Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Poets Society : Right Royal Mess

Oh Boy, its all getting a bit sad and very tiring

No ones hiring and everyone's firing


They call it the Global Financial Crisis

Call it what it is, it's a right royal mess up, that's what the Loyal Fijian sees


The Over 55's have been sent home, go home and have a rest

Nothing wrong with that, they were past their best


Old timers are not happy, they are crying and screaming

Get over it, you must be dreaming


Reserve Bank says our foreign reserves are low

Yeah right, tell us something we didn't know


Thank God for our boys in the British Army

Thanks to their remittances, things are a little balmy


Thank you to all of you emigrating and leaving our shore

We are sad to see you go, but can you take some more?


We are in a bit of strife here

We are in a ship that no one knows how to steer


We wonder what is going on, is somebody gazing in a crystal ball?

Is somebody being deliberately led to a fall?


There are those who came to office on the backs of others, they picked the winning side

They have a genuine fear, without the guns behind them , they will need a place to hide


Are these people out of self interest having too much say

Loyal Fijian leaves it to the people to say yay or nay
Isnt it amazing how we do this every time
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme
Free Poets Society
No slander
No incitement
No violence
Just FUN and FACTS

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