Monday, August 30, 2010

Conversations of Joe, Joe and Jaswant : Nationalisation boy

Been a while since the boy got together. "Very busy man, says Jaswant, "No time saraga".


Jone: No time, what you mean?? You just stay home and sleep. I asked your tavale and he said you at home every Friday.


Jaswant: Yeah, OK, but the fuel man, thing very expensive to come….you know.


Jone : (Laughs) Oiko sa &*@#%#@#


Joe : (Laughs) So Rupert Murdoch has been kicked out aye. Natoinalisation of the media, what next? Nationalisation of industry?


Jone: What you mean? You talking about FijI Times closing down?


Jaswant: Seti Jone, not closing down, selling off


Jone: Yeah Yeah, I know man, but what is all mean?


Jaswant: Se, don't worry Jone, same thing ga man. Same people gonna woprk there and same thing, no difference, you see. This faller only use big words to make us feel like locals


Jone: We are locals! Well, I am


Jaswant: See here Jone, you always side me aye


Jone (Laughs) Just joking man, you local of your area, that's what I meant………..New Delhi


Jone and Jope laugh


Jaswant: Murdoch or not, thing OK with me


Jone : But, it means we don't get fair news


Jaswant : Why not? Only change in ownership


Joe: Yeah, that is true, But it means that Government has decided what people read, or to be more precise they have decided they don't like what Fiji Times had to say and therefore hobbled them. That's censorship.


Jaswant : That Murdoch faller meddling his nose in our business because Wendy Dang wants Fiji to become colony of China


Jone: What?


Jaswant : What you say now smart alec? Huh Huh?  


Joe : Taki


Jaswant: You Taki, M@@$#$% T*&&*

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