Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who is the Real Criminal? Rest in Peace Josua!

Josua Ralulu, the "notorious  criminal" is dead.

Should we be happy that one of the most "notorious criminals" whose name was taken alongside Alifereti Nimacere and David Wise as the most danegrous criminals of the 80's and 90's is dead ? Or in his death should we look at ourselves and ask how a young man became a criminal and wasted the best years of his life behind bars?

There can be no rejoicing or whoops of "He paid the price for what he did" or "He got what he gave".  

Josua Ralulu's story is a tragedy of immense proportions but sadly not one confined to him.

What happened to Josua Ralulu happens to hundreds of young Fijian men and women everyday.

Our jails are filled with Josua Ralulu's.

Young men who are often sent to jail for minor offences like trespassing or drinking in the local park. Once these men are fed into the system, the hungry beast that is our criminal system chews them up and spits out hardened criminals.

There is no way back once you have been "inside". When you come out you are an ex-con. Your friends are ex-cons and you have no job prospects or academic qualifications.

Many do not dare to go back to their villages in shame and so begins a vicious cycle of the criminal.

But, criminals are not born, they are made.

Lets look at Josua.

Josua Ralulu, according to his brother, was happy cutting sugar cane with his friends. And one day someone plied him with alcohol and offered him some money to "do a job".

This someone would turn out to be none other than the wife of Bob Amos, a lady by the name of Prakash Wati. Sound familiar. Yes, we have all heard similar stories havent we? Criminals are made, not born remember! Especially in Fiji. But more on that later.

Anyway, in all likelihood Josua didn't know what he was getting himself into. A simple village boy he jumped at the chance to go for a ride to Suva. He was given more alcohol than he could handle and he was tricked into killing Bob Amos.

Who is the real criminal here?

 Is it Josua?

It is the Prakash Wati's of this world!

Rest in Peace Josua, You were wronged. Your grandson will always remember a man who loved him. He will remember you fondly.

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Vernon Amos said...

In point of fact, there was no evidence against Prakash Wati Amos until one of the suspects was offered complete immunity and proceeded to change his sworn statement to something that was completely opposite to what he had originally stated.

Please also note that this was the only testimony which was changed to implicate Prakash Wati Amos. The other statements from the other suspects barely mentioned her.

I am also aware that the jurors were all but ordered to return a verdict of guilty.

Vernon Amos