Friday, June 1, 2007

Dr Sahu Khan creates more controvesy over Land

A internet news site is reporting that Janet Mason (see previous blogs) has claimed that a "Grab for Land" was the reason behind the 2006 coup.

Now this, as any Fiji Islander will tell you is as controversial as it gets. Land is a very sensitive topic and any reasonable Fijian will not want to create any undue unrest over such an emotive topic.

So what was Dr Sahu Khan, the man who appears to have started this controversy referring to?

Dr Shamsud Sahu Khan is quoted as saying that he wants Fijis land laws scraped because the
Deed of Cession signed between representatives of Queen Victoria and the Fijian chiefs states that " the owneship if land is vested in Her said Majesty her heirs and successors."

Dr Khan's argument was Land should be state owned. "There have been a lot of assumptions and practices which may not have been correct from the legation standpoint," Dr Khan said.

Now Janet Mason has got in on the act and been making statements in the overseas media and by some incredible exaggeration linked the coup to a "LAND GRAB".

The issue of land is a very sensitive one and needs to be handled with care. We dont need "shoot from the hip" types creating unrest. And this goes for people like Dr Sahu Khan as well.

Last time we checked Sahu Khan had been in charge of Fiji Football for over 25 years through some very dubious methods. Speculation of "First Class flights" for him and his wife and monies in unaudited accounts are rife.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Loyal.

Vinaka vaka levu. I will make your blog my homepage.

Anonymous said...

Great live news service.

Excellent job people.

Anonymous said...

Becareful Loyalfijian, You are focusing abit to much on that woman Ms Mason and forgetting the main issue here. Let me remaind you. The very senior lawyer who has suggested a review of our Land legislation at this time. His motives have been revealed. Beware this train of thought. It is revealing it's ugly head.

LoyalFijian said...

To person above.

Dont try to warn me and take your reasoning where it is required or wanted.

Anonymous said...

I ownder what the big deal of Dr Sahu Khan's paper which was part of his submission to Qoliqoli Bill proposed by SDL.

Other Taukei intellectuals have also published scathing papers like Joeli Baledrokadroka's, whose paper addressed NLTB's abuse of the landowner and questions related to the Deed of Cession and the Fijian understanding of it.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree that the land needs to be transferred to the State the State is strong and trully representative of the people. Native leases are what is screwing up this country and even the traditional owners are fighting over in point is Yaqara and Momi and the constant roadblocks by landowners. Give all lands to the State and allow indigenous peoples to be semi-owners but ensure that the State is elected transparently and is trully representatives of the people with the military acting as custodians of the State hence the lands of Fiji! The State can't go wrong when the majority of the population in Fiji are the indigenous Fijians anyways. There had always been rumblings along the block about natives leases being the ultimate cause of the demise of the indigenous people. Maintain NLTB as a semi-owner representing the indigenous landowners.

Anonymous said...

Obviuosly the scandals in Natadola only reveals that NLTB is not without sin.

I think their role should be restricted to oversight with some oversight mechanism by landowners; giving them Veto power to any plans.

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