Thursday, July 24, 2008

Money Talks

Water Bottlers 1 - Finance Minister 0

Punjas, Western Wreckers and Tappoos do it again! Chaudhry feels the pain of the Business Empire once more.


Anonymous said...

Hi LF - why you always protect MC. We all dont like him cause he always want to have his way.

Also why you not investigate where his $1.6m in Austrlia come from, or what other properties or deposits he has.

You know his son live in Australia which may allow him to buy plenty of houses in Australia or other assets.

Stop protecting MC and show us where his $$$ is.

Your sincerly

LoyalFijian said...


I uggest you read other posts on this blog. LF is INDEPENDENT, BALANCED AND IMPARTIAL and has publsihed may posts exposing MP Chaudhry.

We can also promise you our post in coming weeks will reveal MPC's holdings in Australia including his house in an exclusive beach side suburb surrounded by million dollar houses.

Anonymous said...

mc shuld be uprooted and sent to india where hecame from