Thursday, June 28, 2007

SDL/Textor 2001/2006 Campaign Strategies

Loyal Fijian gives you an exclusive insight into the SDL strategies for the 2001 and 2006 elections.

The legacy of these strategies is a divided and fractured country with enormous distrust between communities.

It is a rare look into the way Marks Textor works. As you read the article, the reader will be left in no doubt that the strategies used by the SDL in 2001 and 2006 are straight from the Mark Textor book of WEDGE POLITICS.

Thats is divide the communities, create fear and prey on those fears.

History shows that it has been successful, not only in Fiji but elsewhere. But the question that needs to be asked: Is it worth dividing the country on racial lines for personal gain?


Textor tells his clients how far it can go before it alienates its key voters, those in marginal seats and others needed to keep the Government in power. He tells them how tough they can be. Most controversial policy moves are first researched by Textor.

Mark Textor is the notorious Canberra by-election push-pollster, the first known user in Australia of this invasive, anonymous and cowardly technique.

He learned the technique in the USA and perfected its use in the 1994 Northern Territory Election when voters were asked whether they knew that Labor planned to introduce two sets of laws, one for blacks and another for whites. ( Ring a bell, remember the SDL TV ads ?)

Wedge Politics

If this reminds you of the 2001 and 2006 elections , its no coincidence. Mr Textor has left his legacy of divisive, race based politics on our country.

Wedge-politics seeks to divide communities. Wedge strategies help political parties stay in power by seeking to highlight fears against the other.

If you are a wedge strategist, you must first gather enough research from such things as focus groups and polls, to find out which issues will divide a community or raise fears against one particular group, then you find out which voters will be swayed by highlighting those differences, and then you push-poll to ensure the fear and rumours proliferate throughout the community.

It is devastatingly simple and effective.

  • This is classic wedge-strategies: you pick up the emotional fears in the electorate, what's known as the voter-driver, and you use it to your advantage.

  • The aim is to drive a wedge between groups in the community for electoral gain. The leading pollsters tell you, emotions drive votes, not partisanship.

  • The more you can press emotional buttons, the more chance you have of winning. The comments used in these reports came out of focus groups of white Territorian voters, lines that have been picked up and used in election campaigns.

SDL's use of Mark Textor has left a legacy of divisive, race based politics on our country.(Editors comments)

Read the full article here.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


GCC lawyer Ratu Savenaca Komaisavai, who represents the Great Council of Chiefs in its court challenge against the interim administration is being investiagted for ASSAULT againt a taxi driver.
Rt Komaisavai allegedly followed a taxi driver to his base in Lami and without provocation punched him. The lawyer contradicted himself when he firts alleged that the taxi driver had abused him and then went to say that he was UPSET that the taxi base had not sent a taxi for him at his house in Solomoni St.
It appears now that the Police are investigating Mr Komaisavai has suddenly developed an urge to reconcile.
It will be interesting to watch if the GCC continue to keep in their employ a person charged with assault .

Fiji Lawyer criticises Fiji Law Socety Response

The following is a comment made by a well informed reader on the James Cameron issue:

Dr Cameron is a member of the FLS for the last 30 years. He is an extremely well respected law abiding lawyer. He was a magistrate in Fiji for a number of years. He is retired and has been undertaking pro bono work for the Legal Aid Commission since it was formed in 2002.

Cameron is over 70 years old for goodness sake....he is not about to want to go back into full time employment.Section 9 of the Immigration Act has a 14 day provision that Cameron has been using and which the Immigration dept has been approving him to enter and "work" on short term legal cases.

2 weeks ago Immigartion Director Naupote was on TV , when Cameron expressed in Court that he may be prevented from entering Fiji, that Cameron had nothing to worry about!!!.

What I find interesting is that the Fiji Law Society President is so wishy washy on his response to the media on Cameron...says much doesn't it


Aust criticises Cameron Deportation

From Oceania Correspondent

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it would be a concern if Australian lawyer Doctor John Cameron who was deported from Fiji yesterday, had been targeted for political reasons.

Didnt take them long did it? This is exactly the point made on Loyal Fijian yesterday.

If James Cameron was working illegally , he SHOULD be deported. No doubt about that, and the same goes for the many other illegals who are in Fiji at the moment.

But at the moment, the Government and media of countries like Aust and NZ are searching for ways to knock the IG on its head.

Why make a stick for your own back? Why give your detractors (and they are many of them) a story that their sympathisers in the media will have a field day with?

The Australian Foreign official said the Australian government has repeatedly expressed its concern at the Fiji military's effort to compromise the impartially of the legal system and government institutions.

The deportation of a person illegally working in Fiji will now be made out into some sort of political agenda or witchunt when it could have been AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN handled as a purely administrative issue.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

James Cameron, from Law Breaker to "Political" Victim

James Cameron, the Australian lawyer was deported Tuesday (26 June 2007) morning for working in Fiji without a proper work permit.

What should have been a straight-forward procedural issue , the deportation of a law breaker, will now be portrayed as "political".

It appears that James Cameron was due to appear in the High Court the same afternoon to represent Angie Heffernan in her case against the authorities for restricting her movements.

Lets just break it down a little bit shall we:

1. If Person X arrives in Fiji on a visitor visa and then proceeds to work without a legal work visa, that person is breaking our laws.

No doubt about that. James Cameron as a lawyer should have known better.

Get a work permit, work to your hearts content, pay your taxes, ITS ALL GOOD.

2. James Cameron has been in Fiji on numerous occassions in the past few months. He has represented other clients in that period.

Inevitably the question will arise, WHY DEPORT HIM NOW?

Now, this case will be played out in the media, local and international for days to come.

No Fijian wants people from overseas working here without a permit, breaking our immigration laws. But very poor timing will now make this guy look like some sort of victim, instead of the violator of our laws that he was.

And one more things, there are people out there posting instructions on how to make BOMBS and attack tourists.Numerous Fiji Islanders have been named as "POTENTIAL SLAYING TARGETS".

Go after the real HATERS and INCITERS, lets let people like Angie get on with their lives. Not only does it play our poorly in the media, it detracts from the REAL culprits.


Monday, June 25, 2007

CRW soldier reveals Explosive new Details:Takaivekata wanted Deputy PM

Mr Inoke Takaivekata walked free today after being released by the Fiji Court of Appeal. Whether Rt Takaivekata is guilty or not is for the courts to decide.

But lets look at a few facts as to how we got here. And what better place to start than the protege of Rt Inoke Takaivekata, the mutineer and deserter Filipo Tarakinikini.

The following is an eyewitness account of a CRW soldier who was in the Parliament complex and the in the mutiny.

It was sent to me by a family member of the CRW soldier who is now convinced they were used by the likes of Filipo Tarakinikini and Rt Inoke Takaivekata.

You will read that Rt Inoke Takaivekata who was released today was believed to be coverting an appointment as Deputy PM in a Government headed by Isikia Savua.


Lt. Col Filipo Tarakinikini always encouraged the soldiers who had joined the terrorists and occupied the Parliamentary Complex where the elected government was held hostage for 56 days.

"The military under Filipo Tarakinikini had supported the terrorists' actions and had provided food and weapons to the terrorists.Lieutenant Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini, met them at the parliamentary complex on several occasions during the hostage crisis to express their support".

Tarakinikini has now been employed by the United Nations in its Peacekeeping Department. His appointment follows a letter by regime's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to the UN Secretary General saying that Tarakinikini was cleared of the charges against him.

It was later revealed that Qarase had lied to the UN.Other affidavits of the rebel soldiers reveal that the military had ordered soldiers to hide arms and ammunitions in the jungles of Nabukavesi, Namosi and Balenabelo.

The terrorists claimed some support in these areas. They also stated that food was supplied to the soldiers on the Parliamentary Complex from the military, and that the parliament `guard duties' were organised by the military.

The revelations confirm earlier reports that a section of the military, led by Filipo Tarakinikini, Ulaiasi Vatu and Etuweni Caucau, amongst others, were working for the terrorists from within the military.

Initially the plan was for Tarakinikini to be made the Commissioner of Police; Vatu the Military Commander, Police Chief Isikia Savua the Prime Minister,Rt Inoke Takaivkata the Deputy PM and former PM Sitiveni Rabuka the President.

The military has still not been able to rid itself of officers who have violated their oaths of allegiance to uphold law and order in Fiji.

In affidavits sworn to support their case for their release, they stated that the military had supported the terrorists' actions and had provided food and weapons to the terrorists.


THE HATE keeps flowing

The HATE/INCITMENT just keeps on coming.

Open calls for SALYINGS, for terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.

Shocking HATRED and inciteful comments from those who are living overseas with nothing to lose.

An important development as one of the HATE BLOGS (Hyde n Ceek) has come out and condemned thecall for attacks on tourists made on the WFC site. It appears there is a division in the ranks of the HATERS.

Important warning to readers. HATE blogs such as WFC and Hyde n Ceek are using tracking code to track people who visit their sites. Individuls such as Arvin Dutt,Shaista Shameem etc have been named on their sites from data collected by tracking code.

Here is a sample of comments in the recent past.

    Mahen’s strong statements against the tourist operators at the recent Fiji Accounting Congress and Fiji Tourism Congress only confirm what most people already know i.e that Mahen hates the tourist industry to bits
    Mahen Choddo is a happy man. His silent wish to totally destroy the tourism industry is happening at a faster rate than he could ever imagine, thanks to his coup coup nutty puppet Frank Bainimarama.
    He wants to kill the tourism industry that employs mostly indigenous Fijians in lieu of the ailing sugar industry that is controlled by his voters.
    Target their businesses. If you are for millitary action, the best friend of the poorly armed militant is mobility and a molotov cocktail.


    Lai and John get it On


    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Are Expatriates Worth The Trouble?

    As Fiji Islanders, we are by nature very respectful of the 'professionals and consultants" who regularly arrive in our country.

    But unfortunately, not every one who comes here comes with good intentions. We have had very bad experiences with those who arrive to exploit and take advantage our young and defenceless children.

    Take the case of Dr Michael James Heads who was charged with possessing pornographic images of Fijian girls as young as 12 and 13 years old in April 2006 .

    Read the Pacific Magazine article by Ricardo Morris here.

    This man, under the cover of an academic and taking advantage of our goodwill was compiling a pornographic collection of very young Fijian girls.

    We need to be more watchful of these visitors to our shores, not everyone comes here with good intentions.


    Sup Nasir Ali , get things going plse

    Reports that "The Fiji Police Force's accounts office was searched by officers from the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption ", played out quite prominently in the media last week.

    And guess what, nobody even bothered to tell the Acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca .

    Now all of us here at Loyal Fijian stand firmly against corruption and nepotism.

    As we all remember, Nasir Ali was chucked out of the Police Credit Union for alleged discrepancies before the Clean Up began.

    Now as Chief Investigator in FICAC he does seem to be pursuing certain individuals with a whole lot of vigour.

    Senior Police Officer Sada Nand found this out the hard way last week as he was about to board a flight out of Nadi International Airport.

    And to add to the confusion, Acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca said that police investigators are still waiting for Ali to give his statement to back his allegations.

    Sup Nasir Ali, please can we have some real investigating. Those 370 files on your desk that you keep telling us about might be a good place to start.

    The longer this goes on, the more people start suspecting that there is some "score-settling" going on.


    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Fiji HATE blogs take leaf out of Al-Qaeda

    Fiji HATE blog has been printing excerpts from a terrorist training manual advising its members how to organise, how to evade surveillance and encouraging them to acts of terror.

    It appears that the HATE blogs WFC and Hyde n Ceek have taken a leaf out of terror organisations like Al-Qaeda which have previously used the internet to post instructions to its followers.

    TV NZ and Michael Field (see previous blog) have already commented on how the HATE blogs are calling for attacks on tourists coming to Fiji and providing advice on how to make explosives and molotov cocktails.

    HATE messages appearing on the blog would not be out of place on barbaric-extremist websites which carry videos of innocents being maimed and killed and beheading of people like Ken Bigley.
    • Create cells within your units and seperate these cells from each other. Members of one cell should not know the members of other cells.

    • Choose your cell commander from within each cell. Their job is to take commands and organise the cell on operations

    • Designate call signs for operation briefings. If you need to have an operations briefing have codes done. These are advance codes that will tell you when you have to report for operations briefings
    • Alternatively you can use sites on the internet to set up codes for meetings.
    • Before you go to any meeting you must do countersurveillance. never go directly to a “hot” Meeting.
    After calling for the blood of Innocent tourists visiting our country, the HATE blogs have gone One step further in publishing detailed instructions on how this will be achieved.

    WARNING TO READERS: HATE blogs are using tracking code on their websites. If you go to these sites be sure to use anonymising software. Numerous people have been named on the site using information obtained through tracking code.


    Friday, June 22, 2007

    "Deprive FMF Soldiers of Food and Supplies.."say Fiji HATE blogs

    Those of you who have been following the independent news ( not the biased dribble coming out from some so-called journalists), you would have read that certain elements are now calling for terrorist action against tourists and tourism infrastructure.

    Yes, TV NZ and Michael Field ( who was deported recently) have both written scathing reports on certain HATE blogs which have called for violence against innocent tourists as a means of returning to power. Read it here.

    Michael Field reported yesterday that the HATE blogs have gone to the extent of providing instructions for making explosives which can be used against tourist buses and tourist themselves.

    Did the biased Fiji media report on these open incitement to terrorism. No.

    A note to Fiji One TV.

    Loyal Fijian is NOT PRO-MLITARY. This is a deliberate and planned attempt to try and malign our reporting.

    WE are PRO-TRUTH and will expose HATE-MONGERS.

    Fiji One and other news outlets described the HATE blogs which are now openly calling for violence against civilians as PRO-DEMOCRACY.

    Wait a minute. Since when is providing instructions on building bombs and attacking tourists pro-democracy.

    HATE blogs now openly spreading hatred, call for soldiers to be deprived of food and supplies, and calling for the "slaying" of Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi.

    The hatred spewing from this site is shocking. Inciting acts of violence against FMF and IG officials . MOST disturbing is the planned campaign against Fijis economic infrastructure.

    Some of the comments on these HATE BLOGS are re-produced here:

    Vayeshnoi Attracts More Potential Slayers
    June 21st, 2007

    Vayeshnoi, one of Mahen Chodo’s pet sucker has finally made his grand appearance since taking his illegal oath in the presence of the ailing and frailing puppet Pressie.

    Destabilise the Economy & Frank's Coup Clux Clan will FALL NATURALLY
    June 21st, 2007

    That is why the economy is key. The RFMF uses 1 million dollars in operational costs every week. Its budget is 80 million per year. That money comes out of the funds generated by the economy. Destabalise the economy and you destabalise the regime and its millitary.

    You make the soldiers run around and the regime has to overspend on its budget to try to maintain security. You will succeed in economically destroying the regime and removing it.

    June 19th, 2007

    The point is simple. Detstablise the country. Make it ungovernable. Every act of resistence you engage in makes its difficult for the regime to govern and stay in control.

    The government is economically unstable, so your objective should be to completely detsbalise that economic fulcrum because that is its weak point.

    WARNING TO READERS: HATE blogs are using tracking code on their websites. If you go to these sites be sure to use anonymising software. Numerous people have been named on the site using information obtained through tracking code.


    Fiji HATE blog publishes recipe for making bombs, calls for tourist attacks!!

    TV New Zealand is reporting that a Fijian HATE blog is calling for attacks on tourists to Fiji.

    A HATE blog known for its links to certain USP academics and anti-IG forces says driving tourists away would cut revenue flowing to the Bainimarama regime.

    The website suggests targets like tour buses and resorts. Read the full article here.

    The HATE blog says Fiji is already economically unstable and wiping out the country's main industry will be the final nail in the regime's coffin.

    The blog according to TV NZ and Michael Field (who was recently deported from Fiji) has published an appeal to Fijians to destabilise the country by striking at weak points.

    "Tourists are still coming to Fiji, think of how you can stop that," the site says.

    "What assets can you focus on within the tourist industry that will send the message back to their home countries that Fiji is not a safe destination at the moment? Tourist tour busses? Tourist bures?"

    Heres what Michael Field, yes, the same Mr Field had to say: A Fiji internet blog has called for attacks on tourists and has provided recipes for making Molotov cocktails and bombs.

    All Fiji Islanders must condemn this outrage. The HATE blogs are out of control and under the influence of anti-IG forces trying to destabilise the nation. Incitement to attack innocent people and providing bomb making instructions is akin to terrorism

    This is a very dark day for Fiji.

    Fiji must work with Kiwi authorities in hunting down these criminals who are inciting acts of violence against Kiwi nationals on our soil and charge them.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Who the hell is Salim Singh?

    A Wellington based Indon-Fijian businessman Salim Singh, who runs an immigration consultancy, says the expulsion of NZ Ambassador reflects the insecurities of a regime that does not have the universal support of the people of Fiji.

    Mr Singh says at least 60 percent of his company’s clients are from Fiji and the stream of people leaving shows the level of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs there.

    “I now propose that New Zealand should be instrumental in having an eminent persons group led by someone like former prime minister of New Zealand, Mr Bolger, to get people around the conference table and talk. Because it is very important that people should start talking before we lose sight of the reality and the real need for Fiji to return to parliamentary democracy.”News Content © Radio New Zealand International

    One question? WHO IS SALIM SINGH?

    And how about his line "I PROPOSE...." lol...Please who the hell is an immigration agent who nobody has heard of to "PROPOSE" anything.

    In case you missed it the first time, WHO IS SALIM SINGH?

    Can someone tell me? And has anyone in Fiji ever met anyone with a first name SALIM and surname SINGH. Me thinks, theres something fishy in this tale?

    And just a note to Radio NZ, please , we know you are searching for something to hit back with, but SALIM SINGH? You can do better than that. .

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    Mark Textor Revealed

    Documents obtained by Loyal Fijian news service reveals for the first time the thinking and strategies of the SDL leadership.

    It was confirmed by a reliable source within the anti-IG forces that, the SDL has seen an opportunity in the recent expulsion of Michael Green.

    Loyal Fijian had revealed in an earlier post that SDL has been lobbying foreign Governments particularly Aust because of its links through Mark Textor .

    But who is this Mark Textor?

    Mark Textor is a senior partner in CrosbyTextor , a very high powered, expensive and powerful political advisory and lobby group.

    Clients of CrosbyTextor include British Conservative Party and Aust PM John Howard.

    In an interview with the Australian Financial Review on 8 October 2004, Mr Textor described himself as the "mastermind behind Qarase's election success."

    This boastful rant has been captured by Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia, one of the most popular and widely used Internet sites has this to say "He was a key strategist for the victory of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase in Fiji and most recently was a key advisor to the Conservative Party in the 2005 UK General Election where he directed polling changes." ("

    So what is the personal pollster of John Howard and an advisor to the British Conservative Party's leader in the last election Michael Howard (no relation to John of Aust, unless you go back 217 years or more?), two of the most powerful men in Conservative politics , doing in Fiji?

    CrosbyTextor is not your run-of-the-mill political advisory service. No siireeeee. These guys are the elite.

    How did Qarase manage to acquire the services of Mark Textor? Its not like Mark Textor is sitting around waiting for Lai to call, is he?

    Nope, these guys have a lot on their plate as your research ino their website will show you.

    And one more thing, where did the money come from? Nai lavo, paisa , moolaah....Lai and his boys must have had lots and lots of money to engage CrosbyTextor. Unless........there were some other promises made?

    We cant pay you right now, but once we are in Governement we might cut a deal for your other clients???? How about a logging company eager to get its hands on the worlds largest mahogany reserves.

    After Loyal Fijian exposed Mark Textor, the Australian Finacial Review article where Mark Textor boasts of "masterminding Qarase's election campaign" has been removed from CrosbyTextor website. Also the wikipedia entry has been edited to remove the words "masterminded".

    Hmmmmmmmm....Loyal boy is ruffling some feathers................


    Monday, June 18, 2007

    Fiji TV runs Loyal Fijian exclusive

    Fiji One ran Loyal Fijians exclusive published on this blog (June 13 2007, see previous blog) revealing the existence of a shadowy group known as the Moto ni Vanua and their intentions to organise against the IG.

    Loyal Fijian produced the letter passed on to one of our corresponents. The letter clearly details the intentions of the Group to incite unrest and its resentment towards Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Fiji One claimed that the Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party has denied it has issued a directive to its supporters asking them to oppose the current interim government.

    Describing it as a propaganda against the Party, the S-D-L claims people are out there to discredit them.

    Fiji One did not reveal the contents saying the "contents cannot be publicized for legal reasons"

    Fiji One also clarified that the notice also carries the Party's official letter head.

    Loyal Fijian published the letter in the public interest. We are in possession of other documents which we will publish shortly.

    These disclsoures are the result of the hard work done by the Loyal Fijian. Loyal Fijian is not a member of any political organisation or pro-this or anti-that. We`report the Facts.

    One last note. Another blogger , Resist RFC ran a copy of my blog (June 15 2007) on Moto ni Vanua under the title "Moto ni Vanua - LOYALFIJIAN exposes the corruption!!! ". I appreciate the acknowledgement by ResistRFC of the hard work done by us in getting this to the people of Fiji.

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Monday Funnies

    Click Image to enlarge
    Leba Qarase misses her taxpayer funded perks and her hair!!

    Friday, June 15, 2007



    Loyal Fijian has a message for the Minister for the Minister for Foreign Affairs.


    The move to send the NZ Ambassador packing was the wrong one. In hindsight Im sure even the person who signed off on it will think so too.

    Sometimes the so-called advisors start to weild a bit too much influence and lead the blokes signing off on the orders down the proverbial garden path.

    NZ has been the only country to offer us a work visa program. Many of those who lost their livelihood when the Gold mine in Vatukouls closed down were able to find employement in NZ and feed their familiies.

    Our boys who could hardly make it into their school first XV are playing semi pro rugby over there.

    History is littered with examples of so-called advisors who have led their bosses down the proverbial garden path.

    Bubu Helen, sooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!Forgive us and lets kiss and make up.
    As for Mr Green, meddling in the sovereign affairs of a nation is never advisable. Send us another one, maybe Mr Blue or Black but not Green.

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Moto ni Vanua

    Click to enlarge

    As noted in our previous blog, we had notified the Fiji public that some documents allegedly originating from the Moto ni Vanua had been passed onto us.

    After careful deliberations we have decided to publish one of the documents. This is a letter carried by an operative to an undisclosed location seeking funds for the anti-IG campaign in Fiji. Due to ongoing operations, names have been blacked out by the people who obtained it!

    A number of factors were taken into account before deciding to publish the document:

    1. Qarase's announcement that he will return to Suva next week, this is something that was part of the strategy disclosed earlier

    2. Additionaly, an anti IG blog has been publishing very vocal and racist propaganda. They have been openly inciting unrest and calling for the overthrow of the IG.

    There are indicators that leaders of the Indo-Fijian community are going to be targeted, in particular one Mahendra Chaudhry.

    This is part of the strategy to turn the issue into a racial issue, Fijian vs Indo-Fijian and use the support of the chifs to bring people out onto the streets.

    Navakasusua revealed the plans to bomb Nadi Airport when Chaudhry was PM, what are they planning now?

    We are bringing this blog to the authorities attention before it is too late. This blog has recently issued a warning to its workers of certain documents going missing.

    The campaign is due to kick into full gear on June 29.

    (Some research has turned up a valuable lead. The Moto ni Vanua or Spear of the Nation seems to have taken its name from the African National Congress's armed wing , the Umkonto we Sizwe (or Spear of the Nation in Swahili).

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    SDL strategy leaked

    The SDL Party has announced what observers feel is a significant part of a grand strategy to overthrow what they believe is an illegal regime.

    The Party through its director Peceli Kinivuwai has announced that they "will be putting up a good fight" in assisting the Great Council of Chiefs court court case against the interim regime. The hearing has been tentatively scheduled for June 29.

    Lets face it, this hardly comes as a surprise to any Fijian. The whole country is waiting for the "opposition" to do something.

    With this announcement, the SDL strategy, until now kept under wraps, is now beginning to become clear.

    There are 3 main components of the SDL strategy. This is divided into Direct Action, Legal Action and Public Campaign through the media and internet .

    • Activate the Overseas Coordination Committee (O.C.C) under the Moto ni Vanua (Spear of the Nation). Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini and Isikia Savua have been assigned overall strategic command and will undoubtedly draw from their experience in the military. It has been a long held suspicion in the security establishment that Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini has been in regular contact with SDL functionaries.

    Fijians will remember in 2006 when an ex-FMF soldier arrived from Israel to meet with Laisenia Qarase and offered the services of Hashmira, an Israeli private security firm which has Fijian,Russian and ex-Shin Bet and Sayeret ( operatives in its service. Was he acting on his own?

    Isireli Leweniqila and members of the business community ( name withheld pending verification: Editor) who frequently travel overseas on business as cover have been assigned positions in the O.C.C as Fiji based coordinators to channel funds and messages through to the leadership.

    • Engage the IG in a legal battle through the Courts. This will be the precursor of planned public demonstrations. The GCC will be used as a cover to bring people out onto the streets. This is what Qarase was referring to in his last televison interview before fleeing when he said " The demonstration will overwhelm them."

    • The third component of the strategy is to create a perception of wide spread abuse by the FMF . A significant part of this campaign is to creat a a divide between Comm Bainimarama and his senior staff. Attempts were made by some to try and recruit Col Joela Baledrokadroka and then Pita Driti to achieve this. These efforts are to be stepped up.

    An inherent part of Part 3 of the "Resistance" strategy is to paint the IG as a Mahendra Chaudhry enterprise. Bring Chaudhry out into the open where he can be engaged. Divide and Conquer.

    Details on leadership of the Moto ni Vanua and O.C.C are a closely guarded secret. The isolation of Laisenia Qarase has meant that communicating has been an issue for the organisers to put their plans into practice.

    Will June 29 change all that?

    Certain documents have been passed on to LoyalFijian including a letter carried by a high level organiser to a Middle East country recently. We are debating whether to publish this.

    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    Tevita Malasebe

    Posted by Oceania Correspondent

    Tevita Malasebe died while questioned by police officers in relations to a series of violent robberies in Suva and Nausori earlier this week.

    The Acting Commissioner of Police has stated the 8 persons of interest have bee identified.

    All those of us who believe in justice look forward to a fair inquiry to determine what the facts are. The incompetent journalists that we have have too often fed the Fiji Islanders half truths and biased news.

    Was Malasebe involved in an organised crime gang? Was he resisiting arrest and as a result a scuffle ensued and he sustained injuries? Could more adequate medical care have been provided?

    What we need is the truth and impartial account of what happened.

    No one should ever die in the custody of those whose duty is to protect and serve.

    No matter which side of politics you are on, all reasonable Fijians will condemn the actions of those that led to the death of Tevita Malasebe.

    Thursday, June 7, 2007

    Qarase in Mavana

    Qarase Ancestral Home,Mavana Lau, 7 June 2007

    Anyone remember Laisenia Qarase? Yup, the bloke who ran the FDB into the ground and then decided to do the same with the Fijian economy. He is still upset the promise made to him by John Howards personal advisor , Mark Textor (see previous blogs) of armed assistance didnt come to fruition.

    Lai, being the gullible type that he is , actually believed the Australians. Now, hes looking to the Tongans, Israelis, Solomons, PNG, Mongolians, Uzbeks, Tajiks etc etc etc to save his sorry ass.

    Apparently Lai's Mrs , Leba, is doing it really hard too.

    You see, Leba was getting used to the taxpayer paid Pajero and the servants waiting for them in taxpayer paid accomodation in Domain.

    As for Laisenia Jr, he is doing it even harder as he doesnt have any taxpayer funded cars to drive into the trees along Queen Elizabeth Drive.

    Aust Hypocrites Ban Fijians

    By Fiji Sports Desk

    Our Flying Fijians have been dealt a svere blow ahead of the Test at Subiaco.

    The Australian Government has banned two members of Fiji's rugby squad from entering Australia because of an alleged link to last year's military coup.

    Australia are scheduled to host Fiji in a one-off test in Perth on Saturday night as part of both teams' preparations for the World Cup later this year.

    But Fiji prop Alefoso Yalayalatabua and assistant coach Semi Rogoyawa were both denied entry to Australia because they are members of the Fijian military, local media reported.

    "Two members of the 34-strong touring squad, one player and one manager, have been denied visas in accordance with Australia's travel restrictions on Fijian military and other supporters of the Fiji coup," a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told The West Australian newspaper.

    We can reveal that both are members of the Fijian military

    Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    Jioiji Kotobalavu in Canberra

    Jioji Kotobalavu , the former Chief Executive in the Prime Ministers Office has been making the rounds in Canberra, Australia .

    According to Radio Australia, Mr Kotobalavu was in the Australian Capital as a speaker at a seminar organised to study the developments in Fiji during the past 12 months.

    Mr Kotobalavu was one of only 2 people who were willing to go on record as having "raised concerns" about the Interim Governments" plans on formulating a new electoral roll and plans for returning the country to parliamentary democracy by 2010.

    Readers of this blog will know that we had reported on moves by former regime types to activate a group knows as the Overseas Coordination Committee (O.C.C)(Read previous blogs). The purpose of this group is to coordinate Fijians living overseas in an effort to organise resistance back in Fiji to the IG.

    When you consider that the likes of Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini are residing overseas and are believed to be playing a central role in collecting funds, materials and recruiting Fijians into this effort, this makes for a very volatile situation.

    Would Mr Kotobalavu's presence in Australia have anything to do with the O.C.C , we wonder?


    Monday, June 4, 2007

    Ricardo Morris - Explained

    As Chief Editor, I feel a clarification is necessary.

    One of our contributors, LoyalFijian had revealed the faces behind the HATE Blogs in an email sent to several people.

    The email had simply stated that the person behind was Ricardo Morris.

    This is CORRECT as Mr Morris in his reply acknowledged:

    yes I own the domain name -there's nothing up there at the moment.

    There was no reference to any other blog. Whether Mr Morris is actively involved in the HATE blogs or not, is not an issue for us. Whether Mr Morris has been extending moral or technical support to the de-stabilisation campaign is for likes of Inspector Nasir Ali to find out.


    This news blog will only publish news items after verification for truth and accuracy.
    Readers will find that to be a nice change from the half truths available on some other HATE blogs.

    And a big Vinaka vaka levu to all of you who have written in, literally hundreds of you.

    Sunday, June 3, 2007

    Friday, June 1, 2007

    Dr Sahu Khan creates more controvesy over Land

    A internet news site is reporting that Janet Mason (see previous blogs) has claimed that a "Grab for Land" was the reason behind the 2006 coup.

    Now this, as any Fiji Islander will tell you is as controversial as it gets. Land is a very sensitive topic and any reasonable Fijian will not want to create any undue unrest over such an emotive topic.

    So what was Dr Sahu Khan, the man who appears to have started this controversy referring to?

    Dr Shamsud Sahu Khan is quoted as saying that he wants Fijis land laws scraped because the
    Deed of Cession signed between representatives of Queen Victoria and the Fijian chiefs states that " the owneship if land is vested in Her said Majesty her heirs and successors."

    Dr Khan's argument was Land should be state owned. "There have been a lot of assumptions and practices which may not have been correct from the legation standpoint," Dr Khan said.

    Now Janet Mason has got in on the act and been making statements in the overseas media and by some incredible exaggeration linked the coup to a "LAND GRAB".

    The issue of land is a very sensitive one and needs to be handled with care. We dont need "shoot from the hip" types creating unrest. And this goes for people like Dr Sahu Khan as well.

    Last time we checked Sahu Khan had been in charge of Fiji Football for over 25 years through some very dubious methods. Speculation of "First Class flights" for him and his wife and monies in unaudited accounts are rife.