Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mark Textor Revealed

Documents obtained by Loyal Fijian news service reveals for the first time the thinking and strategies of the SDL leadership.

It was confirmed by a reliable source within the anti-IG forces that, the SDL has seen an opportunity in the recent expulsion of Michael Green.

Loyal Fijian had revealed in an earlier post that SDL has been lobbying foreign Governments particularly Aust because of its links through Mark Textor .

But who is this Mark Textor?

Mark Textor is a senior partner in CrosbyTextor , a very high powered, expensive and powerful political advisory and lobby group. http://www.crosbytextor.com/

Clients of CrosbyTextor include British Conservative Party and Aust PM John Howard.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review on 8 October 2004, Mr Textor described himself as the "mastermind behind Qarase's election success."

This boastful rant has been captured by Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, one of the most popular and widely used Internet sites has this to say "He was a key strategist for the victory of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase in Fiji and most recently was a key advisor to the Conservative Party in the 2005 UK General Election where he directed polling changes." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Textor"

So what is the personal pollster of John Howard and an advisor to the British Conservative Party's leader in the last election Michael Howard (no relation to John of Aust, unless you go back 217 years or more?), two of the most powerful men in Conservative politics , doing in Fiji?

CrosbyTextor is not your run-of-the-mill political advisory service. No siireeeee. These guys are the elite.

How did Qarase manage to acquire the services of Mark Textor? Its not like Mark Textor is sitting around waiting for Lai to call, is he?

Nope, these guys have a lot on their plate as your research ino their website will show you.

And one more thing, where did the money come from? Nai lavo, paisa , moolaah....Lai and his boys must have had lots and lots of money to engage CrosbyTextor. Unless........there were some other promises made?

We cant pay you right now, but once we are in Governement we might cut a deal for your other clients???? How about a logging company eager to get its hands on the worlds largest mahogany reserves.

After Loyal Fijian exposed Mark Textor, the Australian Finacial Review article where Mark Textor boasts of "masterminding Qarase's election campaign" has been removed from CrosbyTextor website. Also the wikipedia entry has been edited to remove the words "masterminded".

Hmmmmmmmm....Loyal boy is ruffling some feathers................