Wednesday, June 27, 2007


GCC lawyer Ratu Savenaca Komaisavai, who represents the Great Council of Chiefs in its court challenge against the interim administration is being investiagted for ASSAULT againt a taxi driver.
Rt Komaisavai allegedly followed a taxi driver to his base in Lami and without provocation punched him. The lawyer contradicted himself when he firts alleged that the taxi driver had abused him and then went to say that he was UPSET that the taxi base had not sent a taxi for him at his house in Solomoni St.
It appears now that the Police are investigating Mr Komaisavai has suddenly developed an urge to reconcile.
It will be interesting to watch if the GCC continue to keep in their employ a person charged with assault .

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Alan Bond said...

Hes not a lawyer......he bought the law degree from Bonds University