Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conversations of Jone, Joe and Jaswant: Ocean's 14

An extraordinary session, its not Friday but the boys have all gathered at Jone's place for a session. Something big must have happened.

Jaswant: Wooo, this must be the biggest fiesta in Fiji history

Joe : Fiesta? What do you mean Jas?

Jone: He means fracas Joe, just give him some slack, you know (and winks)

Jaswant: See, you gang gonna side me again, then Im going

Joe : Set Set man, relax

Jaswant : This thing biiiig man, you know like the movies, Ocean 11,12 and 13

Jone : Yeah man, just imagine those gang, how they must be counting the money. But how is it possible

Jaswant : Arree man, somebody plan this thing really good, you know, they go to Village 6 and that

Jone : You mean like professional job

Jaswant: What else

Jone: Yeah man, maybe overseas people too aye.....hey...(and then quiet)

Jone signals for the others to come closer. Why? Theres no one else there. Its just second nature, a product of lives lived keeping secrets from neighbours

Jone: Plenty ex-British Army gang around


Jaswant: Think you have hit your head on your nail

Joe : What? Never mind

Joe : Think you guys are right and not so right

Jone and Jaswant : What? Kuni va fancy Ok!

Joe :Relax. I reckon its an inside job

Jaswant: You mean......

Joe :Yes, inside, inside....but all new notes are numbered sequentially and the Reserve Bank knows the sequence, so they can just cancel that particular sequence and if somebody tries to use it, they can be identified!

Jone and Jaswant: 1 million, arre baap re!


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Anonymous said...

Dearest Loyal Fijian,

I must say I look forward to reading the anecdotes of these three individuals. Im a BIG FAN! It reminded me of home and our unique sense of humour. :)

Thank you for your skits. Fantastic!


Better than watching the Laughing Samoans! lolz