Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come over for a Holiday!

Is it cold?Are your freezing your backsides off?

Is it 9C and miserable?

Guess, what its a balmy 27C here in Suva, 29C in Nadi.

Come over, why dont you?

Come over for a holiday. Loyal Fijian will spend the next 4 weeks in attracting tourists to our lovely, beautiful country.

Why? Because you will have a great holiday and our people need you.

Yes, tourism helps our people put food on the table, pay the kids school fees! Come over, relax and be spoilt.

Fiji is safe and fun. No terrorists targeting tourists here like in Egypt.

To those who are calling for attacks on the tourism industry and for bans on flights to Fiji, think again. You are doing our nation and our people a great disservice. Your hate blinds you.

The difference between Loyal Fijian and the Hate bloggers is we love our country and you talk of running the economy into the ground. But you are few, we are many!

So, come on over and experience the Fijian hospitality. Friendly Fiji awaits you. The airfares are cheap and the hotels are rolling out the red carpet.
See you in Fiji.



Adrian said...

Bula - Loyal - It is a little bit warmer in Sydney (near 20c) but obviously not as nice as Fiji.

What is the situation like in Fiji on the ground. Is Nadi and Suva town business as usual?

Free Fiji said...

Busy as anything my mate from Sydney. The airfares are so cheap Im thinking of flying to Syd , turning around and getting on a plane back to Fiji.

Adrian said...

Thanks Mate - I am assuming by Busy as anthing you mean that it is business as usual and i dont have to worry about anything.