Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fly on the Wall: The Mole

Cont. from yesterday.....


But anyway, as I mix Brutus is giving his finest impression of Colin Powell. He does rate himself this guy. But I should explain why he is called Brutus in the corridors of this fine Ministry.


Its no secret that Brutus covets the top job, no secret at all. In fact, Im sure that Kissinger knows that too. But what can he do, Brutus is connected! If you know what I mean.


And so, there wages an undercover internal war. Brutus in his bid to out do and usurp power and Kissinger in his bid to keep the upstart at bay. As for the rest of us, we have to decide which side to back in this internal war. Who will get us that most coveted of all things?


An overseas posting.


Thats what all public servants in this fine Ministry are after. 99.9% of our time and effort is directed towards getting an overseas posting.


And I almost got one. Brutus promised me a position in a South Asian country, but then I heard he had also promised the Taliban. I did what anyone would and switched my allegiance to Kissinger. For the 27th time I had switched allegiances. The record is held by Don De Nako, a reported 58 times. No wonder the man made it big.


Brutus talks, Kissinger yawns and the Taliban, well, he has in a spot of bother the poor fellow. You see, someone is leaking information from this fine Ministry to a "bloody F*%*  internet" (some fine diplomatic words by Kissinger) and this guy is the prime suspect.
Mata Hari gives a wink at Brutus. Mata Hari thinks she is tech savvy. It's a running joke in the corridors of this fine Ministry that Kissinger is looking for the mole who is leaking information to the "bloody F*%*  internet" (fine diplomatic words by Kissinger).

 Its a blog. Not the internet. But I wont correct him. No one thinks Im that smart and they dont mind having me aorund when they are discussing sensitive matters. Because one day right after I had dropped a hint that the Taliban might be the mole he looked at me and said " I like haivng you around". Thats how I know.


He did cost me my overseas posting, after all!


And so the mood is tense. The Yagoona group meeting has reached "The Palce you only Go whn Invited" and Kissinger has to give a briefing . Oh boy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly on the Wall: "The We Love Fiji So Much We Want to Destroy it from Overseas Front"

An "emergency meeting" in the Ministry of Floundering Affairs. Kissinger looks worried,Well he's always got a frown on his forehead, but this time he's really worried. Because as soon as he sat down he said" This time Im really worried". That's how I know.

"The We Love Fiji So Much We Want to Destroy It from Overseas Front" led by Col. Sa-Dro-Ga has held a meeting in some place called Yagoona and "They Who Wear Big Black Boots" have summoned him up to "The Place that You Only Go When Invited" for a briefing.

I really dislike these meetings. Firstly, these things are scheduled for 30 minutes and go on for an hour.

That's not why I really dislike these meetings though.

Because like clock work, 5 minutes into the meeting after repeating word for word some article that he has read on the internet in a bid to seem like a seasoned diplomat, he will get down to the real business.

He will look towards me when Brutus is doing his best to appear like a seasoned diplomat in his effort to outdo Kissinger, raise his eyebrows and tilt his head towards the ledge next to the windows at the back of the room.

Sitting on the ledge is the tanoa, the national symbol of our country. Well if it isnt, it should be!

This is my clue to mix the grog! Ah, where would we be without the grog! And so, Ill spend the next 5 minutes mixing the grog. But, my ears are tuned right into what Kissinger, Brutus and the rest of the brains trust of the Ministry of Floundering Affairs are discussing.

You see, Im just a small time player in this game. No one thinks Im too smart so they don't mind having me around when they are discussing "sensitive matters" . Big mistake.

**All Characters in this series are fictional. Any resemeblance to anyone living or dead is purely intentional, coincidental sorry.**

Fly on the Wall.

Fiji Travel Advisories not balanced : NZ TV

From 3 News: Click to watch video

Tourists and resort owners in Fiji are questioning travel advisories issued by governments like New Zealand's.

They claim the travel warnings are causing unnecessary harm to Fijian businesses and workers and insist the country is safe to visit.

It has never been cheaper to holiday in Fiji - with cut price flights and accommodation deals, along with a recently devalued dollar.

While there are some who have been influenced by the negative reporting, those choosing Nadi as a holiday destination say they've seen little sign of the promised trouble.

“That's what we'd been warned. Travel agent had said you know don't bring anything valuable, don't take photos at the airport, that kind of thing. But there was no security there,” says New Zealand tourist Sue Scutter.

Australian tourist patricia Smith said authorities are more concerned with journalists than holidaying families.

Even on the streets of Suva, there is little evidence of a military presence, certainly no police with guns on every corner.

Tourist numbers are well down though across Fiji. At this Nadir resort ex-pat Philip Buckleton is blaming countries like New Zealand for his half-empty hotel.

“The negative impact of travel advisories have virtually stopped business, or brought business to a standstill,” he says.

Mr Buckleton says he is a supporter of Bainimarama’s regime and claims the advisories and media reports are painting a one-sided picture.

The New Zealand government's "safe travel" website lists Fiji as "some risk".

While travel agents say it is up to individuals to decide whether it’s a holiday they're happy to take.

3 News


Monday, April 27, 2009

“Pulitzer Chasing - Enligtened Ones" tell us what to do!

"Bula, the record needs to be set this straight (note the Pulitzer Prize winning capable grammar?) on this one - the blog you refer to does not belong to Mike Field. I am the editor of that blog and the name is one that has been coined by several of us here in New Zealand, not just Mr Field. His blog - among others - is listed as a link on our page, that is all. A number of blogs have sprung up in the last few weeks as a result of the recent developments in Fiji and our's is one of them. Good luck to everyone."

Loyal Fijian published this comment under the post titled "Setting the Record Straight" in the interest of fair and balanced reporting.

The author of this comment claims to be the owner of a blog which is taking a lot of interest in Fiji. Fair enough!

But we feel, in fairness to our readers we should give you a closer look at the "New Zealand based journalists" who have suddenly emerged as experts on all matters related to Fiji.

This blog has links to just about every anti-FMF or anti-IG blog that exists, including those that have published bomb making instructions and called for attacks on NZ citizens visiting Fiji. But they don't carry a link to Loyal Fijian.

Tells you a bit about their motivation and their way of thinking doesn't it? Not exactly balanced and impartial, are they?

And why such an interest in Fiji?

If you want to report on race relations, where better to start than in New Zealand. You don't have to go to Fiji to find stories on race relations between "Fijis two major races", as these foreign journalists like to describe our nations demographics.

Have a look in your own backyard! Report on the race relations in New Zealand , why don't you?

You don't have to go to Fiji to find stories on "law and order situation, as these foreign journalists like to describe it. Go and have a look in your own backyard. Report on the law and order situation in New Zealand , why don't you!

Whats that sorry?

Oh, Oh, Sooooorrry!

We need to be told do we? Because you live in NZ , you have a birth right to tell others how wrong everything is in our country. Especially if it is a Melanesian country.

Oh, its like that is it?

The "Pulitzer Chasing - Enligtened Ones" will tell us because we don't have a clue. Right Right!!

Where have we heard that one before?

Theres more, you say! Ok!

Reporting on Fiji makes you feel like a "real" journalist does it? Because no media organisation will employ you, you describe yourself as a "freelancer". In Fiji, we call you "unemployed"!

So, reporting on Fiji makes you feel like you are reporting from a "danger zone", does it? Because you feel totally left out, don't you?

The closest you'll ever getting to being embedded with an American military unit in Iraq, like all the real journalist are doing, is being embedded in your swivel chair in front of your desktop!

So, you feel you deserve a Pulitzer Prize do you? Oh, we get it!! You think this your golden opportunity to bagging an award by reporting on a major crisis! Reporting from/on a danger zone, like you've seen real journalists doing on BBC!

We can just see the headlines "Unemployed, No-Name Wannabe Pretend Journalists Win Pulitzer Prize By Telling Their Melanesian Neighbours What to Do!

Wow! Go for it brother!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Loyal Fijian first!

A Loyal Fijian first!


For the first time since the start of this blog, we are including links on our blog.


Only those sites which conform with the Loyal Fijian Commitment will be included.


Loyal Fijian stands for a prosperous Fiji. If you love our beautiful Fiji like Loyal Fijian does, we will consider including you in our Links list.


But if you publish Hate, Incite people to attack tourists visiting Fiji, call for soldiers families to be denied food and publish bomb making instructions to be used against the Fijian people, Loyal Fijian will work to highlight how you are hurting Fijians.


If you are calling for ban on flights to Fiji which will cost Fijians working in hotels thero jobs, Loyal Fijian will work to highlight how you are hurting Fijians.


If you want to run Fiji's economy into the ground, Loyal Fijian will work to highlight how you are hurting Fijians.


Loyal Fijian stands for Balance and Fairness. So, if you have a balanced and informed opinion, we will consider publishing your views.


Loyal Fijian is not pro-this or anti-that! Loyal Fijian stands for TRUTH and JUSTICE.


Loyal Fijian stands for a FREE and FAIR media. If you use the media to run your agendas and publish propaganda which vilifies innocent people, Loyal Fijian will work to highlight how you are hurting Fijians.


Loyal Fijian has been the only voice of reason and moderation in the cyberwar that has been raging for the last 2 years or so. Loyal Fijian has been the sole voice against those who wish to use Hate, Rumour and Speculation to achieve their agendas. Its good to see others too are stepping up , in the interest of fairness and balance in reporting.


Loyal Fijian has exposed Hate-mongers and Inciters.


Loyal Fijians are patriots. We love our country!


Come and join us to put forward the voice of reason . Join as a follower by clicking "Follow".


For Fiji, Ever Fiji!



** Come and visit our beautiful Fiji for a safe and enjoyable holiday.  We guarantee you will be treated as royalty. And you will be helping our people too.**

Lets Set the Record Straight

By Pacific in the Media
Bula, the record needs to be set this sraight on this one - the blog you refer to does not belong to Mike Field. I am the editor of that blog and the name is one that has been coined by several of us here in New Zealand, not just Mr Field. His blog - among others - is listed as a link on our page, that is all. A number of blogs have sprung up in the last few weeks as a result of the recent developments in Fiji and our's is one of them. Good luck to everyone.

Come over for a Holiday!

Is it cold?Are your freezing your backsides off?

Is it 9C and miserable?

Guess, what its a balmy 27C here in Suva, 29C in Nadi.

Come over, why dont you?

Come over for a holiday. Loyal Fijian will spend the next 4 weeks in attracting tourists to our lovely, beautiful country.

Why? Because you will have a great holiday and our people need you.

Yes, tourism helps our people put food on the table, pay the kids school fees! Come over, relax and be spoilt.

Fiji is safe and fun. No terrorists targeting tourists here like in Egypt.

To those who are calling for attacks on the tourism industry and for bans on flights to Fiji, think again. You are doing our nation and our people a great disservice. Your hate blinds you.

The difference between Loyal Fijian and the Hate bloggers is we love our country and you talk of running the economy into the ground. But you are few, we are many!

So, come on over and experience the Fijian hospitality. Friendly Fiji awaits you. The airfares are cheap and the hotels are rolling out the red carpet.
See you in Fiji.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ant-IG on the march

Remember as kids when we went fishing with the kerosene lantern and the reef fish on seeing the bright light would momentarily freeze, long enough for us to stick the spear through it.

Another analogy is "Like a deer in the spotlights", for those of you reading from the comfort of your Auckland homes or in Yagoona or in Washington D.C or San Francisco.

That's what the IG appears to be at the moment: caught in the spotlight.

There is no doubt that the IG has been ill-advised and is paying the price. The momentum since Good Friday has definitely swung towards to the anti-IG forces.

At the moment there are as many as 10 anti-FMF blogs on the web. These are run individuals and groups such as the one formed in Yagoona in Sydney on Saturday night (18 April 2009). Some stand totally discredited and exposed while others have sprung up in recent days.

By placing restrictions on the media, the IG has created an international media firestorm.

You see, we all have our little "secret codes".

Like "No man left behind" for the soldiers. Well the journalists also have their code. And measures such as travel bans and media censors will invoke that unwritten code for others to flock to their defence. And so they should.

Would the London Times reporter have flown to Fiji if the media had not been placed under such restrictions? Probably not.

New Zealand based journalists have started a blog since Good Friday to publish Fiji related news, a direct result of the media censorship. The blog with the mathematically inspired name sprung after the author was banned from entering Fiji and has taken to publishing the blog has his way to get back at his detractors with active local support.

There is a war of words on folks. Not with bombs and guns but with blogs and words. And at the moment , it seems that that anti-FMF forces are on the march.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We live in Fiji bro!

All of us here at Loyal Fijian are 100% committed to the freedom to debate and criticise.


All for it. So, thumbs up to the Pita Waqatairewa and his group for holding their Australian  forum. There's no harm in talking. None.


Go for it. Hold more meetings and publish your views. No harm in that. Lets talk and debate.


But, what's this about calling for bans on flights to Fiji in order to cripple the Fijian economy.


What's this about waging a campaign to deter tourists coming to Fiji?


What's this about running the economy into the ground?


Bro, thousands of Fijians rely on tourists to buy put food on the table and pay their childrens school fees.


Why punish them?


Sure, go ahead and make your voice heard. Put your view across. Go ahead, we will even publish your "statements" if it meets our criteria of Balanced, Impartial and Fair on this blog.


But please don't punish the common Fijian.


You see, we live in Fiji, you talk in Australia.


Big difference bro, big difference!


Even the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister openly stated that measures being pushed by Mr Waqatairewa's group would hurt the Fijian people and said "We are not proposing to introduce sanctions which have the impact of adversely impacting on the Fijian people themselves."


Mr Smith went on to say that the Australian Government was not proposing to introduce wider sanctions against Fiji.


The Australian Governments has clearly decided against the tough line stance. Now the Interim Government must respond.


A good first step would be to remove media restrictions.

Monday, April 20, 2009

With Freedom comes Responsibility

Professions such as lawyers, doctors and journalists have a "social contract" with society where society grants them a status of privilege, so to speak, in return for the professional conducting themselves ethically, honestly, fairly and to the highest standard.


Which is why there is such widespread indignation when we hear about a lawyer who abuses the trust funds entrusted to his/her care.  The people are shocked and demand answers.


Professions must always strive to maintain the highest standards in order to keep the "social contract" intact.


Journalists belong to one such profession, especially in a country such as ours, with over 300 islands and people living in remote areas, the news via the radio, newspapers and now the internet, is their way of being in touch, of knowing what is going on.


The freedom of the media to report freely must be maintained. Media censorship is a great disservice to our nation.


What must also be maintained is the "social contract' between the journalists and society.


A journalist's job is to report dispassionately, with balance and without resort to sensationalism. That's what most people would expect when they pick up a newspaper or turn on the radio. The person writing the article has done their research, obtained alternative views where there are dissenting positions, exercised their skill obtained through proper training and arrived at an article that adds to the body of knowledge available on a subject.


That in a nutshell is a journalist's job. And Loyal Fijian will defend that right to the end.


But if journalists start taking positions in a political debate as part of their job, is that journalism?


If a political leader wishes to issue a statement, they should have a right to do so. A journalist should obtain a copy, do their work and report on it. Not be the one drafting the statement and then use their position to publicise it.


If a political leader wishes to consult with his/her members they have a right to do so. A journalist could attend, stand at the back, do their work and report on it. Not be the ones running a campaign on the internet hiding behind silly pseudonyms and publishing content which are inciteful.


Another element to this debate has to be mentioned. Our friends from overseas.


Of course, they should be allowed in to report. Of course they have a right to raise their voice when poorly advised authorities impose restrictions on the media. Of course they must highlight incidents of harassment against their fellow journalists. They must do these and more.


But to take sides, to start up blog sites and report hearsay and innuendo hiding behind silly names. C'mon, that is doing journalists in Fiji and all over the world a great disservice.


The journos who are behind the blogs which are publishing posts of the nature highlighted in our last post are actually playing into the authorities hands. This is the time to maintain the standards, not throw the book out the window.


This LF contributor remembers reading an article which appeared in a prominent daily after the 2000 coups. A certain Mr Micheal Field, displaying his enormous knowledge and even greater foresight wrote in his article , the exact words escape me, but words to the effect of : " Men like Mr Chaudhry and Mr Qarase have been confined to the dustbins of history. The future of Fiji belongs to men like Lt Col. Filipo Taraikinikini."


And this man is an authority on Fiji.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


On April 17, a blog lacking any balance and known for spreading rumours and speculation published a blog filled with gutter-level innuendo about the Land Forces Commander Pita Driti.

Excerpts from that post are reproduced below:

He is a short boring Bart-looking man who wakes up every morning, puts on his hijacked landforce commander uniform, looks at the mirror and sees Tom Cruise staring back at him.
Driti is an unknown military officer who came into prominence after he was named by the Lami democracy shrine youth group as the man who ordered and participated in their brutal torture soon after the December 2006 coup.

Sources say that Driti is now “very busy” with one Fiji TV One journalist (she migrated from Fiji Sun).

Driti and this skirt journalist are said to have been seen in ”places” at odd hours of the night while the local media have been gagged by Driti’s gang.

He is “dah bomb” for now until he gets bombed out - soon.

In the past blogs associated to this one have published inciteful calls to bomb tourists which was reported on TV NZ, published instructions to its (thankfully very few) readers to deny FMF soldiers families food and published detailed bomb making instructions sourced from certain websites used among others by people such as those who carried out terrorist attacks in Madrid and London.

And now this same blog is publsihing calls for Pita Driti to execute a mutiny and is balatantly spreading rumours of an imminent blood bath.

With posts such as these:

April 18, 2009
Yep, just do it Pita Driti!!!

April 18, 2009
By Save
Driti, you have our support. Start the revolution and we will move from out here. My brother, we want you to know you have all our support to go after Voreqe. We ready my brother. Me and my group ready to die for my Fiji.

April 18, 2009
A heated row erupted between Frank Bainmarama and landforce commander Pita Driti today.

Sources from within confirm that tension is high between Frank and the military as we blog.
They say that the 55 years retirement age for the military officers against Frank’s 65 is making Frank’s gun carriers angry.

Sure, people have the freedom to express their thoughts and freedom to organise. But incitement to violence against innocent civilians has to be condemned.

Isnt it funny how the same blog that was ridiculing Col. Pita Driti on April 17 was exhorting him to carry out a mutiny on April 18 .

Talk about running with the hare and hunt with the hounds !


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Devaluation, thats a big word!

Oh my my my, what an eventful week it has been

Only three times before (is it 4?) anything like this have we seen


Where to start, where to begin

Its all a blur, nothing seems to work, not even the Gordons Gin


Easter Friday, like any other, dug the lovo, mixed the waka (a mild traditional narcotic)

Was jolted to see the neighbours, kids and all, running to get into their car


Whats the matter? Whats the fuss?

Run they said or else you will miss the bus


Turn on the radio, Lo and behold, there we go again

Its another coup, back where it all began


Relax I said to Bubu, we've seen this before

Just spin the grog, what is it now, coup no. four?


The newspaper said they cant print what they want

The censor said you cant just go on and publish your rant


Saw on TV, the ABC news reporter given his marching orders

Off you go, go on, go along now, over the borders


It suits no one to have a media hobbled and lame

Don't shoot the messenger, just get better at the game


Then came the news about the devaluation

Now thats a big word, came as a shock to the entire nation


We pay more for our imports, more for oil, powdered milk and just about anything else

To the poor man, this does not make sense


The business man rubs his hands with glee,

His family with all his money had already fleed


Lets wait and see what happens next, ears and eyes open, be sharp as a tack

Beware the ides of April, be sure to watch your back!


Isnt it funny, how we do this every time

Make it all so funny and make it rhyme
Free Poets Society

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fiji Dollar Devalued : Was Narube resisting political directive?

Savenaca Narube was removed as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji after the abrogation of the Constitution on Good Friday. He's replacement was Sada Reddy, the Deputy Governor.
Mr Reddy's first act was to devalue the dollar by 20 percent effective immediately.
The devaluation by such a magnitude must rank alongside the 1987 coup and the several abrogations of the Constitution as one of the most severe actions taken by any Fijian administration.
Following the 1987 coup we had two devaluations. But the devaluation announced today by 20%, effectively reducing the buying power of the Fijian dollar by one-fifth is unprecedented.
There can be no denying now that we are in serious trouble folks.
The smart businessman who are well connected would have been tipped off and squirreled their loot offshore before this announcement. The common man and woman will now pay more for all our imported products.
So next time you go to the shops to buy noodles, mackerel, powdered milk and just about anything else, you will pay more.
And this is on top of the inflation rate which surely must rank in the double digits now.
The Fijian economy has been hit hard before, inevitable when you consider the amount of political turmoil we have had. But we have come out without the economy collapsing.
Economies such as Argentina collapsed, but we remained steadfast. Zimbabwe has introduced a billion dollar note to buy a single loaf of bread. In Zimbabwe, the loaf of bread which you bought for 1 billion in the morning costs 2 billion the following day. No kidding, its called hyper-inflation.
We are some way away from being that far gone, and probabaly wont unless the Reserve Bank starts printing more money.
But folks, things don't look to good this time round.
The factors that kept our economy going are not as strong this time around.
Sugar industry is almost gone with the South Pacific Fertilizer factory nearing closure and if fertiliser is to be imported, the cost will become prohibitive and the sugar cane industry will be good as dead. The riches from mahogany has not flowed like we were led to believe. Tourists are finding alternative venues such as Vanuatu and Samoa safer .
Last but not least, the timing of Narube's departure and the announcement of the devaluation is rather curious. Did Narube resist political pressure to devalue the Fiji dollar and was asked to ride off into the sunset?
Did he jump or was he pushed?
Economics Desk

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free Media is No One's Enemy

A free media is no ones enemy. Censorship of the media of the likes that we have seen in the past few days is morally indefensible and poor political judgement.

Banning the media is like bashing your wife. No matter how you try and justify it, it is just wrong and will be condemned by one and all, even by those who are guilty of the same.

But, she was cheating on me, you say! Maybe you should have paid her more attention, comes the response.

But, she was going to leave me, you plead. Maybe if you had been more sensitive to her needs, comes the reply.

No way to defend it.

Condemnation of the moves to impose censorship has been swift and widespread. From individuals to groups to Governments have condemned it. And that should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Let the media report freely and without censorship. And with the freedom to report freely comes the responsibility to report fairly.

Media freedom is about Economics folks. Media freedom is what made Rupert Murdoch a billionaire. Media freedom is what made Larry Flynt, the publisher of pornography, a billionaire.

Media freedom means money.

The Interim Government accuses the media of being selective in its reporting of employing individuals who have allegiances to political parties or are using their positions to pursue personal agendas.

Loyal Fijian will let the people decide if certain Fiji media outlets at times have been less than balanced due to the influence of certain persons with agendas to push.

But we all remember FM96 coverage of the 2000 coup when Tu-Kini Cama appointed himself as the spokesman of George Speight and used FM96 to broadcast the coup plotters message. Or Kamal Iyer who regularly uses his acquaintances in the media to publish his articles which he himself will be the first to agree is political propaganda. Or Victor Lal's articles which appear in the Fiji Sun and often divulge material which are not public information.

Can some journalists deny their involvement with blogsites which publish half truths and rumours under the cover of anonymity?

Can they?

How is it that one of blogsites which among other things published bomb making instructions, pubslished ridiculous slander about the wives of innocent people and called upon people to attack tourists had displayed an original photograph of FCYPN activists outside the Lami home of Laisa Digitaki displaying their anti-coup message?

The original photograph can only be available to the media outlet that took those photos. How did the anti-IG bloggers get it?

With freedom comes responsibility. Can Fiji's media outlets take a good look within themselves and say they are totally dispassionate in their reporting, their journalists don't have "favored" sources or driven by allegiances to political parties or traditional links?

Can they?

The best thing the Government can do is to remove the censorship and let the media go about its work.

As we here at Loyal Fijian have said all along, the people are smart enough to sense rumour and innuendo from facts .

Bloggers like WhyFijiisCrying and its clone Solivaksasama which sprung up after the 2006 are now totally discredited due to their rumour mongering and mindless slander.

But the best defence against such bias is to let them talk or write, present your own side of the story and move on .Censorship is not the solution.

The move to impose censorship is an admission that the information machinery of the Government is not doing its job as it should. Get better at the game , dont take the ball and go running home. That never made anyone any friends.

Media Desk


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Appeals Court of Fiji rules in former PM Qarase's favor

The Appeals Court of Fiji decision today overturned the Supreme Court judgement last year ruled the Intrim Government formed after the 2006 military coup was illegal and said a caretaker prime minister should be appointed to call for elections and restore democracy.

The Supreme Court had ruled that President Ratu Iloilo had acted legally in asking Mr Bainimarama to form an interim government after the bloodless coup.

The contention by Laisenia Qarase that he be re-instated as PM and he would then advise the President to call fresh elections were however not allowed.

This decision brought much rejoicing in the SDL camp and hopes among former MP's and supporters that an election could be called were raised.

But does the decision by the Appeals Court of Fiji mean that the Interim Government will call for elections soon?

There a number of possibilities, in order of likelihood:

1. The President re-affirms Commodore Bainimarama as Interim PM

2. Interim Government overrules Appeals Court of Fiji under Doctrine of National Security Exigency

3. New independent PM is appointed who vacates office in favour of Commodore Bainimarama

4. Constitution is abrogated and the People Charter will serve as the framework to return Fiji to Parliamentary rule

5. Independent PM is appointed who calls for fresh elections in 12 months
6. Mahendra Chaudhry is appointed as Interim PM
7. Peceli Kinivuwai is named as Interim PM

The Appeals Court of Fiji is not unexpected given the precedent that was set in Chandarika Prasad case that allowed a return to Parliamentary rule in 2000. As such, the planners in the IG would have sufficient time to work out their options.

Its time for likes of Aiyaz Khaiyum/Shaista Shameem to earn their dollar.....Tip to Aiyaz, have a read of the 7 options above.

Legal Desk

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : Hong Kong and False Flag operations!

Its another grog session at Jone's house. Fiji has won the Hong Kong Seven's after a long time. The mood is better but the events of the previous weeks are still on Jone and Jaswant's minds.


Jone: Va cava! Uh ! Wana- navu: So – Kon- Po Boy


Jaswant : Yea man, set sa ra ga qo boy! Wooo….


Jone : Long time coming this one, man. Taki!


Jaswant : Taki Joe


(Joe just sits quietly, he seems to be smiling, but at what no one knows. He just takes it all in)


Jone : Seti Jas, o koya vulagi, Ill taki.


Jaswant : Why cant he taki uh? I taki.


Jone : Vita lia man. So what you think, we'll get a public holiday?


Jaswant : Must tu ge bro. Must have a public holiday.


Joe : It was a good win.


( With these words he goes back into his own world)


Jaswant: See Joe, come closer. Jone and I been talking about that sugar and kerosene thing aye. Bro, that's sa danger man. Who can do that?


Joe : That's a good question Jaswant.


Jone : I think this very high level man!


Jaswant : You mean, the you-know-who?


Jone : Yea man.


Joe : Either that or somebody wants us to think that. Its called a False Flag operation


Jone/Jaswant (together) : M*@# T%^#$ We're F*&*##


Jone : Just think about it. Sakiusa Raivoce is an ex-Army man. He is a recruiter for soldiers to serve overseas in his company. Why is the Army so interested in him? What has he been up to? He's boys include ex-SF boys from UK.


Jone : Man, this stuff is getting serious.


Jaswant: Hey Joe, you stay with us gang OK.


Joe : (Laughs) You're right about one thing, things are getting interesting.


(With that Joe goes off into his thoughts again. What is he thinking?)