Saturday, July 19, 2008

LF High Command Issues Clarification on Felipe Nagera


Issued By : Loyal Fijian Information Cell

Under Direction of LF High Command

The Loyal Fijian High Command recently conducted a review of posts on the Loyal Fijian blog.

As readers are aware Loyal Fijian blog publishes opinions submitted by Fijians from all walks of life and from many parts of the world.

The LF IT Cell consisitng of System Administrators who perform the role of publishing posts determine which posts are to be published in absence of specific direction of a LF High Command directive. All posts have to satisfy our criteria of INDEPENDENCE, IMPARTIALITY AND BALANCE.

Following a review the High Command has determined that posts titled Felipe Nagera - Hate Blogger, published on June 2 2007 Hate Blogger Felipe Nagera Blames Eleanoa Mara, published on June 27 2007 are being withdrawn pending receipt of additional evidence.

The contributors behind the posts are no longer associated with Loyal Fijian. This has been reflected in the nature of our posts in the recent past.

Loyal Fijian High Command reiterates its commitment that the blog is strictly neutral and going forward will make an even stronger effort to report fairly and avoid publishing information which may embarrass or slander any individual or group.

Loyal Fijian High Command also asks that other blogs refrain from slander and mischievous posts including use of obscenities and attempts to promote violence against certain individuals and targeted groups.

Any embarrasment caused to Felipe Nagera and Eleanoa Mara is deeply regretted.


Loyal Fijian High Command


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Samu said...

Well done everyone at LF. Thats why LF has the reputation of being the only credible Fiji blog.