Sunday, April 19, 2009


On April 17, a blog lacking any balance and known for spreading rumours and speculation published a blog filled with gutter-level innuendo about the Land Forces Commander Pita Driti.

Excerpts from that post are reproduced below:

He is a short boring Bart-looking man who wakes up every morning, puts on his hijacked landforce commander uniform, looks at the mirror and sees Tom Cruise staring back at him.
Driti is an unknown military officer who came into prominence after he was named by the Lami democracy shrine youth group as the man who ordered and participated in their brutal torture soon after the December 2006 coup.

Sources say that Driti is now “very busy” with one Fiji TV One journalist (she migrated from Fiji Sun).

Driti and this skirt journalist are said to have been seen in ”places” at odd hours of the night while the local media have been gagged by Driti’s gang.

He is “dah bomb” for now until he gets bombed out - soon.

In the past blogs associated to this one have published inciteful calls to bomb tourists which was reported on TV NZ, published instructions to its (thankfully very few) readers to deny FMF soldiers families food and published detailed bomb making instructions sourced from certain websites used among others by people such as those who carried out terrorist attacks in Madrid and London.

And now this same blog is publsihing calls for Pita Driti to execute a mutiny and is balatantly spreading rumours of an imminent blood bath.

With posts such as these:

April 18, 2009
Yep, just do it Pita Driti!!!

April 18, 2009
By Save
Driti, you have our support. Start the revolution and we will move from out here. My brother, we want you to know you have all our support to go after Voreqe. We ready my brother. Me and my group ready to die for my Fiji.

April 18, 2009
A heated row erupted between Frank Bainmarama and landforce commander Pita Driti today.

Sources from within confirm that tension is high between Frank and the military as we blog.
They say that the 55 years retirement age for the military officers against Frank’s 65 is making Frank’s gun carriers angry.

Sure, people have the freedom to express their thoughts and freedom to organise. But incitement to violence against innocent civilians has to be condemned.

Isnt it funny how the same blog that was ridiculing Col. Pita Driti on April 17 was exhorting him to carry out a mutiny on April 18 .

Talk about running with the hare and hunt with the hounds !



Noob said...

Thanks LF. This was the post I was waiting for.

It is true that the blog site extols Driti in one breath and denounces him in the next. I meet with people daily and some of these people are not from our shores - they are from countries such as Australia and NZ where the media outlets have also stooped to the level of the blog site and use the site as a reference.

These readers have also expressed their concern about a possible civil war and while I have sympathized with them, there is very little else one can do to calm there fears because the blog site has been discussing the matter endlessly for the past few days.

I really think that the site hopes to stir up enough emotions to get the people out on to the streets with the misguided hope of taking on men who are highly trained in defense and can operate guns little effort. The idea is to create an aura of panic amongst the people so they may rise up - I hope all the readers of that site will assume that the site is a satire and treat it as such.

Why on earth would Driti want to take on his Commander? Wouldn't he have immediately suffered the same fate (or worse)as Baledrokadroka and Saubulanaiyau? To go up against your commanding officer is an act of mutiny and there are dire consequences for any soldier who attempts it - one need only look at November 2, 2000 to realize the fatal consequences for the mutineers.

Perhaps if media outlets abroad stopped trying to make out that a civil war is about to break out in Fiji and stop listening to amateurs such as Michael Field (who claims to be the bastion of democracy and pundit of all things concerning Fiji) who merely try push their own personal agendas, people would realize that Fiji has not changed. We've had our constitution abrogated a number of times in the past and we survived those days. We've been expelled from the Commonwealth and we've survived it. We've had sanctions imposed on us and we've survived it. Why? Because each time, the actions taken against Fiji have ultimately backfired and impacted the other countries more adversely then it has done to us. Worse still is the fact that each time any actions have been taken against us, the smaller Pacific island nations have been the ones who have really suffered because of the sanctions, etc.

Obviously the international community needs to wake up and realize that nothing they say or do can sway our decisions. Fiji has and always will be unique because we solve things our way - the Pacific way, the best way!!!

Samuela said...

"Why on earth would Driti want to take on his Commander", you asked in your blog.
I will give you some hyphothetical answers, you'll know which one is correct.
(1) Driti was witness or accessories to a crime commited by the Commander.
(2) Driti is not smart or courageous enough to see the danger before him, to confront it.
(3) Driti will spill on the witness stand, and he is scared to hell at that prospect.
People who wants to push Driti to do "hero" act will be disapponited.
I hope I am proven wrong.