Monday, July 14, 2008

Its de Ja Vu , All Over Again... Now thats Funny

Its happening again.


Don't laugh folks, but the Aussies and Kiwis are ready to be friends with the IG .


It's the same old scenario playing out again.


Almost like there is a Contingency Document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or some other variation) in Australia and New Zealand on how to deal with one of the most predictable events in the South Pacific :


A Coup in Fiji once every 5 years. Like clock work .


The document sets out the steps to be followed when a coup tales place:


  1. Condemn
  2. Call for Democracy
  3. Impose Smart Bans ( Not Full bans, these would damage trade and profts for Aussie and Kiwi businesses)
  4. Wait for 6 months
  5. Lets Talk aye Boys
  6. Send Foreign Ministers to Fiji
  7. Its Looking Better……..Almost Back to Normal……..
  8. Set sa ra ga……. Until the next time…………..hehehehehehe

The news that Winston Peters, the NZ Foreign Minister and Stephen Smith , the Oz Foreign Minister are both due in Fiji this week, should come as no surprise. Both countries have invited Fiji to appoint Ambassadors to their countries in a significant move to repair relations to the pre-coup levels.


It's a well worn path.


Its time to patch up and move on, in diplomatic parlance. You see, Aust and NZ both have a lot to lose if Fiji is kept in the wilderness. Both countries need cheap labour, both skilled and unskilled, and Fiji has been providing this resource for decades.


So Winston and Stephen will make all the familiar noises…….Elections, Democracy, Accountability, Transparency, Independent Judiciary and then get down to the real business why they are here.

We need each other guys. C'mon, get it together. Theres no I in Team remember.


Lets Do It. Lets Go.


In the words of some not so famous, Its De ja Vu all over again.!! Now that's funny. Hahahahahaha


And as Sitiveni and Winistoni depart our shores, Siti says to Winistoni, Hey W, see you same place, in 5 years aye!!!


Hahahahahaha, says Winistoni. You bet.

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