Monday, July 13, 2009

Power of the March – Iran and Fiji

We have just witnessed massive demonstrations in Iran following what the opponents of re-elected Mahmoudneijad claimed were rigged elections.


Spontaneous demonstrations largely in the form of marches through Iranian cities, not seen since the Islamic revolution that swept the Shah from power, broke out across Iran.


This went on for a number of weeks and have now seemed to have run out of puff.


The demonstrators failed in their objective of getting a recount after the parallel power centre and the body where the real power lies, the Islamic Guardian Council refused to budge and supported their candidate, Ahmedenijad.


In this instance the demonstrators failed to achieve critical mass and their demonstrations failed to kick off a wider anti-establishment movement. There are a number of reasons for this, reasons which Loyal Fijian will discuss in later posts.


For now, let's move our attention to the other proposed march, the Methodists march.


For years the Methodist Church has been marching through the streets of Fiji's major cities in their annual get together/fundraising drive.


This year the permits were refused.


Seems like somebody has been taking lessons from history. Marches can be and have been used as springboards for civil disobedience campaigns.


Once the critical mass is reached it is hard to stop. Just ask Mrs. Marcos.


It is best to stop this tide from becoming a tidal wave and nip it in the bud. That's what's happened here.


Loyal Fijian is not suggesting the Methodist Church was planning to use its fundraising week to engage in a civil disobedience campaign.


But the threat of these marches being infiltrated by anti-IG forces who can use the people as cover for their plans seems to be a cause of concern.


History repeats itself


The wise learn from it.


The coups of 1987 started with marches . The coup of 2000 started with a march in Lautoka with no more than 100 people.


The fools allow it to repeat. Just ask Fiji's version of Mr.Marcos.
History Desk.

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