Thursday, July 31, 2008

San Francisco Connection to Fiji Bomb Plot

One of the blogs that had been posting BOMB MAKING INSTRUCTIONS and publishing such hatred filled posts as DENY SOLDIERS FAMILIES FOOD, MAKE SOLDIERS RUN AROUND and inciting acts of terror and wanton violence, changed its name after authorities in U.S began investigations.

This blog called WhyFijiisCrying was full of fabrications and lies which even a Class 1 student could see was the work of some mad men or perhaps a "mad woman" and her cronies.This site is now publishing the same drivel as solivakasama.

Individual soldiers are doing their jobs. Anyone who asks for children of soldiers to be denied food is a coward or out of their mind.

Maybe someone who is famous for the following exploits:

- calling the Permanent Secretary for Women and Social Welfare and demanding that a helicopter be flown to Lau to collect her at Governement expense, after her 4 week Christmas holiday

- Demanding that all staff at her office join her in morning prayer sessions and recite a verse each from the bible. These prayer sessions often ran from 9 in the morning to about 11, while people waited outside

- Travelling on a diplomatic passport which she is not entitled to

Yep, something is going on in San Francisco alright.

So, it came as no surprise to learn that the Hon. Adi Asenaca Caucau has been arrested in San Francisco for assault and is facing a lengthy spell in jail.

All readers of Loyal Fijian, if they wish can email the San Francison Police at the following email highlighting the suspicions that Ms Caucau was behind the incitements to commit terror on Fijian soil against Fijians by publishing detailed bomb making instructions.

The following text can be copied and pasted into your email:

Information for San Francisco Police on arrest of a Adi Asenaca Caucau for assault.

1. Adi Caucau is travelling on a Diplomatic passport which is of dubious legality as Diplomatic Passports are only issued to current serving Ministers of State.

2. Bomb making instructions and incitement to commit murder were being routinely made on a blog called which was being run by disgruntled Fijians from the San Francisco area. It is possible that Adi Asenanca Caucau was one of those persons behind the publishing of bomb making instructions and incitement to murder of persons in Fiji.

The blog server is resident in the U.S and publication of such inflammatory and inciteful material is an offence under U.S law.

The blog was deleted after the bomb making instructions post was being investigated by Fijian authorities. A copy of the article can be seen here:
All references to particular chemicals and detailed instructions have been blocked out.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Chaudhry for PM, Commodore for President

Speculation is mounting that the current impasse in Fiji was over a bigger plan which would have seen the Commodore become the President and Mahendra Pal Chaudhry taking over the Prime Ministership.
NZ PM Helen Clarke speculated yesterday that this was the "next step in the coup."
Additionally, reports that the Military Council is divided over the plans are very likely also true. It is learnt from reliable sources placed within the decision making loop that the Military Council have tried and failed in an an earlier effort to depose Chaudhry. This was when the reports of the $1.6 m held in Chaudhry's accounts were published by the Fiji Times.
Commodore was able to persuade the MC to hold fire as there was still some value in having MPC around especially as the Aid Agreement with the European Union and ACP countries was still unresolved.
The Bottled Water crisis has once again raised the ire of the MC, in particular the legal advisor who is very close to the Attorney General.
Aiyaz Khaiyum is bitterly opposed to Chaudhry and his son after Rajendra Chaudhry launched a scathing attack on FICAC which the AG saw as a personal attack on him. Aiyaz Kaiyum is also the son of a former NFP parliamentarian and reports indicate that the there is a lot of bad blood.
What is worrying some members of the MC is that the Commodore is being used to pursue these personal agendas and that one of their own is involved in these personal agendas. Col Aziz's visit to Chaudhry's office was not sanctioned by the MC or by PM.
Stay Tuned.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Money Talks

Water Bottlers 1 - Finance Minister 0

Punjas, Western Wreckers and Tappoos do it again! Chaudhry feels the pain of the Business Empire once more.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

LF High Command Issues Clarification on Felipe Nagera


Issued By : Loyal Fijian Information Cell

Under Direction of LF High Command

The Loyal Fijian High Command recently conducted a review of posts on the Loyal Fijian blog.

As readers are aware Loyal Fijian blog publishes opinions submitted by Fijians from all walks of life and from many parts of the world.

The LF IT Cell consisitng of System Administrators who perform the role of publishing posts determine which posts are to be published in absence of specific direction of a LF High Command directive. All posts have to satisfy our criteria of INDEPENDENCE, IMPARTIALITY AND BALANCE.

Following a review the High Command has determined that posts titled Felipe Nagera - Hate Blogger, published on June 2 2007 Hate Blogger Felipe Nagera Blames Eleanoa Mara, published on June 27 2007 are being withdrawn pending receipt of additional evidence.

The contributors behind the posts are no longer associated with Loyal Fijian. This has been reflected in the nature of our posts in the recent past.

Loyal Fijian High Command reiterates its commitment that the blog is strictly neutral and going forward will make an even stronger effort to report fairly and avoid publishing information which may embarrass or slander any individual or group.

Loyal Fijian High Command also asks that other blogs refrain from slander and mischievous posts including use of obscenities and attempts to promote violence against certain individuals and targeted groups.

Any embarrasment caused to Felipe Nagera and Eleanoa Mara is deeply regretted.


Loyal Fijian High Command


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who is the Real Criminal? Rest in Peace Josua!

Josua Ralulu, the "notorious  criminal" is dead.

Should we be happy that one of the most "notorious criminals" whose name was taken alongside Alifereti Nimacere and David Wise as the most danegrous criminals of the 80's and 90's is dead ? Or in his death should we look at ourselves and ask how a young man became a criminal and wasted the best years of his life behind bars?

There can be no rejoicing or whoops of "He paid the price for what he did" or "He got what he gave".  

Josua Ralulu's story is a tragedy of immense proportions but sadly not one confined to him.

What happened to Josua Ralulu happens to hundreds of young Fijian men and women everyday.

Our jails are filled with Josua Ralulu's.

Young men who are often sent to jail for minor offences like trespassing or drinking in the local park. Once these men are fed into the system, the hungry beast that is our criminal system chews them up and spits out hardened criminals.

There is no way back once you have been "inside". When you come out you are an ex-con. Your friends are ex-cons and you have no job prospects or academic qualifications.

Many do not dare to go back to their villages in shame and so begins a vicious cycle of the criminal.

But, criminals are not born, they are made.

Lets look at Josua.

Josua Ralulu, according to his brother, was happy cutting sugar cane with his friends. And one day someone plied him with alcohol and offered him some money to "do a job".

This someone would turn out to be none other than the wife of Bob Amos, a lady by the name of Prakash Wati. Sound familiar. Yes, we have all heard similar stories havent we? Criminals are made, not born remember! Especially in Fiji. But more on that later.

Anyway, in all likelihood Josua didn't know what he was getting himself into. A simple village boy he jumped at the chance to go for a ride to Suva. He was given more alcohol than he could handle and he was tricked into killing Bob Amos.

Who is the real criminal here?

 Is it Josua?

It is the Prakash Wati's of this world!

Rest in Peace Josua, You were wronged. Your grandson will always remember a man who loved him. He will remember you fondly.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Its de Ja Vu , All Over Again... Now thats Funny

Its happening again.


Don't laugh folks, but the Aussies and Kiwis are ready to be friends with the IG .


It's the same old scenario playing out again.


Almost like there is a Contingency Document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or some other variation) in Australia and New Zealand on how to deal with one of the most predictable events in the South Pacific :


A Coup in Fiji once every 5 years. Like clock work .


The document sets out the steps to be followed when a coup tales place:


  1. Condemn
  2. Call for Democracy
  3. Impose Smart Bans ( Not Full bans, these would damage trade and profts for Aussie and Kiwi businesses)
  4. Wait for 6 months
  5. Lets Talk aye Boys
  6. Send Foreign Ministers to Fiji
  7. Its Looking Better……..Almost Back to Normal……..
  8. Set sa ra ga……. Until the next time…………..hehehehehehe

The news that Winston Peters, the NZ Foreign Minister and Stephen Smith , the Oz Foreign Minister are both due in Fiji this week, should come as no surprise. Both countries have invited Fiji to appoint Ambassadors to their countries in a significant move to repair relations to the pre-coup levels.


It's a well worn path.


Its time to patch up and move on, in diplomatic parlance. You see, Aust and NZ both have a lot to lose if Fiji is kept in the wilderness. Both countries need cheap labour, both skilled and unskilled, and Fiji has been providing this resource for decades.


So Winston and Stephen will make all the familiar noises…….Elections, Democracy, Accountability, Transparency, Independent Judiciary and then get down to the real business why they are here.

We need each other guys. C'mon, get it together. Theres no I in Team remember.


Lets Do It. Lets Go.


In the words of some not so famous, Its De ja Vu all over again.!! Now that's funny. Hahahahahaha


And as Sitiveni and Winistoni depart our shores, Siti says to Winistoni, Hey W, see you same place, in 5 years aye!!!


Hahahahahaha, says Winistoni. You bet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

VANUA CROSS awarded to Eroni Sauvakacolo by LF High Command

LF wishes to propose a toast to Retired magistrate Eroni Sauvakacolo for the amazing success he and his people have achieved in the tikina of Lutu in Naitasiri.

LF hails your vision and slautes you.

Your story needs to be told far and wide and in recognition of your efforts is reproduced here for our wide readership.

We need more Eroni Sauvakacolo's to stand up and walk with their people to bigger and better things. Use our resources to educate our children and achieve propserity.

The High Command of Loyal Fijian has decided to bestow upon Eroni Sauvakacolo the Vanua Cross for his Exemplary Effort in Seeking Progress for his People. The Vanua Cross can only be bestowed on the most deserving like the Victoria Cross after which it is named. God Bless Eroni Sauvakacolo .


THREE villages in Naitasiri have sacrificed family functions in the weekdays to avoid drinking yaqona so parents can have time to supervise their children's studies.

Retired magistrate Eroni Sauvakacolo said villagers of Lutu, Navuniyaro and Nanukuloa have abstained from hosting any church, vanua or government functions from Mondays to Fridays since 1993 to develop their people.

He said that was why the village was able to produce many graduates from institutions as parents made time to supervise their children.

Mr Sauvakacolo said the village men followed a weekly program that started with a prayer meeting at 5.30am.

"In a day from 6am to 10am the men plant, 10am to 2pm rest and lunch, 2pm to 5pm is planting, 5pm to 6pm is prayer meeting and 7pm is for the families to meet and have dinner. Parents never miss dinner with their children because that is where they thrash out family issues and supervise their children's studies."

Mr Sauvakacolo said villagers had seen how the program helped their children progress academically and their families cope with the increasing cost of living.

The result of farming daily has seen the families export 12 tonnes of dalo a year.

They earn $12,000 a month.

"If the dalo quota increases, the villagers share $24,000 a month so because they are reaping the benefits they value the program," Mr Sauvakacolo said.

He said the village had a compulsory savings scheme and when dalo was exported the bank came to their door step.

"We have a compulsory savings scheme, scholarship funds for tertiary and secondary students, Colonial Life insurance policy for $200,000, housing for newly married couples and village development projects."

Mr Sauvakacolo said their aim was to improve the quality of life for the 1500 members of the tikina of Lutu at individual household and community level.

The village's next five-year plan is to expand their exports to cassava, fruits and vegetables and go into logging and eco-tourism projects.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bottled Water or Depleted Resource?

Over the last week, the Minister for Finance (and many-many-other things) announced that the duty on export of Fijis spring water was to be increased to $0.20 per litre.Artesian water or spring water as it is commonly known is a natural resource that these operators are exploiting to make extraordinary profits.
Ten bottlers of Fiji-manufactured artesian water responded by ceasing production. Lets take a closer look at who these 10 bottlers are:
Warwick Pleass of Pleass Beverage in Walu Bay, Suva
David Roth of Fiji Water
Anup Patel of Flour Mills of Fiji's VTY
Steve Johnson of Mr Pure
Jai Dayal of Island Chill
Mohammed Altaf of Aqua Pacific
Mohammed Nafiz of Diamond Aqua
Sam Ahmed of Fresh Spring Limited
Jilyin Wong of Tapoos Beverage
Ritesh Naidu of Mineral Waters of Fiji.
The usual suspects crop up, dont they? Flour Mills of Fiji, the Punja family and the Tappoo family. There must be an easy dollar in the offering, honestly.
Where are these operators getting their water from? Thats 10 operators who are drawing artesian water from natural springs in various locations around Fiji.
Now, if you consider that on average one operator would need to draw at least 5000 litres to stay competitive, thats 50, 000 litres at a bare minimum that is being drawn in a single day. Geez. What are the people whose land is being exploited for this getting out of it?
Aaaahhhh, thats where that old card that has been thrown in the face of the Fijians for decades comes in. How dare you question our motives? Dont you know we EMPLOY 5 people from neighbouring villages!!!
And how much do you pay them ,Oh Kind Sir? Thats none of your business. They have a job, dont they?
And what if they get injured or fall sick, Oh Kind Sir? Do they have insurance, do they get sick leave, are their working conditions cosistent with Occupation Health regulations?
Ummmm, Ummmm. well they have a Job, dont they!
Yeah right. We've heard that all before.
Fiji is prone to droughts, as a Class 5 student will tell you, if you suck water out of the ground the water table recedes over time. It is not immediately apparent but its effects will be felt in years to come especially during periods of drought, which Fiji is particularly prone to.
Whenever there is an easy saqamoli to be made, the people come flooding in. Thats whats happening here. 10 operators have sprung up to export water sourced from our springs to overseas destinations. Thats an important fact, it is not for local consumption, it is for the overseas people.
Another important fact is that the process of bottling water is 99% automated. The people who are employed by these people are essentially being bought off to allow these profiteers to get access to the mataqali land to draw the water.
Another fact that emerges from the list. 
Not one indigenous Fijian on that list. Thats not taking the race line here folks, thats just stating a fact. Why cant the indigenous people exploit the resource they own for their own good?
The contributors to Loyal Fijian are not fans of the IG. But all LF operatives are LOYAL to Fiji, LOVE her people and will PROTECT our resources.