Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fiji HATE blogs take leaf out of Al-Qaeda

Fiji HATE blog has been printing excerpts from a terrorist training manual advising its members how to organise, how to evade surveillance and encouraging them to acts of terror.

It appears that the HATE blogs WFC and Hyde n Ceek have taken a leaf out of terror organisations like Al-Qaeda which have previously used the internet to post instructions to its followers.

TV NZ and Michael Field (see previous blog) have already commented on how the HATE blogs are calling for attacks on tourists coming to Fiji and providing advice on how to make explosives and molotov cocktails.

HATE messages appearing on the blog would not be out of place on barbaric-extremist websites which carry videos of innocents being maimed and killed and beheading of people like Ken Bigley.
  • Create cells within your units and seperate these cells from each other. Members of one cell should not know the members of other cells.

  • Choose your cell commander from within each cell. Their job is to take commands and organise the cell on operations

  • Designate call signs for operation briefings. If you need to have an operations briefing have codes done. These are advance codes that will tell you when you have to report for operations briefings
  • Alternatively you can use sites on the internet to set up codes for meetings.
  • Before you go to any meeting you must do countersurveillance. never go directly to a “hot” Meeting.
After calling for the blood of Innocent tourists visiting our country, the HATE blogs have gone One step further in publishing detailed instructions on how this will be achieved.

WARNING TO READERS: HATE blogs are using tracking code on their websites. If you go to these sites be sure to use anonymising software. Numerous people have been named on the site using information obtained through tracking code.



Anonymous said...

It appears to be from an Jamaah Islaamiyah blog.

Anonymous said...

Pur boys are in Oraq and Kuwait and these scum are publishing sucg nonsense....

They have lost all credibility, all support or sympathy.

яεѕιѕт RFC admin said...

I think the WFC bloggers are mad to think anyone will actually even bother trying any of the terrorist acts suggested in their articles - they probably wrote the stuff when they were high on weed or having one of their group orgies!

Anonymous said...

Sheer madness.

Whats the Police doing about this?