OK. M#$%%$ T&&**^&

Joe: Somethings never change. Great to be back.



Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Poets Society: Where have they all gone?

It started off with Intelligentsiya
They peddled rumours and spread fear

Then came along WFC and RFC
They also lacked balance and how disappinted were we

Have to acknowledge RRFC
They launched the first counter punch, good to see

Cyberspace was flooded with blogs, unfortunately most lacked balance
They published slander, lies and were run by felons

Loyal Fijian was concerned, situation was getting tight
Somebody had to take up the fight

All through this we have upheld our value
Independent, balanced and impartial, our promise to you

There is a new kid on the block, very eager for attention
Claim to be the voice of the nation
We dont carry any advertising, We are not in this for money
We are equally at ease, be it vinegar or honey

Isnt is funny how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Loyal Fijian is Right Here!

To all the loyal readers of Loyal Fijian : We are still here.

Yes, we have been a bit quiet of late, but not to worry, we are still here and plan on being around for a long time yet.

Loyal Fijian was started to combat the rumours being peddled by the HATE blogs, and the Loyal Fijian was the ONLY blog to present a balanced and impartial account.

Our objectives remain to argue for a fair, balanced and free media and arena for public discourse.

Our posts are not as frequent, but we will be here and publish as often as we can.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : Where is everyone Seinimili?

Another Friday, but something is amiss…..has been for a few weeks. The Friday night ritual that is the grog session at Jone's house has not happened for a few weeks.


Jone's text to Jaswant has gone unanswered and Joe is nowhere to be found. Here could they be?



Jone: (to his wife) I wonder if it was something I said


Seinimili: Yeah, when you grog dope, you don't know what you say


Jone: Seti woman, I expect reassurance not criticism from you OK. It's a rhetorical question anyway, not that you would know what that means.


Seinimil: (Quiet, doesn't respond)


Jone : Jaswant the faller always comes, even for a short while on Fridays. Last few weeks , I felt so lonely. Nothing to talk about.


Senimili : You can talk your wife and kids.


Joe : (Ignoring her) Isa, wonder what they are doing? Joe always has some good stories to tell. You know, the faller goes to all these lunches with all the big shot gang. He hears a lot of things.


Senimili : But you also "know a lot of people". There's nothing they know that you don't.


Joe: I know that, but I still make them feel important. Just to keep the news flowing. Especially Jaswant. He's tavale is connected.  A few bilo and he starts talking. Hehehehe


Seinimili : hehehhe And Joe?


Jone : Rerevaki sa raga o koya. I've heard stories that he was in the SAS.


Seinimili: You mean like in the movie


Jone: Yeah, just like the movies, only real. He thinks he can control us two. Jaswant thinks he is smarter than me. What do you think Seini my darling?


Seinimili: I married you didn't I.





Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Border Protection Gets a Boost

Fiji's ports and airports will be protected like never before. The Comptroller of Customs and Excise Jitoko Tikolevu has announed that 90 police officers have been appointed as Customs officers.

This follows a decision taken by Cabinet last year to strengthen the security at our entry points in light of increased attempts by organised crime gangs to use Fiji as a transit point.

Over the last few years, huge drug consignments have been seized in Fiji as well as factories to manufacture drugs have been set up by Asian crime gangs. In Laucala Beach, an Asian crime gang had hired three huge factories to manufacture amphetamines , which were to be shipped to Australia.
Fiji is preferred as a transit point as the thinking goes that consignments passing through Fiji will not receive the same attention as say a package coming from Colombia.
Crooks are always trying to outwit law enforcement and this measure is a step in the right direction to protect our borders.

The Police officers will be able to bring their crime fighting skills and knowledge and enhance the capability that we currently have at our borders.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free Poets Society: No No No...So Kon Po

The grog was flowing
We were all pumped to give the Kiws a flogging

The boys were in good form, ready to make a stand
After all they had taught a lesson to Thailand

The time had come, all of Fiji had come to a stop
Time to do the job, catch the Kiwis on the hop

But alas it was not to be
How down are we?

There goes the So Kon Po trophy, when will another come our way?
There goes our Public Holiday

So Kon Po
No No No

Isnt it amazing how we do this everytime
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten yr old boy bashed by father

A Ten yr old boy is bashed, kicked and assaulted with a stick with injuries to his head.

He spends three weeks in bed and is only taken to hospital because he is close to death.

No, he has not fallen victim to a violent robbery, he was not mugged .

He was assaulted by his father.


The boy missed schooll for three weeks. Not three days, three whole weeks.

What were the teachers doing? They have a responsibility to follow up on the welfare of the kids.

Especially vulnerable kids like the poor boy in question here. Family members now claims that the helpless mother has been the victim of violence for the last 10 years. The teachers should have tried to do more.

And what of the family? Now that the boy is near death, they are offering anonymous quips to the media about the mother being beaten over the last 10 years.

Why didn't they doing anything about that before?

And the Police intend to speak to the boys father sometime soon! What a joke. Lock him up and throw away the key.

The poor mother was too frightened to intervene and is now too frightened to say anything.

Please do her and her other two kids a favor and lock this thug up.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : Daylight Savings

Another Friday sees another grog session. The boys are all here. Ready for another "sitting". Taki

Jaswant: Hey guys, set sa ga the decision top start school at 9 aye

Jone: Yeah man, Rupeni (Jones son) is happy

Jaswant : And my tavale, faller teacher in one school. Hes even happier


Joe : The kids will lose an hour of schooling though, wont they?

Jaswant : No, the teachers will have to work harder.

Joe : Yeah, but how can that be?

Jone : True man, how can that be?

Jaswant :Se, dont worry man, its gonna be alright.

Jone : Im sure your tavale and al his friends must be happy aye

Jaswant : No doubt man, even thogh they have to stary at 8 like before, but now one more hour to grog!

Joe : Thats what Im afraid of. How about half day on Saturday to make up time

Jone " Hmmmm, not a bad idea. But what about SDA's?

Jaswant : Lets just go back to normal time man. True.

Joe: For the first time, I actually agree with you.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Poets Society : Its Vegas Baby

Welcome to Las Vegas, city of bright lights and fast cars
Did it prove too much of a distraction for our 7's stars

We won at Wellington
Boy wasnt that a lot of fun

We had high hopes for that desert city in Nevada
But wasnt good enough, we should have played harder

USA has a large Fijian population
Our boys receive a lot of attention

Remember what happened in Ireland
Sometimes we can go ove the bend

So Vegas came and went
Our championship hopes suffered a major dent

Now now this is only speculation
Just a few thoughts in our address to the nation

The boys did well overall
Its is funny game with the oval ball

You cant win them all
Sometimes you have to go with the punches and roll

Isnt is funny how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme

Free Poets Society and Sports Desk


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gold Mining in Wainibuka a real Possibility

Not all that glitters is gold.


Only fools rush in.


The above two cliches came to mind as the Loyal Fijain read about the "announcement" that gold had been "discovered" in one of the most beautiful places in Fiji, Wainibuka.


And so Loyal Fijian treated the news that the elders of Nailega district in Wainibuka are meeting to oversee exploration work on their land with some apprehension and trepidation.


While on one hand, the people of Wainibuka are entitled to use their resources for the betterment of their people, past experience with mining companies in Fiji shows that there is much to be wary of.


 Gold mining is a high risk industry. The impact on the unspoilt Wainibuka environment , will be tremendous.


5000 acres is a lot of land. And its not only the land whether the excavation and drilling tales place that will be affected.


The crystal clear river will run brown and inevitably traces of poisonous chemicals used in the mining process will make its way into the river.


Loyal Fijian supports the people in their desire to use what they have to life their quality of life.Here at Loyal Fijian HQ, we are not tree hugging environmentalists who enjoy all the comfort and luxury of air conditioning, three cars in the garage, overseas travel etc and expect others not to exploit their natural resources to get some of what we take for granted.


But still, Wainibuka will never be the same.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Digicel Lays of 55 staff

Well, well,  well. If it is too good to be true, it probably is!


Loyal Fijian previously wrote about Digicel's huge advertising campaign in Fiji and their claims of targeting Fiji as a major market for them. One could not help but wonder how Digicel was going to recover the money they were throwing around to compete with a global giant like Vodafone which was well established in Fiji and why?


Why Fiji?


We all know that the Fijian mobile phone market is not going to turn over billions in profits for any Telco. Then why spend so much money in trying to wrest control of the Fiji mobile phone market? Was it feasible? Or was there something more to it?


The profit margin on the operations in the first five years was always going to be very low. Digicel had to lure customers away from its primary competitor, Vodafone, and the only way to do that was offer very very cheap prepaid packages.


For the Fijian consumer, that's great! Just about every household with mobile coverage has a mobile phone now. And that's fantastic.


But businesses must make money or shareholders are very unhappy!


And so when the news came that Digicel's new CEO Matt Davey, who took over from John Delves, had initiated a review of operations which has seen the sacking of 55 staff, it was hardly surprising.


The gamble is not working. 55 sacked staff for a set up like Digicel is very high. And what now for Digicel?


Will they continue their high visibility marketing campaign and their low cost pre-paid phone sales strategy?


As most will know, Telco's don't make money from selling phones. Nope. Phones are literally free, the money is made by selling recharge cards and that depends on people making regular use of their phones.


But judging by the number of people who have old mobile phones lying around which they don't use, this gamble doesn't seem to be working. In Fiji, one phone is enough for a family.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : Its Tactics, not Testi****!

It's a "Review Session", the boys are still pumped after Fiji's win in Wellington. Big win saraga as Jaswant says.


Jaswant: Va cava Go Fiji Go!!Woo Woo!!


Jone : Seti, where's India ? Why they never play rugby?


Jaswant: Whats India got to do with it? Im Fijian just like you!


Jone :Yeah right. If you say so.


Joe: It was a good win for the boys.


Jaswant: But bad for you aye. You gang lost in the semis hehehhe


Joe: You are mistaken about my nationality.


Jaswant: Where u from then huh ? Where?


Joe: I belong to the human race. I will go wherever I am needed.


Jaswant :WHAT? See Joe..Oqo sa rerevaki saraqa Kai. I told you this faller gonna be trouble.


Jone: Se Relax Jas. Boy that Kolinisau good player aye. But why they never play Ryder in starting line up?


Jaswant: Hes impact player, its all testicles man!


(Joe and Jone laugh)


Joe: You mean tactics.


Jaswant: Yeah yeah, kuni va fancy otherwise use gang gonna……..


Jone : (Interrupting) Se, gunu mada.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Poets Society : Good ol Pajero

Loyal Fijian has been doing some thinking

Based on this thinking, Ive done some inking


My inking involves taking some facts and doing some linking

Add some humour  and a Free Poets Society poem comes up springing


To this mix, add some satire and start stirring

But be careful of the heat or it will start burning


Topic for this one is Pajeros

Big as beasts and fast like arrows


We all want one

It must be a lot of fun


Be it a prince or a pauper, a worker or a manager

Everyone wants a Pajero, not the Hilux, not the Ranger


Ohhh we love them so much

Start the engine, release the handrake and take the foot off the clutch


Is it a status symbol

Makes you feel all powerful and cause a ripple


Its not nice to give and take it back

Let him keep it, after all he's up there doing nothing but yak yak yak


Isnt it funny how we do this everytime

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme


Free Poets Society

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant : Is it really Necessary?

Another week, another grog session. The three friends are again gathered on Jone's verandah. It is drizzling, but that won't bother the three friends. Its Taki time.


Jone : Drizzling, but no heavy rain


Jaswant :  Yeah, Sun and Rain,  must be a mangoose wedding somewhere (Children in Fiji playfully refer to drizzle when sun is out as a a sign that some magoose is getting married somewhere. Why? No Idea!)


Joe : Mangoose wedding? Whats that?


Jaswant : Don't worry brother! Just Taki, thats your job !


Joe : Ill Taki Joe. So whats been going on?


Jaswant : Just the usual maan. Things just cruising along.


Joe : Not for some. Paidar for Rabuka after they took his Pajero. (Paidar is Fijian slang for walking)


Jaswant : Yeah, because they cancel his pension or something.


Joe : Yeah, his Pajero was part of his package.


Jaswant : Yeah, well, bad for him but, maybe the Pajero can go to a hospital or the Police aye. Better for people.


Joe : Se, you really think the Pajero will go to the hospital . Seti seti… just see who gonna use it.


Jaswant: But , can Fijian afford a taxpayer funded Pajero for ex-politicans ?


Joe: That's not the point mate! It doesn't look good and its an unnecessary distraction and bad publicity for the government.


Jone: Yeah, make them look bad.


Jaswant: But the Gov…


Joe: No ifs and buts. Is it really necessary? There has been a lot of good PR recently, was this really needed right now? Its counter-productive.
Jaswant: Why you alwayas use big words aye?
Joe: Here we go again. Taki!


Silence. Then , the loud crack of a thunder strike fills the air. Looks like it is going to rain after all. Not that the three friends are bothered. They just pull the mat away from the rain and carry on the grog session. Taki.


Friday, January 22, 2010

China Milk Scandal duplicated in Fiji?

The breaking news on the Fiji Milk scandal has startling similarities with the Chinese Milk crisis of 2008.

The Fiji Health Ministry's Food Unit has announced that between 10,000 and 20,000 "full cream" powdered milk packets are being removed from supermarket shelves after an investigation found that these products could contain milk replacers commonly used in animal feed into food labels .

The products under suspicion are marketed under the brand names Rainbow Instant Full Cream Powder milk and Sunrise Instant Full Cream Milk Powder. Even more disturbing is the revelation that these two brands may have been deliberately engaged in false Labelle ling to deceive Fijian consumers.
According to the head of the Health Department, Jope Tamani , "The product retailed as instant full cream milk powder failed to state that it is in fact instant full cream milk replacer which is what the product really is. There has been something added in the actual product. In most countries, milk replacers are used for animal feed."
The Milk scandal in China in 2008 also involved the use of milk replaces such as Melamine in milk products as it can be used to boost the volume of the product and is cheaper for manufacturers to source and market.

If the allegations are proven, the distributors of the product in Fiji should be properly investigated as the practice not only misleading, can also be harmful to the health of babies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conversations of Jone , Joe and Jaswant : The Swinging Panda's!

Beautiful evening in Suva as the three friends are relaxing on Jone's front porch. Joe thinks its hot, Jaswant thinks its OK and Jone says its just right. (No one's right or wrong, It's a matter of perspective!)


Jone:  So NZ want to be our friend again aye?


Jaswant: Yeah man, see they come back to us didn't they?


Jone : Seems like it. After all that talk , they want us to be like before. What happened to all that talk about suspension and bans, se cava?


Jaswant : Se Jone, that's politics man! You say one thing, you do another thing and then you claim yet another. Brother, relax.


Jone: Yeah I know.  Looks like NZ realised things were not so bad after all.


Joe : Actually they realised that disengagement is not the way to go. With China and India building their presence in the South Pacific, its too big a risk.


Jaswant: Why you always talk high level like that huh?You think we don't about that stuff? I know that China want Fiji's uranium!


Jone : Seti Jas, no uranium in Fiji. Don't mind him Joe, something about Kaivalagi people and Kaidia people that is always there.


Joe (laughs) No worries Jas. I actually think China wants to keep Taiwan out of Fiji, but you already know about that right?

Jaswant : Yeah man. Those Taiwan gang want our tuna! And be careful of those Indonesian gang, they want our oil reserve, Only the Indians want to help us.


Joe and Jone laugh.


Joe : So its all going back to normal aye


Jaswant : See I told you. What did George Speight say huh? They just gonna talk big for a while and then "they'll be back in bed with us soon". That George faller always thinking about the bed aye?


 Loud laughter.


Joe : Looks like the pendulum has started to swing back, isn't it?


Jaswant " Yeah yeah, we know all about swinging panda's man. They from Africa. No need to va fancy.
Joe : Taki!
Jaswant : You taki M@**&^ T^&%%^ .

Monday, January 18, 2010

Citizens Constitutional Forum Release – Criticism or backhanded compliment?


The Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) issued a Press Release today in which the Forum asked for the Interim Government to preserve the judiciary's independence . The CCF acknowledged that the Judiciary continued to function following the 5 December 2006 coup as evidenced by the major cases such as the "Qarase v Bainimarama case in 2008 and the appeals case in April 2009, plus the sentencing of the army and police officers responsible for the deaths of Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga, reassured people that Fiji's courts had remained independent after the 2006 political upheaval".


The CCF has taken exception to the "reported sacking of three magistrates and the termination of employment of at least three prosecution lawyers by the newly appointed Acting Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr Aca Rayawa"


The CCF is entitled to its views and entitled to express it views and the Loyal Fijian has always acknowledged that. Loyal Fijian is also committed to a free and fair judiciary.


While on the face of it the "sackings", as described by the CCF are portrayed as arbitrary, Loyal Fijain urges all readers to have all the facts before jumping to conclusions.


It is in this regard that the IG needs to step up its game and ensure that it provides sufficient information to the people so that bits and prices are not taken out of context or even deliberately misinterpreted.


While it is possible to react angrily to the CCF press release, this would be an over-reaction. The Release is more of a backhanded compliment in that it acknowledges that the judiciary operated as it should when former PM Qarase was given his day in court. And that's the way it should stay, I think we all agree with that,


In the interest of fairness and impartiality , the full CCF Press Release is reproduced below:





18 January 2010



Media Release


Government needs to create enabling environment for independent judiciary


The Interim Government needs to take immediate steps to create an enabling environment for an independent judiciary in Fiji, so that confidence in the judiciary can be restored, says the Citizens' Constitutional Forum (CCF)


"In the aftermath of the 5 December 2006 coup, the people of Fiji remained confident of the independence of our judiciary. This was evident in the range of Constitutional and legal redress cases filed for judicial review, "CCF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rev Akuila Yabaki said. "The Qarase v Bainimarama case in 2008 and the appeals case in April 2009, plus the sentencing of the army and police officers responsible for the deaths of Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga, reassured people that Fiji's courts had remained independent after the 2006 political upheaval".


The reported sacking of three magistrates and the termination of employment of at least three prosecution lawyers by the newly appointed Acting Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr Aca Rayawa, has renewed fears that the Interim Government maybe intimidating judicial and legal officers.


"The judiciary needs to be seen to be independent. If magistrates get sacked soon after making a decision against the government, then one may assume that this government will not tolerate a judgment that does not go in its favour," Rev Yabaki said. "Fear of losing jobs could intimidate judicial officers and law enforcement agencies into being less impartial and to be more favourable towards the government."


An independent judiciary is essential for the preservation of the rule of law in a country, as well as for safeguarding good governance principles, human rights and moral values. The lack of an independent judiciary means that people in Fiji will not be able to fully enjoy the basic human rights of the Right to Fair Public Hearing; and the Right to be Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty.

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Rev Akuila Yabaki

Chief Executive Officer