Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We live in Fiji bro!

All of us here at Loyal Fijian are 100% committed to the freedom to debate and criticise.


All for it. So, thumbs up to the Pita Waqatairewa and his group for holding their Australian  forum. There's no harm in talking. None.


Go for it. Hold more meetings and publish your views. No harm in that. Lets talk and debate.


But, what's this about calling for bans on flights to Fiji in order to cripple the Fijian economy.


What's this about waging a campaign to deter tourists coming to Fiji?


What's this about running the economy into the ground?


Bro, thousands of Fijians rely on tourists to buy put food on the table and pay their childrens school fees.


Why punish them?


Sure, go ahead and make your voice heard. Put your view across. Go ahead, we will even publish your "statements" if it meets our criteria of Balanced, Impartial and Fair on this blog.


But please don't punish the common Fijian.


You see, we live in Fiji, you talk in Australia.


Big difference bro, big difference!


Even the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister openly stated that measures being pushed by Mr Waqatairewa's group would hurt the Fijian people and said "We are not proposing to introduce sanctions which have the impact of adversely impacting on the Fijian people themselves."


Mr Smith went on to say that the Australian Government was not proposing to introduce wider sanctions against Fiji.


The Australian Governments has clearly decided against the tough line stance. Now the Interim Government must respond.


A good first step would be to remove media restrictions.


Anonymous said...

Exactly right!!! - I would like to see the guys who obviously dont realise how tough it is to put food on the table to try and walk the talk!!

Why dont these guys start the process of sacrifice and donate all their income to the poor in Fiji. If they think the people in Fiji can live without an income why dont they show us how they can do it!!

Noob Saibot said...

I was sent an email earlier by someone who was worried about the situation in Fiji. The article sent to me in the email suggested that the UN get involved directly with the situation in Fiji and NZ and Australian troops be brought in to control the situation on the ground.

The UN is a baseless organization. It’s meaning and values have long been lost and the game of political agendas is the key to getting anywhere in the UN council. The UN, which is supposed to be the watchdog of human rights refused to actively involve itself in restraining the US govt. of Bush when he decided to rape, pillage and burn the lives of the people in Iraq. The UN, which is supposed to be doing its best to get rid of nuclear weapons refuses to acknowledge the atrocities being carried out by the mercenaries of Israel against the Palestinians. This UN, which proclaims to be the bastion of good governance and democracy, has the audacity to assume it can tell us how to run our country? It threatens our people with a military coordinated action? Are the views of the people of this country no longer more important than those who perch in their multi-million dollar condos in countries such as Australia, no longer worth a dime?

People such as Pita Waqatairewa are has-beens and people with no real sense of reality. They claim to be fighting for democracy and freedom of those in Fiji. While nothing is more honorable than to fight for the rights of the oppressed, shouldn’t Pita Waqatairewa have the courage to do all that in Fiji? Why does he need to hide himself away in a country such as Australia which will never recognize him as an equal citizen and attempt to sabotage the way of life here in Fiji for the ordinary people? Why does Pita Waqatairewa assume that his actions will bring out changes which will lead the people to the fields of milk and honey?

The answer to the above issues is simple. It’s all go to do with money. If Pita Waqatairewa is able to strike up enough support for this heinous plan of his, he can then go to the Rudd govt. and tell them about how he plans to setup a NGO which will act as a champion for the cause of the people in Fiji who are trying to resist this govt. If he can justify this and justify his worthless declaration which is not worth the paper it was scribed on, then the govt. is obliged to provide financial support which can then be channeled to the people here who act as the NGO’s workers – that’s if Pita Waqatairewa decides to share any of his ill-gotten gains with them. More realistically, this is merely a scam to make money by using Fiji and its troubles as an excuse.

If people such as Pita Waqatairewa really want to make a difference, then why are they not here in Fiji to lend a hand in nation building? To exacerbate the situation, one finds that people such as Baledrokadroka are also involved in the efforts to run the country into the ground. One can only wonder why Baledrokadroka suddenly decided to become the freedom fighter for Fiji’s so called oppressed when he made nary a sound while here in Fiji? Where did this new found confidence suddenly appear from to give Baledrokadroka the strength to speak out against his fellow men and condemn the country to the backwaters? The answer is obvious. People such as Baledrokadroka never supported any cause genuinely. Their personal agendas, just like Pita Waqatairewa always came first and second. The health, wealth and the state of the nation was always third in their books. It’s always been about reaping as much as one can without giving back a cent to the country which has been a pillar of strength for these people.

The reality of any further sanctions is obvious. Fiji will not suffer any severe backlash from further sanctions. The soil around the country is fertile and the ability to grow our own crops is ingrained into every person born in this country. We can easily survive by growing our own crops and tending our own livestock. The impact of sanctions, particularly trade sanctions, will be felt more severely by NZ and Australia because we import more then we export to these countries. So who will really be on the losing end? As Mcully recently stated in the media, Fiji stands to lose very little from trade sanctions and if any sanctions of such a nature are imposed, it will very likely have negative results for NZ.

So, while people such as Pita Waqatairewa claim to be fighting for our rights and freedoms, they still get to go home to their comfortable suites and eat their rich food while the true patriots of this country engage in meaningful dialogue with the govt. and lend a genuine hand of support to take the country forward. If Pita Waqatairewa is seriously concerned about Fiji and its state, then perhaps sanctions need be lifted first as an indication of peace between the two bigger nations and Fiji. After all, our boys in green will never stand by and allow foreign troops to march through our soil and run our country. No matter how badly one differs from the views of the Commander, no soldier will stand by and watch his country torn to shreds by a foreign army – this is not Solomon Islands. Before that day comes, it would be wise for Australia and NZ to realize that Fijians will never accept this. This is Fiji and we will solve that situation the Fijian way as was done in the early days of Fiji.

Indeed, your statement holds true: You see, we live in Fiji, you talk in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Why do gutless cowards like you make stupid comments like these behind bullshit names.

If you want to make damning allegations like this them come out into the open and make it.

Such coward spinless people you are Noob Saibot. Waqatairewa and Baledrokadroka has sibllings still living in Fii as well as real estate properties and are willing to sacrifice these things being harm by coming forward and saying it as it is in the open.

Noob Saibot said...

@Anonymous: I think your views are lacking the intelligence which is supposed to be apparent in all humans.

Your call for our unmasking is shallow at best. We would gladly reveal ourselves to the world but the conditions are simple: All anti-govt. bloggers must take the first step and reveal their true identities. Obviously, we have little to lose yet the anti-govt. bloggers would be taking the biggest risk by taking such a step and since your views have revealed the garden in which you choose to sow your seeds, perhaps it would augur well that you along with your fellow bloggers take the first step and reveal your identities.

My identity is known to one and all and I really cannot comprehend why it is that you expect me to go any further then the revelations I have already made about myself.

So, the bottom line remains this: we will gladly reveal ourselves and I am certain LF will also follow suit if the anti-govt. bloggers took the first step.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - your posting about Noob Saibot is too funny!! hahaha -the most hypocritical posting i have ever seen i think - asking someone to reveal their identity but being anonymous yourself.

Besides you seek to intimidate rather then debating the issues - there are many people who think what is happening in fiji is wrong but harming the people of Fiji is no way of solving the problems.