Saturday, May 26, 2007


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ted Young Gets an "Invite"

Ted Young was invited for a cup (or two, depending on his thirst) of "wainimoli" up at Delainabua the other day....

My sources tell me good old Ted wasnt too pleased about it either.

You see, fellow Fijians, Ted has been appointed as the Acting National Secretary of the Steal,Deceive and Loot (SDL) Party.

The Steal,Deceive and Loot (SDL) Party has been struggling to make a presence felt since the Clean Up campaign started and old boys like Jale have decided to take a bit of a break....

So old Ted steps us and makes a bit of noise......

The same Ted Young who went over the the farm of Takiveikata on the day of the mutiny at the Barracks to get the Naitasiri people into the barracks..... Yup, old Ted has been around....

He's involvement in the mutiny was much deeper than some may think.....he was in on it alright...

Lets see what Good Old Ted thinks now......

And one last point, LoyalFijian DOES NOT in anyway condone or support violence. let me make that very clear. If anyone feels they have been unfairly named in any of my blogs, write to me....I am willing to print any evidence to the contrary.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

AntiFMF Conspirators EXPOSED

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LoyalFijian can reveal here that Laisa Digitaki is another major player behind the Anti-FMF campaign currently being waged in Fiji.

She is particularly vengeful towards Col. Pita Driti, whom she accuses of organising her "holiday camp" at the Q.E.B on December 24 2006.

Laisa Digitaki is a business partner of no other than Imraaz Iqbal who was exposed in previous blog as another Anti-FMF campaigner.

Laisa Digitaki is not alone however, there are other "connected" persons who are providing the technical and financial input so very essential in running an electronic propaganda campaign.
So who provides the money and who provides the

technical knowledge?

Well, it doesn't do any harm if your husband is Sitiveni Wailelekeba, the Fijian Holdings boss.
The technical nous is provided by Imraaz Iqbal, who ran a publishing compmany with Laisa Digitaki out of Lami.

Iqbal Janif is another shadowy hand behind the destabilisation campaign.

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