Friday, June 22, 2007

Fiji HATE blog publishes recipe for making bombs, calls for tourist attacks!!

TV New Zealand is reporting that a Fijian HATE blog is calling for attacks on tourists to Fiji.

A HATE blog known for its links to certain USP academics and anti-IG forces says driving tourists away would cut revenue flowing to the Bainimarama regime.

The website suggests targets like tour buses and resorts. Read the full article here.

The HATE blog says Fiji is already economically unstable and wiping out the country's main industry will be the final nail in the regime's coffin.

The blog according to TV NZ and Michael Field (who was recently deported from Fiji) has published an appeal to Fijians to destabilise the country by striking at weak points.

"Tourists are still coming to Fiji, think of how you can stop that," the site says.

"What assets can you focus on within the tourist industry that will send the message back to their home countries that Fiji is not a safe destination at the moment? Tourist tour busses? Tourist bures?"

Heres what Michael Field, yes, the same Mr Field had to say: A Fiji internet blog has called for attacks on tourists and has provided recipes for making Molotov cocktails and bombs.

All Fiji Islanders must condemn this outrage. The HATE blogs are out of control and under the influence of anti-IG forces trying to destabilise the nation. Incitement to attack innocent people and providing bomb making instructions is akin to terrorism

This is a very dark day for Fiji.

Fiji must work with Kiwi authorities in hunting down these criminals who are inciting acts of violence against Kiwi nationals on our soil and charge them.