Monday, July 27, 2009

Rev Yabakis's Brisbane Speech : Breaking the Coup Cylce

Reverend Akuila Yabaki delivered a speech at the University of Queensland on Monday 20th july titled "Breaking the Cylce of Coups".
As part of Loyal Fijian Charter, we are committed to publishing comments from all sides of politics and civil society that are constructive and try to move us forward.
Here are 10 recommendations that Rev Yabaki suggested could break the coup cycle:

1)     remove the economic and social conditions that lead to coups.

2)     Require all holders of public offices, including the military, to take an oath agreeing not to participate in coups. (like this one hehehhehe)

3)     Strengthen penalties and operation of criminal law in relation to offences related to coups.

4)     Amending the Constitution to say that no coup can abrogate the Constitution.

5)     Prohibiting participants in coups from holding public office in future.

6)     Greater effort should be geared towards addressing the situation of the rural and urban poor in order to avoid social alienation and political manipulation.

7)     Encouraging Indo-Fijian and Indigenous Fijian mutual partnerships in development, commerce and investments.

8)     Any conviction of treason is to be subject to automatic life sentence.

9)     Every politician who enters parliament must, as part of their oath of loyalty to the state, make a commitment not to participate in any future coups. (even better, looks like Rev Yabaki was struggling to get to 10)

10) Participation in a coup to lead to immediate vacation of a public or chiefly office and forfeiture of all property owned by the individual.
Make sense to you? Take it on board!
Dont agree with it? Well, just agree to disagree!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Loyal Fijian salutes Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human being since the dawn of time to set foot on another "planet" (For all you kids,( especially journalists and public servants), The moon is now recognised as not actually a planet in the strict sense of the word).
Man and woman had conquered the final frontier.
Since the dawn of time, man (and woman) had looked up the the night sky, seen the moon and the stars and wondered.
July 20 1969 must rank as one of human kinds finest days.
What we can achieve if we put our minds to it and of course if the Government has a spare 20 billion in today's money it always helps.
What an achievement as Neil Armstrong and  Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
The moon landing was significant in more ways than one. The Americans had beaten the Russians and a large part of the aura that surrounds American power and prestige today can be traced back to their historic achievements of July 1969.
They had done what no one else could. The had taken on what only a year prior, had seemed impossible. And they won. Americans have reaped the dividends of this achievement for decades, not only in research and development, but the pride that comes with being a citizen of a nation that can achieve the impossible.
Where are you from? America, the land of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
And rightfully so too. Good on you.
There is another side to this story however. And it would not be a Loyal Fijian article if we did not give you all sides of this story.
You see after WW2, The Americans and the Russians were amazed at the advances in rocket technology that the Nazis had been able to achieve. So began a mad scramble for blueprints and scientists.
When the Korean War broke out, the Americans unveiled their first jet engine aircraft modelled entirely on Nazi blueprints of the Messerschmit, the first jet fighter, expecting total dominance . Amercian pilots returning to base however, claimed that they were being attacked by their own aircrafts. It soon became clear that the Russians had also got their hands on the same blue prints and developed their own version of the jet fighter , identical in appearance to the Americans.
The Americans brought to America Nazi scientists who had worked on the V2 rocket program and set them to work on developing American rocket programs. Yes, made in America but with lots of Nazi brain power.
There are also naysayers. The narrow minded among us will say that we need to spend the money here on Earth. If it was not for the Apollo missions we wouldnt have had the advances in aircraft construction technology, wireless transmission, and countless other spin offs to come from the space program.
There are those who fear the loss of their power, their explanation, their ideology on what lies above may come under question as people dare to think and question.
There can be no denying.
What an achievement,
Loyal Fijian pays tribute to men and women, American and Russian who dreamed to make the impossible possible.
(Spare a thought for Michael Collins who got so close but had to stay in the space craft that orbited above. Boy, talk about almost but not quite.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freemasons and Murder of Erasito in Levuka. "Dopey Locals" says Cult members

Freemasonry is back in the news.

Yesterday Police raided a Freemasons secret gathering on Denarau Island and arrested 14 people who spent a night in a Fiji prison cell . The Police were alerted by frightened residents suspecting sorcery.

It is understood locals contacted police after becoming concerned about the group's unusual equipment, which is believed to have included a sword, mace and Bible.

A New Zealand man, who was also among the group, blamed "dopey village people" for the raid on Tuesday.

Freemasonry extends its tentacles through all levels of society and freemasons have managed to infiltrate into the highest levels of commerce, public service and politics.

In Levuka, where the Freemasons had their headquarters, the mysterious death of Mr Erasito has never been explained or the perpetrators brought to justice. Erasito was found completely naked behind Levuka Public Scholl with puncture wounds to his body, after a gathering of prominent Freemasons from across Fiji and overseas.

The Police files have also disappeared as this correspondent(s) found out when he/she/they travelled to Levuka to attempt to unravel the mystery.

After the 2000 coups, residents of Levuka burnt down the Masonic Lodge as villagers believed human blood sacrifices had taken place there.

The Masonic Lodge in Suva is located opposite the Dolphin's Eatery and distinguished by the Compass on the front side of the building.
It should be noted the freemasomnry has been banned from public life in Britian where it started as numerous cases of corruption and nepotism piled up against members who were looking after their own.
In Fiji, Freemasonry is alive and well. And locals who are fearful of their practices are described as "dopey locals".
What were they doing with a Bible when they claim not to be affiliatesd to any religion?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Power of the March – Iran and Fiji

We have just witnessed massive demonstrations in Iran following what the opponents of re-elected Mahmoudneijad claimed were rigged elections.


Spontaneous demonstrations largely in the form of marches through Iranian cities, not seen since the Islamic revolution that swept the Shah from power, broke out across Iran.


This went on for a number of weeks and have now seemed to have run out of puff.


The demonstrators failed in their objective of getting a recount after the parallel power centre and the body where the real power lies, the Islamic Guardian Council refused to budge and supported their candidate, Ahmedenijad.


In this instance the demonstrators failed to achieve critical mass and their demonstrations failed to kick off a wider anti-establishment movement. There are a number of reasons for this, reasons which Loyal Fijian will discuss in later posts.


For now, let's move our attention to the other proposed march, the Methodists march.


For years the Methodist Church has been marching through the streets of Fiji's major cities in their annual get together/fundraising drive.


This year the permits were refused.


Seems like somebody has been taking lessons from history. Marches can be and have been used as springboards for civil disobedience campaigns.


Once the critical mass is reached it is hard to stop. Just ask Mrs. Marcos.


It is best to stop this tide from becoming a tidal wave and nip it in the bud. That's what's happened here.


Loyal Fijian is not suggesting the Methodist Church was planning to use its fundraising week to engage in a civil disobedience campaign.


But the threat of these marches being infiltrated by anti-IG forces who can use the people as cover for their plans seems to be a cause of concern.


History repeats itself


The wise learn from it.


The coups of 1987 started with marches . The coup of 2000 started with a march in Lautoka with no more than 100 people.


The fools allow it to repeat. Just ask Fiji's version of Mr.Marcos.
History Desk.