Monday, June 18, 2007

Fiji TV runs Loyal Fijian exclusive

Fiji One ran Loyal Fijians exclusive published on this blog (June 13 2007, see previous blog) revealing the existence of a shadowy group known as the Moto ni Vanua and their intentions to organise against the IG.

Loyal Fijian produced the letter passed on to one of our corresponents. The letter clearly details the intentions of the Group to incite unrest and its resentment towards Mahendra Chaudhry.

Fiji One claimed that the Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party has denied it has issued a directive to its supporters asking them to oppose the current interim government.

Describing it as a propaganda against the Party, the S-D-L claims people are out there to discredit them.

Fiji One did not reveal the contents saying the "contents cannot be publicized for legal reasons"

Fiji One also clarified that the notice also carries the Party's official letter head.

Loyal Fijian published the letter in the public interest. We are in possession of other documents which we will publish shortly.

These disclsoures are the result of the hard work done by the Loyal Fijian. Loyal Fijian is not a member of any political organisation or pro-this or anti-that. We`report the Facts.

One last note. Another blogger , Resist RFC ran a copy of my blog (June 15 2007) on Moto ni Vanua under the title "Moto ni Vanua - LOYALFIJIAN exposes the corruption!!! ". I appreciate the acknowledgement by ResistRFC of the hard work done by us in getting this to the people of Fiji.


Anonymous said...

You are the original and only blog, we know that.

Thats just cheap.

LoyalFijian said...

Lets not jump the gun. I am giving the other blogger time to clarify this.

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

you've done it again!!!!

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

We would like to sincerely apologize to our readers AND to Loyal Fijian for running an article without acknowledging the source - LoyalFijian.

On behalf of our team, we offer our sincere apologies for this oversight and sincere thanks for his timely reminder to us to remember where the article really came from. We regret this mistake and will ensure it does not ever happen again.

Anonymous said...

Loyal and RRFC the news article did not mention RRFC just a blogsite but I think the camera panned onto the screen and that's how people saw the site. Any news is good news rite guys? Doesn't matter whose name is mentioned as long as the message goes out and thanks Loyal for the hard work in exposing these unruly and thug elements of our society.