Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly on the Wall: "The We Love Fiji So Much We Want to Destroy it from Overseas Front"

An "emergency meeting" in the Ministry of Floundering Affairs. Kissinger looks worried,Well he's always got a frown on his forehead, but this time he's really worried. Because as soon as he sat down he said" This time Im really worried". That's how I know.

"The We Love Fiji So Much We Want to Destroy It from Overseas Front" led by Col. Sa-Dro-Ga has held a meeting in some place called Yagoona and "They Who Wear Big Black Boots" have summoned him up to "The Place that You Only Go When Invited" for a briefing.

I really dislike these meetings. Firstly, these things are scheduled for 30 minutes and go on for an hour.

That's not why I really dislike these meetings though.

Because like clock work, 5 minutes into the meeting after repeating word for word some article that he has read on the internet in a bid to seem like a seasoned diplomat, he will get down to the real business.

He will look towards me when Brutus is doing his best to appear like a seasoned diplomat in his effort to outdo Kissinger, raise his eyebrows and tilt his head towards the ledge next to the windows at the back of the room.

Sitting on the ledge is the tanoa, the national symbol of our country. Well if it isnt, it should be!

This is my clue to mix the grog! Ah, where would we be without the grog! And so, Ill spend the next 5 minutes mixing the grog. But, my ears are tuned right into what Kissinger, Brutus and the rest of the brains trust of the Ministry of Floundering Affairs are discussing.

You see, Im just a small time player in this game. No one thinks Im too smart so they don't mind having me around when they are discussing "sensitive matters" . Big mistake.

**All Characters in this series are fictional. Any resemeblance to anyone living or dead is purely intentional, coincidental sorry.**

Fly on the Wall.


Samantha said...

Loyal Fijian is just amazing.

From Free Poets Society to Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe and now Fly on the Wall.

Loyal Fijian is the most original, witty and interesting blog, not only for Fiji but the whole world man.

Josse said...

Keep blogging LF.

Loyal Fijian rocks.

Andy said...

Love it Love it

Loyal Fijian for PM!

Anonymous said...

This Fly on the Wall series will become a world wide phenomenon. I mean that.

Its just too good.