Monday, June 22, 2009

Conversations of Jone. Joe and Jaswant : March or Fundraising?

Another Friday evening, and another grog party. In fact, its been while since they've had one. Joe has been unwell and off the grog. Strangely, the moths that were everpresent around the lanterns, are not around tonight. Really strange that, beyond comprehension! Oh wait a minutes.......the mosquito coils burning!


 Jone : Man, after long time, no march for me. Ive been a life long marcher and donor to the Church.


Jaswant : That's good man, because you give, you will get.


Jone : True, bro, I tell you guys, 3 years ago, our talatala said we have to collect half million.


Jaswant : Mate na  $@%^. Half million.


Jone : Yeah, that's nothing man. He said everybody must give.


Jaswant : And?


Joe : And is an adjective, you normally don't use an adjective by itself.


Jaswant : Don't mess with us man, this our style of speaking!


Joe laughs.


Joe : Anyway, some families didn't have much to give and they feel madua.


Jaswant: Of course man, that's bad man.


Joe : So, they take loans, sell their valuables and even put off paying their kids school fees


Jaswant : We never do that in the mandir. We just take the coins and put it in there.
Jone : Don t even start about the mandir man.


Joe : It's a deliberate tactic.


Jaswant/Joe together : What is?


Joe : The fundraising where they announce who collected what. So that people feel embarrassed and feel pressured to give more money/


Jone : But its for the church man. You Kaivalagis are now atheists that's shy you have drugs and what not/


Joe : Where does the money go?


Jone/Jaswant together; Where?


Joe : To human beings like you an me.How much of the money goes to paying salaries ? Have you ever wondered why they want to fundraise every year? They are angry because their salries are about to dry up!
Silence descends on the room.

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Marika said...

Spot on as always!